Suspense has increased, Chen Meng and Wang Manyu's Olympic dispute may be seen in the end, and goodbye to the finals

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After the World Cup is News informationover, after this competition, the national pong Olympic Games dispute over the suspense.The suspense here is mainly for Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Chen Meng's three core main force. It is precisely the competition between Wang Manyu and Chen Meng!Sun Yingsha needs to seize the opportunity, improve her technology, and prepare for the Olympic Games.

The lineup of the National Table Tennis is very fixed.Especially in the last match against the Japanese table tennis, when Han table tennis, Guoping was a set of lineups to the end.Sun Yingsha's mixed doubles, Wang Manyu women's singles, Chen Meng women's doubles.It is not difficult to see from here that the three cores of Mengsha Yu are still the strongest lineup in the current stage of Guoping.The three people are not only ranked among the top three in the world, but also the top three in the standings of the Olympic Games.If the location is solid, if it is not unexpected, the quota of the Olympic Games is basically locked.In contrast, Wang Yidi not only lags behind, but also not has many opportunities to play in the competition.It is not impossible to complete the counterattack, but it is very difficult.Wang Yidi played, and Mengsha Yu was playing.Not only do you have to make good results by yourself, you also need Mengsha Yu to drop the chain. The opportunity is not big!

As long as Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Chen Meng maintain their health, Wang Yidi is difficult to chase!The biggest suspense is mainly concentrated in the competition between Wang Manyu and Chen Meng, and it is even more intense after the World Cup.According to the latest Olympic standings, Sun Yingsha's points have more points than Chen Meng and Wang Manyu, and the location is solid. Her singles have basically been ashore.Chen Meng Second, Wang Manyu third, the score gap between the two people is only about 1,000 points.Wang Manyu has always been good after the Asian Championships, and has gone out of the downturn.However, because of the bad performance of the World Table Tennis Championships, Chen Meng opened the gap.There is still a small gap slowly.

Mixed World Cup women's singles, this is basically Wang Manyu's playing.Through this competition, Wang Manyu proved himself that it was only the points worse now.Although Chen Meng did not play in the key game, as the defending champion of the Olympic Games, she no longer needs to prove herself.As long as he can keep healthy, Chen Meng has the strength to play in the Paris Olympics.

The difference in points is small and the status is close, which also makes the competition suspense between Chen Meng and Wang Manyu.Next, the upcoming finals of the Olympic Games rewarded as high as 2,000 points and the runner -up was 1,000 points, which had a great impact on the ranking.If Chen Meng seizes the opportunity, he can temporarily stabilize the current second position.If Wang Manyu seizes the opportunity, he will be able to overtake Chen Meng and further reverse the situation.

To be honest, Chen Meng and Wang Manyu's competition is really hard to see!Single disputes are recognized or not. Although Chen Meng is old, he has a good adjustment ability and is still leading.Although Wang Manyu is more suitable and the state is slightly better, the points are backward.In the new season of next year, Guoping has determined that there will be the Singapore Grand Slam competition. The reward is 3,000 points. The World Cup has also restarted. It started in April. The Asian Cup and Asian Championships have not been determined.There are still a lot of competitions, and they are high points. The performance of any war may affect the final result. The requirements for stability will be high!

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