Event of the Grand Party Activity Plan

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Ten Essays of the Gala event scheme

  1. Introduction

  1. Activity name: New Year's Eve Gala

  2. Activity purpose: To celebrate the Spring Festival,hot news active atmosphere, and enhance friendship, everyone has a happy year together!

  3. Event start time: 20xx year x month x day

  4. Specific projects:

  ⑴ New Year's Eve: First, the seminar was opened, the leaders of the branch bureau and the main leaders of the project department spoke, and the participant representatives made a brief speech.

  After the symposium, some mini -games are mainly fighting landlords, playing doubles, checked and raffle.There is a chance for each of the lottery, and the production of the ticket and the prize box is responsible for Ma Xiangyang.

  Participants of the project department participation

  1. Vocket Broadcasting: The speaker broadcast has gradually become a highlight of the information communication of our project department. During the event, we will use the speaker broadcast forecast and inform the details of each event and notify everyone to participate in time.

  2. Poster promotion: Each plate room is a place where everyone is more concentrated. During the event, large posters are posted to ensure the details of related activities and the rewards.

  2. Event management arrangement

  1. All staff members participate in the venue layout.

  2. Procurement is responsible for Ma Jun, Liu Chunming, and Deng Panpan.

  3. The work service group consists of Xia Hua, Ma Xiangyang, Fan Yangji, and Wang Jinping.Responsible for putting fruits, melon seeds, sugar, etc. on New Year's Eve.

  4. Poster posters and leaflets are responsible for Zhang Hong, Huang Kang, Zhang Yu, and Liu Taihua.

  5. Write poster, Yan Jinhua is responsible.

  6. The distribution of prizes is responsible for Yang Honghong, Fuwenhai, Chang Zhiping, Zhao Xueqiang, Guo Jiangbo, and Qin Du.

  7. Putting on the general person in charge of the flowers, fireworks, etc.: Liu Yufeng.

  8. Moderator: Zhang Hong and Deng Panpan.

  20xx New Year's Eve Party Activity Plan 2

  Purpose of the Spring Festival activity:

  Enhance the cohesion of employees, reduce stress giving all employees, and make happiness festivals

  "Activity time"

  20xx X Month x month x 13: 00-21: 30

  "activity theme"

  Happy holiday*Happy work*family warmth

  "Protection of Activity"

  The Spring Festival is coming, and all our employees are still working hard to work. Everyone is very hard and serious, and feels exhausted to a certain extent.Therefore, through this activity, on the one hand, pressure is reduced to enhance the vitality and cohesion of employees; on the other hand, through the arrangement of the activities, everyone can feel the joy of the festival and the warmth of the holy light family.This activity is mainly expanding game activities, incorporating problems that need to be improved in the process of running in the process of running in the past year into the entire game.Combined with group dance, daily etiquette, etc., through the arrangement of activities, everyone's team consciousness, collaboration, and competitive awareness can be enhanced.

  "Overall Activity Arrangement"

  1. All planning and personnel arrangements for the comprehensive office;

  2. X Moon X recently submitted the event planning plan to the general manager for approval;

  3. X Moon X recently arranged the shows of various departments, and found a suitable stage and related party site arrangements;

  4. Internal expansion activities are held at 13:00 to 17:00 in X Month and X Moon X; meals from 17:00 to 18: 00;

  5. After the event, encourage all employees to write the experience of the event and speak in their hearts.On the one hand, as the basis for the selection of manuscripts in the internal journal; on the other hand, through the real feelings and suggestions of everyone, better understand the needs of employees, formulate relevant documents that are conducive to employee development, and actively implement.Establish a clearer goal for development.


  1. Paper game (13: 00-13: 15)

  Preparation before the event: Believe in yourself, I Belive I can do

  Purpose: Active atmosphere, emphasizing that any communication is not absolute, it depends on the understanding of the two parties to understand each other.

  game rules:

  1) Material: A4 paper with twice the total number of preparations (can also be used)

  2) Send a piece of paper to each participant, and send a order instruction for the trainer (everyone close the eyes, the whole process is not allowed to ask questions, fold the paper pair, fold the pair, then torn off the upper right corner, turn 180 degrees, and turn 180 degrees.Tear down the upper left corner, start your eyes, and open the paper)

  3) Everyone compares the shape of the final paper and gets different answers.

