(Sports) Wang Chuqin: I hope that more gold medals can be looked at it in the future

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Original title: (Sports) Wang Chuqin: I hope I can look at more gold medals in the future

Xinhua News Agency,热门事件 Chengdu, December 10th (Reporter Chen Di) The International Table Tennis Federation Hybrid Group World Cup ended in Chengdu on the 10th, and the Chinese team won the championship as expected.At the awards ceremony, Wang Chuqin was very happy and stood on the stage for a long time to look at the gold medal in his hand.

This is the first time that the FIBA has held a mixed group World Cup, using the 15th game rules of the 15th inning.It is particularly important as the first single of each game.This time Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha partnered to win the Chinese team many times.

"We often play in the first place, and because the number of games is relatively short, each point is very precious for us." After the game, Wang Chuqin shared the feeling of the competition."We also have some problems and difficulties that have not been encountered before. Sun Yingsha and I can now find these problems in time. This is very important. We will continue to summarize and improve it as a subject. I believe meYou can do better. "

Regarding his actions on the podium, Wang Chuqin said with a smile: "I am not professional in this regard. I really didn't see any door. I just felt that I could get a championship with my teammates.More gold medals. "

Regarding this competition, Fan Zhendong said that this competition is a very novel innovation and attempt. "I also fully feel everyone's attention and enthusiasm. I hope that this competition can continue to run, and it is better and better."

The national table tennis captain Malone said after the game, "I am very happy that our team has worked hard to win the championship of the first mixed team competition. The kind of tension and stimulation brought by this innovation system to everyone, I believe everyone is deeply touched. WeAs an athlete, it is also the law of exploring it while playing. "

"In the past, the doubles of the game may not be so heavy in the team competition, but there were only two singles in this game, and there were three games in doubles. This made each team more flexible and sophisticated. This is where this competition is attractive."Ma Long said," Like yesterday, we played against the Japanese team, and the six people who played in the field had scored scores, and finally helped the team to win. Maybe this is the charm of the team competition. "(End)

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