Deng Xiaogang, the official of the "Luo Ma" Department, repented (festival)

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In the first half of 1998,hotly discussed information Deng Xiaogang used his position to help a oil company in Hainan approved more than tens of tons of oil import quotas to make the company earn more than 3 million yuan.In order to express his gratitude, the company's owner came to Deng Xiaogang's house the day before the Mid -Autumn Festival and sent a cash red envelope of 100,000 yuan.Afterwards, Deng Xiaogang was very scared, but greedy made him constantly "persuaded" himself.He incorporated the 100,000 yuan into the pocket.As everyone knows, once the greedy gate is opened, it is like a thousand miles of floods in the dyke, which is out of control.

In 2011, the construction of the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island, Deng Xiaogang was transferred to the Standing Committee of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government.Deng Xiaogang's greedy expanded "off", using the power of "in accordance with the power" to collect his wealth.At that time, the businessman owner Zhuang Mou found Deng Xiaogang, hoping that he could help him change the nature of the land in a building material city in Haikou. When Deng Xiaogang saw the "profitable map", he quickly controlled the 600 specified by Zhuangmou by manipulating the indicator replacement, listing transfer, etc.Multi -acre project land was converted from agricultural land to construction land. In return, Zhuang gave Deng Xiaogang 2 million yuan and $ 100,000 for 5 times.

With Deng Xiaogang's long time in important leadership positions, more and more people around him are also increasingly imbalanced in his heart, and he has began to pursue a seemingly "glorious" luxurious life.With a landslide in thought, Deng Xiaogang did not have the "fighting power" in the face of the "hunting" of the businessman's boss.In order to have a good relationship with Deng Xiaogang, when I learned that Deng Xiaogang was obsessed with golf, the businessman bosses handled their membership cards and played with them on weekends; some bosses would send tens of thousands of yuan shopping card every year ...… In the "warm water boiled frog" -style "encirclement" in the "warm water" style of affection and friendship, Deng Xiaogang was extravagant and enjoys the law, breaking the law against discipline, and embarked on the "rot all the way".

If you have a loose inch, you will have a foot in action.Deng Xiaogang's thoughts were insufficient, and the party spirit was lacking, and he was stunned by power, and he lost himself in the sound of compliments.Party members and leading cadres should learn from the case, pay attention to theoretical learning, maintain political soberness, continuously strengthen self -cultivation and self -restraint, and truly regard firm ideals and beliefs as the foundation of life.

Li Ling Zhi California, arrogant benefit

Green water and blue mountains and blue sky are the biggest advantages and biggest capitals in Hainan.However, during the party secretary of the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecological Environmental Protection and the director of the Department of Ecological Environmental Protection, Deng Xiaogang, as the "goalkeeper" of the ecological environment in Hainan Province, not only did not guard the green water and green mountains of the province, but instead "eat environmental protection and environmental protection", disregarding the Party Central CommitteeRegarding the major decision -making deployment of ecological environmental protection, unscrupulous collecting money and collecting money, from the "pollution source" to a "source of pollution", causing serious environmental pollution and harsh political influence.

In the second half of 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team inspected Hainan and found that the construction of the second phase of the Phoenix Island of Sanya seriously damaged the marine ecological environment and asked Hainan Province to do a good job of rectification.Subsequently, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government established the leadership group of environmental protection inspection and rectification work, and Deng Xiaogang was specifically responsible for the organizational coordination, promotion and supervision of environmental protection inspection and rectification work.During the rectification process, Zeng Moumou, the actual controller of the Phoenix Island Phase II project, asked Deng Xiaogang to take care of the project's environmental protection rectification situation in order to cope with rectification and reduce rectification costs.Facing the huge temptation of money, Deng Xiaogang will receive public rights and privately, and does not require the project party to implement rectification based on the authoritative evaluation conclusions.Number, Deng Xiaogang also received a "thank you fee" of 5 million yuan.In July 2019, the Central Third Ecological Environmental Protection Inspection Team once again pointed out the problems existing in the second phase of Phoenix Island and clearly required Hainan to rectify.In January 2020, Deng Xiaogang should once again ask Zeng Moumou, who has long -term benefits, please provide support for the project party to avoid rectification by instructions on the documents and direct statements when discussing.

In early 2021, due to the inadequate rectification of the Phoenix Island project, the Ministry of Ecological Environment's working group went to Hainan to investigate, requiring all the second phase of the Phoenix Island project and restoring the original state.At this time, Deng Xiaogang still did not know how many repentances, Yang Fengyin violated, and even after being transferred to the director of the Provincial Department of Transport, he still tried to help the Phoenix Island project to plan, and even helped the enterprise to modify the relevant materials in person to find the policy basis for demolishing the second phase of the Phoenix Island project., Trying to help the enterprise confuse through the level, becoming a "inner ghost" who eats and picks up.

Deng Xiaogang, who Li Lingzhi, has completely forgotten the fundamental question of "who am I, who is for who, who relies on." Instead of being unable to keep the green water and green mountains benefit the people, but instead intervene in the fields of environmental impact assessment, environmental protection engineering and other fields, and the concept of green development conceptsRunning off, turning power into a "chip" for exchanging interests with the businessman's boss.

A asphalt plant in Shishan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City is located in the nature reserve. It does not meet the requirements of the environmental assessment procedures. It is not suitable for industrial production.The form of the on -site meeting is the platform's platform, and the "large green light" all the way allows the plant to go through the environmental impact assessment procedures smoothly, resulting in the asphalt factory seriously polluted the local natural ecological environment after production.Deng Xiaogang also extended the "black hand" to the "cake" of the special funds of the rural sewage treatment project. He ignored the actual situation and actual needs of various cities and counties in Hainan, but in the model of "where is the relatives and friends, where the funds are allocated,"Delighting for himself and relatives and friends to get benefits from it.