  4) At this time, the trainer can invite a few to repeat the above instructions. The difference is that the students can ask questions this time.

  Event sharing: (13: 20-14: 00)

  2. Blind Back Lake (14: 10-14: 40)

  Preparation before the event: The court brothers and friends of the Qing Dynasty support each other

  Purpose: Communication and cooperation ability, active atmosphere

  game rules:

  1) Select the number of employees on the spot, combine men and women (boys back girls);

  2) Boys should be "blind" and cover their eyes with a scarf;

  3) Girls are dressed as "mules" to guide the "blind man";

  4) Bypassing the barricade and reaching the end (100 meters distance), the earliest arrival, to win;

  5) Among the barricade settings can be placed in a chair, it must be detoured;

  6) Requirements on the rest of the road: wooden boards, must be stepped on it; rags must be picked up and handed to girls.

  3. Three legs walk (14: 10-14: 40)

  Preparation before the event: The court brothers and friends of the Qing Dynasty support each other

  Objective: cooperation ability, active atmosphere

  game rules:

  1) Select the number of employees on the spot, combine the two;

  2) Tie the legs of the two people together, into a group, the legs that are tied together are healthy. The other two legs lose all the functions other than walking except for other reasons, that is, you cannot step on things;

  3) Several groups stand on the starting line at the same time. After 100 meters away, they reach the finish line.

  4) Requirements on the rest of the road: The balloon must be overwhelmed by the obstacles.

  1. Activity theme

  "Happy celebrate the Chinese New Year and Harmony"

  2. Activity time

  February 9, 201X (11: 30 & mdash; 14:30)

  Third, the location of the activity

  The conference room on the 12th floor of the Bureau

  4. Participants

  All cadres and employees of the bureau.

  Fifth, the purpose of activity

  Based on the principles of "harmony, progress, festiveness, and enthusiasm", this year's gala is mainly based on literary and artistic show performances to show the talents of cadres and employees of the organs.To the effect of the whole staff, further harmonize the relationship between colleagues and groups, cultivate team consciousness and collective honor, so that all the cadres of all agencies have a happy, detailed, beautiful, and unforgettable Chinese New Year Festival.

  6. Event requirements

  1. Program content: Reflecting the self -edited literary programs and collective games of the spiritual style of this unit.

  2. Performance forms: solo, watch, singing, singing, singing, dance and music show (opera, sketches, cross talk, allegro, three -sentence), musical instrument performance (ethnic musical instrument, electronics instrument), etc.The program time is controlled for about 3-5 minutes.

  3. Reporting time: Reporting the program based on the branch, led the secretary of the branch to check the quality of the program, and report the program to the Political and Work Office by this branch before January 25 to write the name of the program, the performance form, the number of participants, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the props, the itemsPreparation and other conditions.Performance staff has their own accompaniment background music.DVD, CD, and MP3 formats can be reported to the Political Work Office before February 8.

  Seven, leadership institutions

  In order to make the preparations and held this event, we strive to achieve the work of work, and truly achieve the expected purpose.Establish a party to prepare for the leading group.

  1. Leading group

  Group commander:

  Deputy head:,


  8. Specific division of labor:

  This activity is organized and implemented by the leading departments.

  1. Director of the evening party.

  2. The party planning is served.

  3. Writing and hosting.

  4. The performance field is responsible.(Contact the actor and ensure the coherence of the program, and remind the actors to make preparations for playing performance in advance)

  5. The purchase and distribution of prizes shall be responsible for the purchase of souvenirs (planned to purchase the souvenirs of the employees of the authority, and buy games and quiz activities.

  6. The gamers are responsible for the scheduling.

  7. Technical guarantee is responsible.

  (1) The person in charge of the professional is responsible for lighting and audio.

  (2) Multimedia equipment: 1 notebook computer, 1 projector, 1 small TV, 2 microphones, and 4 breast wheat (related debugging and guarantee work is intended to be jointly responsible for assistance professionals).

