The end of the era?If you lose the game, Fan Zhendong has no advantage in the face of Japanese and Korean first -class players, and Paris has won the championship.

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At present,全球资讯 the first table tennis hybrid group World Cup, which has attracted the attention of table tennis fans around the world, has ended all the competition in Chengdu.In the expectations of fans, the Chinese team of the World Table Tennis Dream Team did not surprise the championship trophy at their home.In this competition, Guoping played well as a whole, and did not give opponents too many opportunities.The team is also very happy up and down.However, there are some exceptions in the national table tennis players, which is not particularly excited.He is Fan Zhendong, the number one main player in the world, because when facing Japanese and South Korean first -class players, his performance is really poor.Some netizens have heated discussion, maybe Fan Zhendong's era is really over. Paris wants to win, it is really difficult.

There is no doubt that Guoping is the strongest in the world table tennis.In the national table tennis, it is not particularly difficult to win the world championship. Basically, every main player is the world champion.Therefore, the goals of these top players will not just stay on a world champion. Most of their goals are the Grand Slam about their careers.As the world's number one player, Fan Zhendong, the main core player of the men's team, has increased his confidence since defeating Malone. In recent years, it has indeed belonged to him.Fan Zhendong has countless honors. At present, only one Olympic men's singles gold medal can achieve Grand Slam.In this regard, Fan Zhendong also put the goal in the men's singles gold medal will be held next year.

To be honest, theoretically, Fan Zhendong's probability of winning the championship in Paris next year is indeed relatively high.Malone is older, and it is difficult to say whether it can get the qualifications of the men's singles of the Olympic Games next year.Although Wang Chuqin rose fiercely, Fan Zhendong was not very worried.Other Foreign Association players are not difficult to defeat Fan Zhendong.However, after this hybrid group World Cup, fans who were full of confidence in Fan Zhendong were estimated to have a question mark.

With super strength, Guoping all the way to the semi -finals of the Hybrid Group World Cup.However, in the semi -finals with the Japanese table tennis team, Guoping was shocked.In the end, Guoping defeated the Japanese team 8: 5 to advance to the final.The reason why the Chinese team scores such a score is so thrilling because there are several players in Guoping, especially Fan Zhendong, who is highly hoped.Fan Zhendong was almost suppressed by Zhang Benzhi and the Japanese team Zhang Benzhi, Zhang Benzhi.In this game, Zhang Benzhi played very strongly. Fan Zhendong had almost no way to face Zhang Benzhi's attack in the game, and eventually lost the game at 1: 2.In an interview after the game, Fan Zhendong obviously felt a little confident.

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