Due to the report of the change of equity changes, the traveler's automobile group was broadcast by the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau to broadcast a warning letter.

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On December 14,一刻资讯 2023, the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau announced that the traveler's automotive group (hereinafter referred to as a traveler's car) was issued by the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau for the report of the change of equity changes and recorded it in the securities futures market integrity file.Travelers cars held 1,346,936,645 shares of Zhejiang Commercial Bank on May 16, 2023, accounting for 6.33%of the total share capital of Zhejiang Business Bank, and were the major shareholders of Zhejiang Business Bank.However, travelers' shares were auctioned on May 17 and completed the transfer of transfer on May 30. Traveler cars no longer hold Zhejiang Commercial Bank shares.Regarding this change, the report of the not disclosed by the travelers' cars has not disclosed the report, which violates the provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" and the "Administrative Measures for the acquisition of listed companies".The Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau requires travelers' cars and related personnel to learn lessons, strengthen the study of laws and regulations, improve the awareness of standardized operation, ensure the truth, accuracy, and completeness of information disclosure.Report.

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