  8. Service guarantee is responsible.The venue layout and activity catering work.

  (1) The venue is arranged with balloons, lanterns, ribbons, etc. from the door. The tables and chairs are extended to the podium from entering the door from entering the door. The entire venue must reflect the harmonious and peaceful and festive atmosphere.The convenience of entering the field.

  (2) Stage background settings: The first row is the words "Happy New Year and Harmony and Harmony"; the second row is the word "XX Bureau 20xX Spring Festival Gala".

  9. Preparatory process arrangement:

  1. On January 25, a preparatory meeting for the Spring Festival Gala will be held, and the branches have completed the program report.(Members of the Leading Group for Preparation and the Secretary of the Branch of the Leading Group)

  2. Before February 1, complete the compilation of the program process and string words, and further implement the personnel responsible for various tasks.

  3. The purchase of items required by the party before the February 8th; the arrangement of the venue is completed; further implementation of the party dinner preparation work.

  4. At 11:30 on February 8th, the party officially started.

  Special organizations welcomes the Spring Festival activities and crossed the Spring Festival with employees to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

  1. Activity theme

  Because of you, so wonderful-20xx Beihai Spring Festival Gala

  2. Activity purpose

  1. Improve corporate cohesion;

  2. Strengthen enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work;

  3. Enhance the collective concept of enterprise employees;

  4. Show employee style and promote XX corporate culture.

  3. Event hosting and undertaking unit

  Hosted: Guangxi Computer Co., Ltd., Beihai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

  Organ: General Branch of Guangxi Computer Group

  4. Participate in the object

  All employees of Guangxi Computer Co., Ltd., Beihai Energy Technology Co., Ltd., leaders at all levels of enterprises, leaders and guests and representatives at all levels of parks and enterprises.

  5. Activity time

  20xx January 19th 17:00-22: 00

  6. Location

  Gala and dinner scene: Lizhu International Hotel Beihai City

  7. Organizing committee members

  Team leader: Chen x

  Member: Bu X

  Moderator: Zhang x

  8. Work responsibilities of the Organizing Committee of the Party

  1. (Chen X and Yang X) are responsible for the overall coordination of the party, the screening of the party program, the approval of the cost of the event, and the invitation of the leadership.

  2. (Zhang X) Responsible for the writing of the party plan, the party planning, the program arrangement, the preparation of the manuscript, the production of the lottery, the party interactive game, the 20X year outstanding employee commendation ceremony, the party special program, the party's clothing, the invitation of the leadership, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the party, the background design of the partyThe party was determined at the party, dinner dinner dinner, and expenses.

  3. (He X) Responsible for souvenirs, prize storage and distribution, lottery production, statistics and custody, certificate distribution, judges' voting statistics, guest signed production, on -site arrangement, and party etiquette lady.

  4. (Bu X) Responsible for the preparatory work scheduling, on -site program scheduling, prizes, gift procurement, program screening, rehearsal confirmation tracking, party preparation progress follow -up, activity cost application.

  5. (Liu X) is responsible for the stage construction, party purchase, judges arrangement, program props arrangement, clothing rental, flower placement, vehicle arrangement, on -site order and safety work (assistance of advertising enterprise personnel).

  6. (Pay X) Responsible for taking pictures, audio, lighting, show music, stage layout, actor convening, and the party after the party (assistance).

  Nine, annual outstanding employee commendation

  The purpose of the event is to summarize the various achievements that the enterprise has achieved in the past 20XX, highlight the spirit of employees' dedication, inspire employees to maintain a good mentality and work passion in the 20xx year, and continue to work hard.It also takes the opportunity to show the prospects of the enterprise and a good development momentum.

  10. On -site connection, telephone passage

  The long line has a long line, one is me, the other is home, and the phone passes deeply. Here is me, there are enterprises over there, warm, kind, and caring.In order to make the family friendship more distinctive, flashing companies and employees, let's find some employee representatives to talk to their families and friends on the spot to convey the sincere condolences and greetings of employees' families.

