In November, the number of private equity securities products surged in stocks.

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In November,一线资讯 the A -share continued rebound momentum, and private equity managers actively filed the products.The latest data on the private equity row network shows that as of the end of November, a total of 582 private equity securities managers in the month have recorded 964 private equity securities products, an increase of more than 160%month -on -month.At the same time, as of November 24, the stock private equity position index also ended the momentum of declines for 4 consecutive weeks since the end of October, indicating that private equity has begun to regain confidence.

In the opinion of Hu Mozheng, the manager of the Mingze Investment Fund, whether it is subjective bulls or quantitative products, the newly issued scale of the fund reflects the emotional changes of investors.At present, the new products are added more to fully explain. With the frequent policy of the policy, the continuous and gentle recovery of the economy is superimposed, and investors are optimistic about the future performance of the A -share market.It is cold or hot at the beginning of next year, depending on whether the future performance of the A -share market meets expectations.

Quantitative product filing enthusiasm and rising

The latest data on the private equity row network shows that as of the end of November, a total of 582 private equity securities managers in that month have recorded 964 private equity securities products, and the 368 only increased by 161.95%from the previous month.At the same time, the number of filing in November refreshed the new highs in the past six months, which was slightly lower than 1085 in August.

Specifically, the stock strategy is still a highlight. In November, a total of 655 stock strategy products were recorded, accounting for 67.95%of the total number of filing products.Followed by the multi -asset strategy and futures and derivatives strategies, 110 and 89 were filed, respectively, accounting for 11.41%and 9.23%of the total.The number of bond strategies was at the bottom, and 20 bond products were filed in November, accounting for 2.07%of the total.

"In November, the number of private equity securities products rose sharply. On the one hand, the continuous fermentation of policies, the market bottomed out, and the performance of private equity funds also significantly rebounded. The money -making effect inspired investors' enthusiasm;The inspiration of follow -up, shouting the bull market and other behaviors, investors' confidence enhanced. "A private equity market person revealed.

It is worth mentioning that the enthusiasm of quantitative products is high.As of the end of November, a total of 393 quantitative private equity securities products were filed, accounting for 40.77%of the total number of filing products.Specifically, among the quantitative products filing in November, the main quantitative multi -headed (index enhancement) products are mainly based on the number of records of 228, accounting for 58.02%of the total amount of quantitative products.In addition, the stock market neutrality and quantitative CTA records were 113 and 52, respectively, and the proportion was 28.75%and 13.23%.

Private Equity Volume Network stated that quantitatively refers to one of the most popular stock quantitative strategies this year.The current market is at a historical low, and the excess revenue of products has completely covered the risk that the index has fallen by about 10%. Therefore, the current investment index to enhance the long -term odds of products is at an excellent level.

In fact, as incremental funds entered the market, the stock funds gradually emerged from a pessimistic state.

The overall position of private equity is warmed up

According to data on the third -party platform, as of November 24, the stock private equity position index was 78.80%, a slight increase of 0.28%from last week. At the same time, the stock private equity position index has fallen for 4 consecutive weeks since the end of October.Specifically, the proportion of private equity in the current Manchu (positions> 80%) is 54.61%, and medium (50%& le; position & le; 80%) stocks account for 32.48%, while low warehouses (20%& le; position positions& ang; 50%) and empty warehouses (warehouses <20%) shares of stocks accounted for 12.08%and 0.83%, respectively.

In addition, private equity in different scale is rare to increase the position.The private equity positions of different -scale stocks such as 10 billion, 5 billion, and one billion yuan have risen a small number of private equity positions, and the positions increased to 73.91%, 76.86%, 75.57%, and 75.71%in order.

What is noticeable is that the 10 billion private equity position index has been in a downward trend since mid -late September, which is also the first time that tens of billions of private equity has experienced a positive signal to the bottom.Specifically, the current percentage of 10 billion private equity in full warehouse accounts for 34.82%, the proportion of private equity of medium positions is 52.61%, the low -position 10 billion private equity accounts for 12.39%, and the private equity of empty warehouse accounts for 0.15%.

In the face of the current market market, most private equity bosses have expressed their views.

"At present, the valuation of blue chips is low enough, and the odds are high enough." Li Bei, the founder of the well -known 10 billion private equity Pinellia Investment, publicly stated on November 228.The current policy continues to increase, the decline has stopped, and the balance of the period has been formed. It only needs to wait patiently, the optimization and increase of the policy, the market out of the market, and strengthening confidence, and the masses will naturally swarmed up.

Recently, Lin Yuan also said that at present it is a good time to invest in the Chinese A -share market, and it may be an opportunity to make assets on big steps.Firmly optimistic about investment opportunities at the bottom area of the current market, and believe that this may be the fourth time in his life and the last big investment opportunity.

In terms of specific investment directions, from the perspective of Linyuan, the key layout will be carried out around the three major chronic diseases of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.He pointed out that the field of long -term investment in consumption will expand in the future is the way he insists on investment.

Zhuang Hongdong, manager of cheese fund, pointed out.The Central Huijin, which has become one of the members of the "National Team", has increased its holdings of its positioning company and the buying index ETF. In the context of relatively lack of vitality and pessimism of the market, on the one hand, this action is inject incremental funds in the market.On the one hand, it is also expected to boost investor confidence.

"Combined with the current internal and external environment, the A -share market will rise in a high probability event in the future. Therefore, the Xinfa Market is expected to continue a certain heat at the beginning of next year. For the market in early 2024, it is still optimistic.Humanoid robots, innovative drugs, and the cyclical varieties under the economic recovery are currently good configuration value. "Hu Moho said.

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