Indonesian media: Former Inter, Roman midfielder Nainolan joined Indonesia's team Bayangkara

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Original title: Indonesian media: former Inter,Current Affairs Roman midfielder Nainolan joined Indonesian team Bayang Carra

According to Indonesian media sources, former Inter Milan and Roman midfielder Nainenglan officially joined Indonesia Bayangkara.The nickname of Bayang Carra is the "defender" because they are a club affiliated to the Indonesian police department.

The 35 -year -old former Belgium Geylan has played for clubs such as Kaliary, Inter Milan and Rome.This summer, the contract between Naineglan and Spal expired and became a free player.

It is reported that the contract signed by Nainenglan and Bayangkara is ending this season.At present, Bayang Carra ranks the bottom in the Indonesian league.

At the press conference, Nainenglan said: "When I saw the Bayang Carra Club so sincere, I accepted it without hesitation."

"I really started missing football, I still enjoy the feeling of participating in the game, and I am eager to do this in Indonesia."

"I have been here for a few weeks here, and then I want to know more about this place (Naineglan has Indonesian descent)."

"In the past few months, more than 100 agents have contacted me, but once it is a critical moment, it is difficult for me to get any written offer."

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