  Eleventh, party selection activity

  In order to encourage employees' hard work and high -profile passion, this selection event specially set up some awards of the program awards to inspire their work enthusiasm and mobilize their enthusiasm, so that they can give full play to their specialties in future work and activitiesEssence

  12. Event content and process

  1. Event preparations (9:00 --- 16:30)

  2. Workers travel to the hotel by car (17:00)

  3. Activity dinner (17:45--19:00)

  4. The Spring Festival party begins (19:15)

  5. Leadership introduction and leadership speech

  6. Program performance, interactive game links, various awards lottery, telephone pass, 20XX annual outstanding employee commendation and awards ceremony

  7. Evening program selection activities and awards

  8. The end of the party (21:45)

  Thirteen, activity cost budget

  Total costs of 20xx Beihai Spring Festival Gala: X yuan

  1. The cost of a lottery lottery

  First prize 2 Great Wall 14-inch notebook T43-L series X yuan/Taiwan total: X yuan

  The second prize 4 Great Wall 10 -inch online this A89 red and black series X yuan/Taiwan total: X yuan

  Third prize 10 Great Wall 19 -inch LCD M932 series X yuan/Taiwan total: X yuan

  Fourth Prize 20 Great Wall 7 -inch Digital Frame PF7210 Series X yuan/Taiwan Total: X yuan

  Fifth Prize 40 Great Wall 4GMP3 player A18 series X yuan/Taiwan total: X yuan

  Total prize costs: X yuan

  2. Annual meeting dinner costs

  Catering (employee) 26 table x yuan/table = x yuan (leader, guest) 2 table x yuan/table = x yuan

  Wine (employee) 26 table x yuan/table = x yuan (leader, guest) 2 table x yuan/table = x yuan

  Vehicle 6 XX yuan/vehicle = x yuan

  Total dinner costs: X yuan

  3. The cost of supplies, equipment, clothing, etc.

  Create the X yuan stage background X yuan

  Stage Light X yuan stage audio (including audio) x yuan

  Costume Renting XD Moderator Makeup and Style XD

  Lihua XX yuan evening party water, candy x yuan

  Other materials cost X yuan

  Total costs of the party: X yuan

  4. Gifts of guests and organizational committees

  18 Great Wall 7 -inch Digital Frame PF7210 Series X yuan/Taiwan Total: X yuan

  Total gift costs: X yuan

  5. The cost of the party selection activities

  First prize 1 bonus X yuan+honor certificate

  Two prizes 2 prizes X yuan+honor certificate

  Three prizes 3 prizes X yuan+honor certificate

  Honor Certificate 6 XX yuan

  Total selection costs: X yuan

  14. Precautions for activities

  1. The programs selected by the units of this party must be cut off on December 30, 20xx; the review and screening of each program must be completed before January 11; the overall rehearsal of the party must be completed by January 18.

  2. The procurement of the prize prizes of various awards of the party must be completed before January 15; the supplies of the supplies, actors and staff gifts must be completed by January 16.

  3. All expense budgets and approval of the evening event must be completed before January 14; stage construction, clothing rental, and on -site layout must be completed before 14:00 on January 19.

  4. The required documents for program lists, hosting drafts, vouchers, and on -site arrangements must be completed before January 17; leaders and guests at all levels must be confirmed to be completed by January 16.

  5. Activity dinner hotel, catering, drinking, vehicle and material procurement must be completed before January 17.

  6. The hire and confirmation of audio, lighting, photography, music, and program CD must be completed before January 17.

  7. Moderator's makeup, actor's clothing finishing, and the work of the party must be completed before 18:00 on January 19.

  8. On the morning of January 19th, the lottery ticket was issued at each unit; when the employees arrived at the hotel at 17:30 pm, they put the lottery ticket in the lottery box. The lottery box was kept at the 18:00 box.

  9. After the employees enter the venue, all units do personnel check; pay special attention to personal safety and their own image problems during travel.

  10. The employees of this event are proved by the employee manufacturers by car, dinner, admission, and awards. Please bring their own labels when participating in the event, so that the staff of the organizing committee can identify.

  11. Members of the Organizing Committee of the Party must reach the scene of the party at 15:30 on January 19th, to conduct the stage layout and the party to determine the work of the party.

  12. The event of this event will be arranged by the party organizing committee.At 17:00 on January 19th, all personnel gathered in front of the China Electric Exhibition Department to take a bus to the hotel; 21:45 returned to the enterprise at the entrance of Lilu International Hotel; those who live in the urban area can go and return by themselves.

