Real estate buying and Australia, Britain in China, 99%of this good news does not know

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I am Jiang Lin,热点新闻 43 years old, from Shanghai, China.Three years ago, the family moved to Singapore. At present, the family has successfully obtained Singapore PR.Mr. work in the Asia -Pacific region of the Fortune 500 company in the world. His son is in the third international school. He is promoted to apply for the guidance of him to apply for the British G5 school next year.

Oxford University is a child's dream school. Whether you can apply for success. In addition to his own efforts, it depends on whether he has a fate with this school.

In the Ranhe River's rafting, the gorgeous shadow in the waves was rippling.The University of Cambridge is even more happy. This poetic humanistic mood is enough to make people go.

This month, my husband and I bought a small apartment in London.Of course, we did not flew to London, but did all the loan purchase process directly in Singapore.

The small one is located on the 48th floor of The Sky Residences in the center of London. The internal decoration is simple and exquisite. It is also developed by Singapore's famous developer UOL.The landmark buildings such as small cucumbers can be seen, and they still feel very comfortable.

I always believe that I have always been very low -key, but the news of buying a house in London still spreads.From time to time, I have a friend who credit me privately, asking about Chinese citizens who buy a house overseas to apply for a mortgage.Most of them are very similar to my family. They are children who are going to study overseas in the near future.for example:

Friends in Singapore: Work of the Asia -Pacific District Headquarters, Singapore EP.Children also plan to study in the UK next year. They are thinking about housing education and do not want to pay the house money at one time. How can we apply for a mortgage?

Friends in Beijing: The S & P 500 Chinese companies work, and all their income is in China.The child plans to study in Australia next year and wants to buy a house in advance, so that she will live in the future.But the state has funding for overseas purchase of real estate. Can we apply for a loan from Bank of Singapore?

Friends in Shanghai: Financial and gold collar, all their income is in China.It is said that Singapore is a paradise for children. I want to let my wife bring their children to Singapore to study international schools in the near future.I just fancy the apartment, I don't want to pay the full amount, and there is no local income certificate. How can I go to the house smoothly?

I understand everyone's needs. In addition to focusing on the location, price, apartment, and rental ratio, it is best to easily raise funds.However, many people have encountered many problems when mortgage, such as no local income certificate, cumbersome loan processes, and so on.

Because of paying attention to London real estate, I watched the British real estate live broadcast (interested, you can scan the code to watch it) in Singapore's eyes. I just saw that Mr. Zhang, the customer of The Sky ResidencesThe problem.

Jingyi is the person in charge of the UOL (UOB's real estate company) The London The Sky Residences project. She has received a lot of customer consultation from Singapore and China, and many people are trapped in the problem of loan.

Because of the relationship between UOB and UOL, Jingyi's near the water tower got the month first, and learned that UOB has recently launched a new financing policy for Chinese people ’s overseas investment portfolio: no need to mortgage assets, whether in China, or in China, or whetherChinese people overseas, whether the main income is from China or overseas, as long as they apply for a mortgage from UOB, they can be properly done. The interest rate is still very cost -effective.Do not fly to the procedures to avoid the hardship of traveling to the boat.

How to realize the British, Singapore, and Australia, please scan the code or add WeChat ID: chinyefoo consultation.

Mr. Zhang's problems solved.My problem also has a new solution, so happy.

In order to help more friends solve the problem of the difficulty of buying overseas real estate loans, I summarized the applicable population of UOB, a new loan policy (unsuitable friends can remove, avoid disappointment), and at the same time meet the following two conditions, namely:

1. At the age of 21 years, people who have stable salary income in China or Singapore are best to work in the Fortune 500 companies;

2. The real estate purchased must be one of the three countries in Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia.

So simple?IntersectionYes, as long as you submit the corresponding information, the UOB bank is qualified, and it will be OK.

This is the form that I need to fill in the London loan to buy a house:

I am a Singapore PR. I only need to provide a 3-6 month salary list in Singapore. UOB's loan commissioner will quickly give us loans based on our husband and wife's age and total income.

The total income of our husband and wife is nearly $ 300,000, and the interest rate of SAICO -housing loan in 30 years (it is said that the interest rate of British pounds in the same period is 8%), and the total loan can reach up to $ 2.145 million!Our house in London is actually not so high. The loan commissioner recommends that the 5 -year fixed interest rate is recommended, and the 10%down payment is easily paid. The lawyer helped to complete all the follow -up procedures.

UOB's loan commissioner is very nice. I recommend a loan calculator intimately. I will also share it with you!Links here:

The page is like this:

Personally, according to your own situation, choose the corresponding options, and you can know how much loan you can apply for.

The nationality is available in Singapore citizens, PR and foreigners.You did not hear it right, foreigners can apply for a housing loan in UOB Singapore!

To put it simply, my friend of my Singapore's EP permit is the same as that of our family, and the same is based on salary income. The bank can be loaned in qualifications. Is the formalities referring to our family, is it very simple?

Let's talk about the friends in Beijing!Chinese nationality, people are not in Singapore, and they want to buy Australian real estate.It doesn't matter!Just rely on their salary income in China, or a salary list of 6-12 months, and then go to the office of Beijing, UOB, to do a funding verification, or go to the Singapore Embassy in China to do a notarization.You can check the amount of capital.

Media reports said that the number of net overseas immigrants in Australia this year has reached a new high, promoting the continued strengthening of housing demand, and the upward trend should continue.In addition, the Australian dollar has been depreciating in recent years, and now it can be exchanged for A $ 1.13, and the exchange rate is good.A friend in Beijing can use UOB Singapore to purchase Australian real estate only through UOB Singapore, and you don't need to go to Singapore to go through the procedures through the UOB Singapore.Do you say it is very convenient!

The friends in Shanghai, who accompanied her mother to create a good study and living environment for their children, and I saw UOL Pinetree Hill, a school district in Singapore.

I helped her to see it, it's really good!The project is surrounded by large natural reserves, forests, business districts, and famous schools to enjoy the top natural resources and living facilities in Singapore. In 2027, the house is handed over. She plans to bring her children to study in high school.Developers are still UOL's UOL (Huaye Group), and the brand is also a good!

When it comes to loans, she can also use China's salary income. From June-December, she can apply for capital verification in the Shanghai Office of Shanghai, China, and is qualified. UOB Singapore can lend.The mortgage interest rate has a lot of discounts.

I deliberately reminded her that in recent years, the rich people in Singapore have poured into too much. In order to suppress the increasingly rising house prices, it is too unfriendly for foreigners to collect 60%of buyers' stamp duty for foreigners.If the family discusses it to determine that the child will come to Singapore to study in the future, you may wish to make an early plan. It will be a lot of cost -effective to get the Singapore PR before buying it (only 5%of the additional buyer stamp duty).

In the concept of Chinese people, family means that there is a house, which is large or small, which can accommodate the joy and love of the whole family.Chinese people who can go out of the country's home property, in addition to looking at overseas education, medical care and human resources, they value more stable, sustainable and relatively high investment returns.

In this era full of variables and uncertainties, whether Beijing, Shanghai or Singapore are friends in Singapore, whether they choose to buy a home in London, Singapore or Australia. I believe they value these countries' relatively stable economic policies and regulatory mechanisms.Their choices can bring them the life they want, and hope that the new policy of UOB can help them easily promote these transactions.

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