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In Chinese traditional education,实时资讯 sports are the main educational contents that have never been absent. Among them, the shooting and royal of the six arts are related to sports, which shows the importance of sports.Tongtong Education has always adhered to the concept of quality education and pays attention to children's physical and mental health.As World Football Day comes, Tongtong Education has specially planned a series of extra -curricular activities to guide children to release themselves through football and bloom vitality. 

The well -known German philosopher Yasbiels once said: The real education is to shake another tree with a tree, use a cloud to push another cloud, and use a soul to wake up another soul.Tongtong education knows the importance of sports for children's growth.Exercise can not only exercise children's body and improve physical fitness, but also cultivate children's team spirit, cooperation awareness and leadership ability.As a global movement, football can also allow children to experience the collision and exchanges of different cultures in the participation of different cultures, and broaden their horizons and minds.

In order to allow children to fully experience the charm of football, Tongtong Education organized a unique football carnival on the World Football Day.In this event, children can not only participate in football games, but also participate in many fun activities such as football knowledge competitions and football painting competitions.These activities are designed to let children understand football from multiple angles and feel the happiness brought by football.

In addition to the football carnival, Tongtong Education also opened a football class for children.In this class, the teacher will teach the children's basic football skills and tactics, so that children can learn how to play their own advantages while mastering their skills.Through the study of football classrooms, children can not only improve football levels, but also cultivate self -confidence and perseverance in sports. 

Tongtong Education emphasizes that the significance of children's education is not just to teach knowledge, but more importantly, to cultivate children's quality and ability.In the World Football Day event, Tongtong Education focuses on cultivating children's team spirit, cooperation awareness and leadership ability.Through football games and fun activities, children learn how to play their role in the team and cooperate with others to complete their tasks.At the same time, the study of football class also allows children to understand that they can only succeed only through continuous efforts and persistence.In addition, Tongtong Education also pays attention to children's mental health.In exercise, children may encounter frustration and difficulties. At this time, they need to learn how to adjust their mentality and actively face problems.

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