Chinese citizen health literacy 66

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Chinese citizen health literacy 66

1. Basic knowledge and concept

1. Health is not just no disease or weakness, but a perfect state of physical, psychological and social adaptation.

2. Everyone has the responsibility of maintaining their own health, and a healthy lifestyle can maintain and promote their own health.

3. The environment is closely related to health, protects the environment, and promotes health.

4. Donation of blood for free, helping others.

5. Everyone should care, help, and discriminate against the disabled.

6. Regular health examination.

7.成年人的正常血压为收缩压≥90mmHg且<140 mmHg,LJR Shoes舒张压≥60mmHg且<90 mmHg;腋下体温36℃~37℃;平静呼吸16~20次/分;心率60~100次/point.

8. Vaccination is the most effective and economic measure to prevent some infectious diseases. After birth, children should be vaccinated in accordance with the immune program.

9. Promote flu vaccine before influenza epidemic can reduce the chance of influenza or reduce the symptoms of influenza.

10. AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C spread through three ways: blood, sexual contact and mother and baby, and will not spread daily life and work contact.

11. The tuberculosis is mainly transmitted by the patient's cough, sneezing, and speaking loudly; cough, sputum for more than 2 weeks, or blood in sputum should be checked in time if the lung tuberculosis should be checked in time.

12. Adhere to standardized treatment. Most patients with tuberculosis can be cured and can effectively prevent the production of drug -resistant tuberculosis.

13. In the epidemic area of blood -absorbing diseases, you should try to avoid contact with epidemic water; after contacting the epidemic water, it should be checked or received in time.

14. Family dogs and cats should be vaccinated with rabies for beasts; after being caught and bitten by dogs and cats, they should immediately rinse the wound and inject anti -rabies immunoglobulin (or serum) vaccines as soon as possible.

15. Mosquito, flies, mice, cockroaches, etc. will spread the disease.

16. Find out that the diseased poultry and animals must be reported, do not process, do not eat, and do not eat diseased poultry and livestock, and do not eat wild animals.

17. Pay attention to changes in blood pressure and control the risk of hypertension. Patients with hypertension must learn self -health management.

18. Pay attention to changes in blood sugar and control the risk of diabetes. Patients with diabetes should strengthen self -health tubes

19. Actively participate in cancer screening and early detection of cancer and pre -cancer lesions.

20. Everyone may have depression and anxiety, and correctly understand depression and anxiety.

21. Caring for the elderly, preventing the elderly fall, and identifying Alzheimer's dementia.

22. Choose safe and efficient contraceptive measures to reduce artificial abortion and care for women's reproductive health.

23. Health food is not a medicine, and the proper selection of health food.

24. Workers should understand the harmful factors existing in the work and working environment, comply with operating procedures, pay attention to personal protection, and avoid professional harm.

25. Workers engaged in toxic and harmful workers have the right to career.

2. Healthy lifestyle and behavior

26. The healthy lifestyle mainly includes four aspects: reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, smoking cessation limit, and psychological balance.

27. Keep normal weight and avoid overweight and obesity.

28. The diet should be mainly valley, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes, and pay attention to the combination of vegetarian and thickness.

29. Promote consumption of milk, beans and products every day.

30. The diet should be light, less oil, less salt, less sugar, and consume qualified iodized salt.

31. Pay attention to drinking water hygiene and drink water every day.

32. Raw and cooked foods should be stored and processed separately. Eat raw vegetables and fruits should be washed.

33. Adults should carry out physical activities of 6 to 10,000 steps per day. Movement is beneficial and expensive.

34. Smoking and second -hand smoke exposure can cause a variety of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory diseases.

35. "Low -coke cigarettes" and "Chinese herbal medicine cigarettes" cannot reduce the harm caused by smoking.

36. Any age quitting can benefit. The sooner the smoking cessation, the better, the smoking quit clinic can provide professional smoking cessation services.

37. Drink less and don't drink.

38. Use addicted drugs such as sedative hypnotic pills and analgesic drugs to prevent drug dependence.

39. Reject drugs.

40. Combination of labor and rest, ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

41. Pay attention to and maintain psychological health. When encountering psychological problems, you should take the initiative to seek help.

42. Wash your hands, take a bath often, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, do not share towels and wash products.

43. Based on weather changes and air quality, open windows and ventilation in a timely manner to keep indoor air circulation.

44. Smoking, spitting, spitting, coughing, and sneezing are not covered in public places.

45. Use sanitary toilets in rural areas to manage and manure.

46. Scientific medical treatment, timely treatment, treatment of medical advice, and treating the results of diagnosis and treatment rationally.

47. Reasonable medication, oral muscle injection, muscle injection without infusion, use antibiotics under the guidance of doctors.

48. Wear helmets, tie seat belts, driving without speed, drunk driving, not fatigue, reducing road traffic damage.

49. Strengthen care and education, prevent children from approaching dangerous waters, and prevent drowning.

50. Winter heating Pay attention to ventilation and beware of gas poisoning.

51. Actively accept pre -marital and pre -pregnancy health care. During pregnancy, you should receive at least 5 prenatal examinations and be hospitalized for delivery.

52. After the child is born, breastfeeding should be started as soon as possible.

53. Promote early development of children through parent -child communication and play, and discover the development of psychological behavior as soon as possible.

54. Young people are in a critical period of physical and mental development. We must cultivate a healthy behavior lifestyle, prevent myopia, overweight and obesity, and avoid network addiction and premature sex.

Third, basic skills

55. Pay attention to health information and can obtain, understand, screen, and apply health information.

56. Be able to understand the labels and manuals of food, medicines, and health products.

57. It will recognize common hazardous identifications, such as high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactivity, biological safety, etc., away from dangerous substances.

58. Measure the pulse and the temperature of the underarms.

59. The condom will be used correctly to reduce the risk of infection with AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent accidental pregnancy.

60. Properly store and correctly use toxic items such as pesticides, beware of children's contact.

61. Dial 120 when seeking emergency medical assistance, and call 12320 when seeking health consulting services.

62. When the amount of trauma occurs when there is a lot of bleeding, stop bleeding and bandage immediately; do not move easily for the wounded suspected fractures.

63. Injurgically, the injured of the breathing and cardiac arrest will perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

64. When rescue the electric shock, you should first cut off the power and do not directly contact the electric shock.

65. When a fire occurs, cover your nose and nose with a wet towel and escape; call the fire police call 119.

66. When an earthquake occurs, choose the correct earthquake method, and immediately carry out self -rescue and mutual rescue after the earthquake.

Original title: "66 Chinese Citizen Health Quality"

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