Catched the golf club and smuggled 1.58 million gold!Seized by customs

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Original title: disguise golf club,一线资讯 smuggling 1.58 million gold!Seized by customs

The Police of Hiroshima Prefecture and Kobe Customs in Japan recently seized the gold smuggling case. The suspects made the market price of about 32 million yen (about RMB 1.58 million).But it is still broken by customs personnel.

According to Japanese news reports, Hiroshima County Police announced on December 8th that the smuggling case stated that he had arrested a 32 -year -old man in Vietnam with Kobe Customs on November 18 with the crime of violating the tariff law.

When facing the police inquiry, the suspect denied his personal intention and said:"I don't know if I want to apply for gold in the country."

Police said the suspect carried about 3.5 kilograms of gold that disguised as a golf club head on November 15, trying to enter the country at Hiroshima Airport.These golds were cast into 6 golf vessel heads, with a market price of about 32 million yen.

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The customs officers of Hiroshima Airport noticed differently when they checked the golf club, and found that the pole head was painted into silver and tried to confuse the barrier.

Inbound Japanese people must pay the consumption tax in the customs if they carry gold blocks.Hiroshima County Police believe that the suspect intends to avoid consumption tax, and the current incident is investigating.

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