Original Song Qian's dancer posted a Weibo, complaining that her requirements were too high, saying that the partner was not good enough

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"I think so too."

As soon as this 头条新闻news came out, it immediately aroused extensive discussion. Many people were complaining that Song Qian was embarrassed. Some people said that Song Qian was very professional and had high requirements for the stage.

Later, the dance team's brokerage company, the "Qi Dance Space" of the dance team at the Hunan New Year Party, issued an apology statement to Song Qian.The dance troupe also issued an apology statement saying that it would conduct a serious investigation of the matter to avoid similar things from happening again.

Today, our staff published some unprofessional comments on our Weibo, bringing inconvenience to everyone and everyone. We apologized to everyone.

And the negative impact on Song Qian and her team will apologize to everyone.Teacher Song Qian's professionalism is worth learning and respect for everyone who loves the stage.Our company will also take this seriously to avoid similar things that happen again.In the future, we will take each stage with a professional attitude and present excellent works to everyone.

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