Deng Xiaogang implemented a major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee on the discounts and changes in ecological environmental protection.In the end, the cadre team is just being self -binding and becoming sinners.

Lost tube and teachings, family style corrupted "family rot"

If the family style is good, you can be prosperous and full of the United States; the family style is poor, and it is inevitable that the descendants and the society will be harmed.Deng Xiaogang fell into a degradation and did not pay attention to the construction of family tutoring and family style. He failed to set an example for his relatives. Instead, he lost his tutoring to relatives. Among his bribery facts, relatives participated in it.

Deng Xiaogang, who first arrived in Haikou, took his wife to participate in various wine bureaus invited by the businessman boss. After seeing the luxury life of the businessman's boss who wrapped his money, his wife was envious of comparison and gradually evolved into "greed internal assistance".Whenever a businessman boss sent a brand bag, watch, necklace, she did not refuse, and was willing to be "hunting" and enjoyed "hunting".Take the initiative to "find the boss to organize various meals and tea bureaus, and ask Deng Xiaogang to ask who knows which bosses know what to do to find the opportunity to get benefits, and use the public power in Deng Xiaogang as his" withdrawalmachine".

Knowing that his wife directly greets his subordinates, Deng Xiaogang not only stopped it, but did not ask or acquiesce.In August 2015, a boss met Deng Xiaogang's wife through a friend, and wanted to help the hydraulic project of Haikou High -tech Zone through Deng Xiaogang's relationship, and promised to give the "benefits" with a contract of 5%of the contract.The couple of the Deng Xiaogang have already formed a "tacit understanding" that is not pronounced. The division of labor is clear. Deng Xiaogang used his position to facilitate the greeting. His wife took the boss to the owner's unit to connect and successfully helped the contract to the project.The rich "benefits" and precious jewelry.

The upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked, and the disassembly is "family rot".Under the influence of bad family style, other relatives of Deng Xiaogang "cast" from his hometown to Deng Xiaogang's attempt to "do something."Deng Xiaogang's brother -in -law and nephew son -in -law proposed to go to Changjiang County to contract rural sewage treatment projects. Deng Xiaogang not only came forward to say hello, but also used the right to approve in his hands to pay more special funds for sewage treatment in Changjiang County.Later, the project will be illegally sold for more than 3 million yuan.The niece of a relative of Deng Xiaogang asked Deng Xiaogang to help violate the property of a house in Sanya. Deng Xiaogang said hello to the relevant functional departments of Sanya.

As a "key minority", the tutoring family style not only has a glory and disgrace, but also to the political ecology of a place.Party members and cadres should use Deng Xiaogang as the precepts, distinguish between the boundaries of public, private, law, and sentiment.The breeze is full of happiness.

Deng Xiaogang Confession (Election)

The first ten years when I came to work in Hainan was a period of passion for my life.Organizing trust me and cultivating me. I hope that I will use the power in my hands to serve the people, and to do good things and do practical things for the masses, but I have gradually embarked on the road of violation of discipline and law with power and interest.I am not working hard to rectify and supervise the key issues and other key issues feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspector, and have not fulfilled the duties of the "gatekeeper" of the green water and green mountains; I say hello to the boss and friends to interfere with administrative law enforcement;My wife and relatives; I often eat, drink and play, play golf in violation of regulations ... I use work relationships, receive huge bribes, and violate the law.

My ideological landslide, the road to corruption is a process of gradually evolving.When I was deputy in the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Tourism Commission, I was in charge of work.After serving as the executive deputy mayor in Haikou City, the work based on "pragmatic" and "pragmatic" has formed a strong contrast with the previous work that mainly "prodigal".There are more bosses such as financial and other important departments.In addition to official entertainment, there are more meals and tea bureaus with the owner of the business owner. From uncomfortable to gradually get used to it, I slowly start to like the atmosphere of being surrounded by the boss.

Reflecting on the process of corruption and falling in these years, one of the reasons was that I relaxed the political study, the ideals and beliefs were not firm, and the calcium of spirit was gradually missing.With the promotion of my job, I often use business learning to replace political learning, and to evade political learning with the excuse of business work. Over time, I have high enthusiasm for those who are prone to "showing performance".Ignore it.The second reason is that my personal will is not firm, I cannot strictly restrain myself, and I cannot consciously resist the temptation of matter.I can't prevent micro -duration. In the process of "boiled frogs in warm water", I gradually like this atmosphere of being hunt by the boss and cannot extricate themselves.There are many innings.The third reason is that I gradually forgot the original intention of serving the people wholeheartedly.Party members and cadres should be hard and simple, endure hardships, and enjoy in the back. In contrast, I am obsessed with eating, drinking, and fun, and the lights are green. I do n’t care about my family and relatives."Everyone".The fourth reason was that I broke through the bottom line of principles and lacked awe of party discipline and law.I have visited the warning education base many times, and I sometimes touched it, but I forgot to do it afterwards.I told party lessons to the party members and cadres of the unit. I reported at the party style and clean government construction work conference of the unit and the work system. Now I think about it, how ridiculous and two -like at work and get off work. What a hateful.

The organization is not thin to me, and Hainan is not thin to me.Thinking back to the process of corruption and corruption over the years, I am ashamed of the care and cultivation of the organization!I am ashamed of the tolerance and love for Hainan!I know that if you commit such a serious mistake, you should be treated by the organization and the punishment of the law. This is also my fault and sin.

source:China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Newspaper Author: Tan Longyuan, Liu Mengqian

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