  15. Please add other matters, please add, thank you!

  A event theme: imagination of Shaanxi Railway, dance management

  The purpose of the second activity:

  Time is like a white horse. In the blink of an eye, the New Year's Day of 20xx is coming. In order to celebrate the New Year's Day, in order to further promote the vigorous development of our literary and artistic activities, enrich campus cultural life, activate the atmosphere of learning, and give students a stage that truly shows self -style and courage.EssenceThe New Year's Day of the 20xx New Year's Day will be with a magnificent spirit, extraordinary handwriting, novel themes, and classic programs. It integrates a variety of stage performance forms.Greetings, I wish them the world and fragrance; for the graduates who are about to graduate, they wish them "the two sides of the strait are wide and the wind is hanging" on the future road.

  Three organizers: Department of Management Engineering, XX Vocational and Technical College

  Instructor: Management Engineering Student Union


  Four activities: all teachers and students of the Department of Management Engineering

  Five guests: school leaders, other leaders and teachers

  Six activity location: Cultural and Sports Center

  Seven Activities Time: 19: 00-21: 00 on December 20XX

  Eight activity process:

  Publicity stage (December 1st-December 13th):

  1. Prepare the leaflet (be sure to have the registration method time and contact method) and the notice to be issued (the notice must have time and place, request information in the class to promote information, etc.);

  2. The notice and party planning case is issued to the person in charge of the class and the head of the department;

  3. Go to each dormitory to send leaflets to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, encourage them to actively participate, introduce this party in detail and let them consult.

  4. Online publicity, send information on all relevant Q groups in this department, and let everyone receive the information of this party (including the day of the party, to remind students to see the party).

  5. Poster promotion (including preparation of preparations and promotion of the party).

  Program preparation (November 29th to December 25th):

  1. Collection of the program, contact the heads of various departments on a regular basis to request them to increase their efforts to promote and mobilize them. All members must understand the registration of classmates around them in time; in addition, they must also invite school college student art troupes and associations to participate.

  2. Considering that the program is not enough, the Ministry of Arts and art will come up with no less than three programs.

  3. The evening party has a total of 120 minutes, and the program takes up to 100 minutes, so the intermediate interaction link is essential. It is also necessary to consider 20 minutes of interaction. It is tentatively scheduled to be awarded questions and answers and draws lucky audiences.

  4. The rehearsal of each program, the Ministry of Literature and Art must send people to follow and guide, register the music they want, and send them to the editorial department to make and prepare in time. They must try their best to prepare for the props and clothing (in principle, they are prepared by themselves).

  The details of the specific activities of the 20xx Nianyongtong Electronics Co., Ltd.

  1. Hold time: 20xx February 18th

  2. Hold the location; the basketball court on the first floor of the company

  3. Participants: All employees and company leaders, let me pass the guests

  Fourth, staff: He Yunting, Wu Zhizhi, Fan Xujuan, Chen Jianhong, Zhu Guiyan, Chen Yanping, Li Ruisong, Lu Wang, Liao Xinan, Tan Yalong

  Fifth, host: He Yunting, Wu Wisdom

  6. Event content and process

  On February 18th from 2:00 pm to 5:00, a fun transportation meeting was held.

  Deadline for registration: 20xxx2x16

  Preparation before the game: Fan Xujuan, Chen Jianhong, Zhu Guiyan, Chen Yanping, Xiong Haisheng

  Stay in the process of maintaining order: Li Ruisong, Lu Wang, Liao Xinan, and Tan Yalong are responsible for

  Most of the game: He Yunting, Wu Zhizhi

  Race referee: Chen Jianhong

  Before the start of the game, the host reads the rules of the game. The referee began. The result of the game was announced by the host on the spot, and all the right to interpret was classified as the Ministry of Personnel Administration.

