Glille uses 15 million yuan to purchase bank wealth management products to improve the efficiency of raising funds

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On December 20,Express information Glea Digital Technology Co., Ltd. issued an announcement saying that in order to improve the efficiency of the use of idle funds, the company intends to use the total use of funds and not affect the construction of funds for investment.The amount (the amount of the amount of funds raised at any time to purchase wealth management products) does not exceed RMB 6.5 million of idle fundraising funds to purchase wealth management products, which is invested in financial products with high security, good liquidity, and ensuring investment in principal and funding.However, it is not limited to other low -risk wealth management products approved by bank wealth management products, bank regular deposits, agreement deposits, notification deposits, and approved by the company's internal decision -making procedures.

In addition, the company uses 15 million yuan of idle raised funds to purchase bank wealth management products of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Tongshan Sub -branch.

In the announcement, Gleel said that the company uses some idle funds to purchase financial products with high security, good liquidity, and ensure the security of investment in principal and investment.The efficiency of funds increases the company's income level, and obtains better investment returns for shareholders.Investment that uses some idle funds this time will not affect the normal development of the investment projects raised funds, and there is no behavior of changing the use of funds for raising funds in disguise.

Tongbi Finance learned that the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of lighting products and magnetic devices, and takes into account the breadth and depth of business layout. Over the years, it has adhered to the coordinated development of lighting business and magnetic device business.The company is supported by magnetic device technology to widely expand application scenarios such as lighting, new energy, communications, industrial control, electro -acoustic devices, etc. At the same time, dig deep into lighting scenarios to master the lighting industry -related technologies from power supply to LED lampsExtend to terminal lighting solution.The company has become a comprehensive innovative enterprise that realizes the mutual promotion and linked development of the lighting business and magnetic device business.

my country is a large country of lighting appliances. In recent years, the production scale and export scale of LED lighting products have maintained a stable growth. According to data from the R & D and Industrial Alliance of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering, the scale of the LED lighting market in China has increased from 635.8 billion yuan in 2017 to 9,428 in 2021 9,428 100 million yuan.In the context of the improvement of the intelligence level of various industries, the intelligent lighting industry has achieved rapid growth. According to data from the China Business Research Institute, the intelligent lighting industry increased in 2017 14.7 billion yuan to 39.8 billion yuan in 2022.The growth rate was 22.04%.

Lighting business sector, relying on a comprehensive production control system and excellent product quality, the company has become one of the core suppliers of brand products such as emergency lighting and health lighting such as Cooper Lighting.The company is committed to becoming a smart lighting system solution provider. It already has the ability to plan and design, implement solutions and operation and maintenance services for solutions such as smart street lighting systems and landscape lighting engineering.

The "dual carbon" target, the European energy crisis, and the launch of the "East Digital West Calculation" project have effectively promoted the development of the new energy market, and provided a strong development momentum for the transformation of the inductor and electronic transformer industry from the traditional consumer electronics field to the new energy market.EssenceWith the development of the new energy industry into the fast lane, the rapid development of downstream photovoltaic & energy storage, charging piles, and new energy vehicles has driven the high -speed growth of the market size of the upstream magnetic component industry.

Magnetic device business sector, company magnetic device products are widely used in the fields of lighting, new energy, communications, industrial control, electro -acoustic devices and other industries. It has established a stable cooperative relationship with well -known customers such as Jinlang Technology, ABL, Power Source, Weinchi.The company actively responds to the national "dual carbon" policy, focusing on new energy segments such as photovoltaic inverters.

In terms of performance, in the third quarter of 2023, the company realized operating income of 425 million yuan and net profit of 27.26 million.

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