  Seven, the party process

  Specific work arrangement:

  Tug of war team (4 men and 4 women):

  Team A (301): Li Xiaomei, Xu Yueping, Huang Jiayi, Li Meifeng, He Zhongmin, Mu Ying, Chengyi Workshop B team (304): Fan Zerong, He Yijie, Ren Zhirong, Xie Guangquan, Liang Xiaochun, Huang Pingfang FangfangZhang Hua

  Team C (305): Li Shiqing, Liao Meiling, Zhong Yufeng, Zhu Shan, Wang Jianping, Wei Bidong, Deng Tianjun, Yang Lei

  One workshop D team (306): Zhang Yun, Yao Shunshun, Xin Jiaming, Feng Xiaobing, Qin Qiuxiang, Li Chunai, Wei Xifeng, Yang Yinqiu

  A workshop (403, 308): Liao Junzhou, Wei Shunzhong, Su Qibo, Gan Miaosen, Wu Ziyan, Zhou Bingzhen, Wen Yanfen, Wei Meifeng

  Pincang No. 2 team: Zhou Li, He Jiajie, Chen Liting, Huang Suying, Li Haozhi, Wu Shicong, Mo Xianhong, Zhong Tianjin's injection molding team: Gan Baorong, Wang Ronghua, Pang Weihua, Jockey Club, Lu Jinzheng, Huo Xianzhi, Wu Xu, Yang Yan office A:Yu Gaopeng, Xu Jingru, Li Yongda, Chen Yinghe, Chen Qiudi, He Miaoji, (Reserve: Xie Weijun)

  Team B in the office: Liao Jinshu, Wang Jun, Mai Shunsheng, Ruan Guilin, Li Bianyan, Chen Yuqing, Li Jianqun, Mai Shaoran

  Table Tennis Relay Race:

  Judging: He Fengming, Liao Xinan, Lu Wang, Li Ruisong, Chen Jianhong, recorded: Wu Zhizhi's team A (301): Huang Bizhen, Huang Liufu, Cui Peiyu, Huang Wenjian, Xue Linmei Time:

  Team B (304): Huang Xingdong, He Naiying, Yu Yuyou, Huang Pingfang, Zeng Weisheng (backup: Chen Wenli, Wei Jiahuan) Time:

  Team C (305): He Zhongpeng, Chen Huanjie, Huang Pan Sheng, Huang Xingfu, Huang Chunyan (reserve: Ning Xuewen) Time:

  One workshop D team (306): Huang Guoying, Lin Peng, Pang Yongcong, Wei Xifeng, Huang Mei Time:

  One workshop E team (308, 403): Liu Zhikang, Ou Jiaquan, Wu Donghai, Jiang Yuzhang, Qin Xiaomei Time:

  Team A team: Wu Kangqin, Pan Hanxiang, Chen Bollen, Zhong Fa Pan, Liao Shuiling Time:

  Injection team A: Pang Weihua, Wang Ronghua, Lu Jiajun, Wang Xiaojian, Fang Biao Time:

  Office A: Qin Xiaoli, Ruan Guilin, Xie Weijun, Fan Xujuan, Peng Bei Time:

  Office B: Yu Gaopeng, Du Dongsheng, Zeng Huili, Xu Jingru, Su Cuihua Time:

  In order to celebrate the New Year's Day of 20XX, strengthen communication between teachers and students, enhance school cohesion, and activate the campus atmosphere.Our school was determined to hold a party with the theme of "harmony, pride, efficiency, and flying" in the New Year's Day of 20XX. Through the party, it reflects the spirit of teachers and students love Songcun Middle School.Provide a broad stage for our teachers and students to exhibit talents!Become a window that shows Songcun Middle School's various tasks.

  1. Guiding ideology: Further enrich the amateur life of teachers and students of Songcun Middle School, strengthen the emotional exchanges of teachers and students, broaden the vision of teachers and students, deepen the style of campus cultural life

  2. Main purpose of activity: relax the mood, participate in all members, and have a peaceful and happy New Year's Day

  3. Form of Evening Meeting: With novel themes, classic programs, gathering songs and dances, opera, cross talks, sketches, instrumental music, recitation and other stage performances, merge classmates, teachers and students, love school love to show the campus teachers and studentsBeautiful style!

  4. The overall arrangement: mainly for teachers and students in the first, second and third grades, all members participated. Each classmates reflect the enthusiasm and lively, innovative, upward, upward, upward, upward, upward, upward, and ups and downs of various classmates.Follow the new look.A good future, look forward to a bright tomorrow.

  5. Specific requirements: The first, second, and third grades are based on levels, and 3 to 4 programs are selected for each level.The director of the level should be responsible for the responsibility of the party to the school, and in accordance with the principle of "innovation, change, and exquisite", work hard on the quality of the subject matter to ensure that the content of the program is diversified, the formal form is ingenious, and the connection is smooth.The program reported to the school's political and educational office and participated in the school's New Year's Day show.In the fourth day, the schoolmakers, dance teams, and music teachers selected 6 programs to participate in the show.

  6. Organization:

  Team leader:

  Deputy head:


  1. ThemeSustainable growth of small and medium -sized enterprises

  Second, topic

  (1) The relationship between entrepreneurs and investors

  (2) The contradiction of growth and management

  (3) The strategy of small and medium -sized enterprises

  3. Organization

  Organizer: __ Entrepreneurs Magazine Club

  Support unit: __ Investment Co., Ltd.

  media support:

  Network support:

  4. Hold time and place

  Time: October 15, 20__ (Wednesday) 14: 00-20: 00

  Location: Beijing Kobasky Hotel

  Five, agenda arrangement

  13: 30-14: 00 Sign in

  14: 00-14: 05 The host gave the opening remarks and introduced the guests

  14: 05-14: 12__Prillocrem President Liu Donghua of Entrepreneurs Magazine

  14: 12-14: 20 __ Investment Co., Ltd. Zhu Linan President Zhu Linan delivered a speech

  14: 20-15: 00 20____ Enterprise "Future Star" Awards Ceremony

  15: 00-15: 30 Tea Blocks (20__ Future Stars and Guests)

  15: 30-18: 30 "Sustainable Growth of SMEs" Roundtable Forum

  (1) The relationship between entrepreneurs and investors

  (2) The contradiction between growth and management

  (3) The strategy of small and medium -sized enterprises

  18: 30-20: 00 dinner

  6. Invite guests

  Liu Zhonghua National Federation of Industry and Commerce, deputy deputy and president of __ Holdings Co., Ltd.

  Zhu __ Investment Co., Ltd. President

  Cow__ Dairy Group President

  Dean of the Yangtze River Business School

  Director EMBA of Liangzhong Europe International Business School

  Liu___ Entrepreneur Magazine President

  Niu__ Editor -in -Chief of Entrepreneurs Magazine

  Activity theme: Mongolian Business Grassland Night

  Activity purpose: condense in Shaanxi Mongolia's business forces, create a relaxed and happy communication platform, so that the members of the chamber of commerce in Shaanxi can be briefed and rest.night of"……

  Activity time: July 4th, 20xx (Saturday)

  Afternoon: 15: 00 Sign in

  Activity location: Xi'an Liyuyi Hotel (in the Park Park of the World Garden)

  Event participants: All members of the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce in Shaanxi Province


  1. Golf project experience (15: 20-16: 30)

  1. Golf etiquette training;

  2. Golf swing experience;

  3. Golf hit the game;

  2. Water Project Experience (16: 30-18: 00)

  1. Explain the etiquette of sailing projects by national coaches as members;

  2. Experience of the sailing project;

  3. The canoe project experience;

  4. Power -rowing project experience;

  Third, roast the whole sheep bonfire dinner (after 18:00)

  1. Bake all sheep and barbecue dinner;

  2. K song competition;

  3. Awards.

  1. Activity time:

  Second, the location of the activity:

  3. Participants:

  Fourth, host:

  Five, the party process:

  (1) Opening Dance "India -Pakistan Mading Dance" (time: 5 minutes)

  actor actress:

  (2) The host introduced the leaders present and invited leaders to give a speech (time: 10 minutes)

  (3) The song of the song (including solo, about 3-5 songs, duration: 15 minutes)

  (4) Mini games (duration: 15 minutes)

  Game 1: Crazy Collection

  Game rules: There are three groups in each three groups, a total of 3 groups, and each group is sent to hold a handle on the stage. The other two are collected on the spot and placed on the tray according to the requirements of the host.The group with many items won.The collected items are more common things in life, such as glasses, watches, belts, coins, etc.Every time the host reads an item for the players to prepare for a certain time, the difficulty can be continuously increased, and the speed can be slowly accelerated.

  Game two: grab stools

  Game rules: A group of eight people, seven stools, issued by the host, the music sounded around the stool, the music stopped quickly, and the stool was eliminated to eliminate it.Those who came to the stool won.

  (5) Small products (length: 15 minutes)

  actor actress:

  (6) Answering knowledge (duration: 10 minutes)

  (7) Poetry painting recite "I am proud, I am Chinese" (time: 5 minutes)

  actor actress:

  (8) Collective Malphy Dance (Time: 10 minutes)

  (9) Mini game (time: 10 minutes)

  Game 3: Step balloon

  Game rules: Men and women cooperate, two people in a group, a total of three groups participating, each two people tied 6 air balloons on their legs. The host announced the beginning and stepped on each other's balloons for 30 seconds. The largest number of remaining balloons won.

  (10) Single -player shows (about 5, those who are willing to perform on the scene) (Dot: 15 minutes)

  (11) DIY Creative Clothing Show (10 sets of self -made clothing display) (time: 10 minutes)

  (12) Standing up, singing "Singing the Motherland" (Time: 5 minutes)

  (13) At the end of the party, receive souvenirs and set off fireworks.

  6. The items required for activities:

  Theme banner, projection equipment, audio facilities, performance props, game props (3 pallets, 7 stools, 50 balloons), souvenirs, prizes, fireworks, etc.

  Seven, activity budget:

  (1) Purchase snacks and beverage fruit is about 500 yuan;

  (2) The souvenir of the party is about 20 yuan per serving, totaling 1500 yuan;

  (3) The prizes of various programs are about 30 yuan each for a total of 1500 yuan;

  (4) Rent -to -performance clothing and buying game props is about 500 yuan;

  (5) Buy about 500 yuan for fireworks;

  Total: 4500 yuan.

  I. Introduction

  In order to enrich the lives of employees and work hard for the employees of the entire company for a year, our company will hold the Spring Festival art party.

  Second, program form

  The program settings generally cater to the tastes of audiences at all ages, mainly based on youthfulness, and require the novelty of the program form and overall design. This is the primary task for this party to prepare.At the same time, it is necessary to adopt some traditional programs to enrich the form of this party's program, so that the positioning of this party's positioning with the popularity and tradition will be the colorful point of this party.

  At the same time, this party will adopt a large number of multimedia technology to comprehensively improve the technical content and quality of the Spring Festival party, and can also increase the popularity of the scene.

  Insert games during the program, improve the interaction and participation of the party, and truly achieve the effect of the whole staff, which helps the colleagues' relationship to further harmonize.

  Third, venue

  The venue is arranged with balloons, lanterns, ribbons, etc., and the design of Wumei must also reflect the harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, the convenience of the audience in the interactive link in the stage design is to enter the field.

  Multimedia equipment: projector × 1, projector × 1, computers several.

  The audience rely on the projection to watch the venue game game. The lobby projection switches each computer screen game in the middle to make it interactive.

  Fourth, the audience group

  XX Company: IT Business Department, Software and Hardware Sales Division, Finance Department, Comprehensive Development Department

  Software R & D base

  5. Staff

  Several staff members of the preparatory group: The overall planning of the party is divided into stage design and venue layout groups, and program review teams, which are specifically responsible for the comprehensive development department.

  Several engineering staff: computers, networking, and lobby projection switching of the party, which are responsible for the party, and the technical director and others are responsible.

  Several staff members of the service group: Responsible for the etiquette and logistics work of the party, and this work is responsible for the executive supervisor.

  Several staff members of the copywriting team: Responsible for the writing of the host of the party and related communication reports that the group is mainly responsible for the customer service department manager.

  Moderator: The host consists of 4 employees, 2 boys, 2 girls.

  6. Preparation process

  Determine the accurate location and time.

  Determine the accurate budget of the cost involved.

  Mobilize the preparatory mobilization of various departments.

  Determine the theme of the party and various preparations.

  Preliminary show.

  The notification program review passes the list of clothing props on the list of clothing props, and the preparatory group will be arranged by the preparatory group. The host is determined.

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