Recommended financial colleges in Australia

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Students,热门新闻 do you also want to know the recommendation of studying in Australia's study in Australia, the analysis and answer to this question?I believe that you will have a deeper understanding through the content of the following articles. Not much to say, let's take a look with the editor of Chinese education online.

Recommended financial colleges in Australia

1. Recommendation for studying in Australia Study Abroad Financial College

1. Recommended by Australian Financial College

University of Melbourne

Graduate SCHOOLOF Businessand Economics (hereinafter referred to as 'GSBE') at the University of Melbourne, which is a business graduate school owned by the University of Melbourne, Australia. Famous in AustraliaEssence

The University of Melbourne's financial majors provide financial career preparations for students with relevant backgrounds, and have a comprehensive understanding of students in this industry.This major provides financial management concepts and related financial policies.The graduation certificate can have a comprehensive understanding of the international financial market in Australia and the market operation. At the same time, it has improved financial knowledge and analysis skills.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney Business School is one of the main departments of the University of Sydney, Australia, and is one of the TOP3 business schools in Australia.The business school is located in the main campus of the University of Sydney, while the MBA campus is located in the Sydney Central Business District.

The University of Sydney's Master of Business (Finance) majors ensure that students can have an in -depth understanding of the basic principles of the "game theory" strategy after graduation.The major focuses on a deep understanding of the complexity of modern analysis and management. In addition, in the context of globalization, the basic principles and technical tools in all aspects of finance have in -depth understanding.Students who allow any professional background of undergraduate to apply to help students understand business theoretical knowledge and skills from an applied perspective.

Queensland university

The UQ Business School is the first business school in Australia to obtain AACSB and Equis certification in Australia.The academic disciplines are relatively average. In the direction of finance, accounting, international trade, marketing, etc., they all belong to the top Australia.The University of Queensland, as the top university in Queensland, has received government support even higher than the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne.

This major cultivates students' widespread professional knowledge and provides opportunities for financial integration.This major is based on a platform for microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics to show students how to apply economic theory to international economic issues.

New South Wales University

Professional advantage of the University of New South Wales: Master of Finance:

1. This major is set for students who study finance undergraduate

2. The well -known scholars and researchers in the industry personally teach challenging topics and projects. Students can contact the financial department in person

3. Students can apply new theoretical and practical skills to show the competitive advantage in the financial industry

4. Students can learn deep -level high -level financial knowledge

5. Students can choose a focus field based on their interests and career ideals

6. Students can become a prospective member of the financial service institution FINSIA (FINSIA)

2. Australian financial professional application requirements

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the best universities in Australia, and it is also high in the ranking of world universities.The school's business school is also very good. It requires the applicant's IELTS score to reach 6.5 or above, and the single score cannot be less than 6.0 points.

New South Wales University

The University of New South Wales has strong competitiveness not only in terms of teachers and research strength.The financial curriculum requested the IELTS score of 6.5 or above, of which a single score should not be less than 6.0 points.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a very well -known university in Australia and enjoys a high reputation in the world.The financial courses offered by the school require the applicant's IELTS score to reach 7.0 or above, of which a single score cannot be less than 6.0 points.

2. A list of IELTS requirements for studying in Australia

1. Australian Study Abroad High School IELTS Requirement

Studying abroad in Australia is also different according to the age of students. You can better arrange the study abroad plan before learning the language requirements before studying abroad.

For international students under 16 years of age, applying for Australian high school can be exempted from IELTS. 16 -year -old students, if junior high school scores or high school English scores of more than 75%, are also exempt from IELTS.

If the students are over 16 years old, the school's English score cannot meet the corresponding requirements and the IELTS score does not reach 5.0, then a transcript of IELTS4.0 is required and the language courses of no more than 30 weeks before entering the high school class are required.EssenceAfter reading the language, enter the main lesson of high school.

However, if your IELTS score reaches 5.0 points, you can directly enter the 10th grade of Australian high school. If the IELTS score can reach 5.5 points, you can directly enter the 11th grade.

In this way, it can save not only the time reading, but also more economical than reading language lessons in Australia. The key is that they have a certain English foundation and then go abroad.

2. Australian undergraduate IELTS requirements

(1) Foundation courses: Domestic high school students apply for Australia to study in Australia to enter the university by applying for undergraduate preparatory methods, so students can meet the IELTS requirements of the preparatory course.Usually the IELTS score requirements at the preparatory course are not very high. Most students have a total score of 5.0-5.5 points, and the preparatory course settings are relatively flexible. For different IELTS scores, they can choose from preparatory courses with different learning lengths.The low requirement is the IELTS score of 5.0 single subject.

(2) FIFA Diploma course: Many students have entered the undergraduate undergraduate through the international junior courses. The IELTS requirements for studying in the FIGA in Australia are relatively high. Usually, the total score is 6.0 single subject 6.0.

(3) Direct record of undergraduate: Domestic high school students can also use the college entrance examination scores to apply for Australia to study in Australia. Such students applying for an Australian undergraduate IELTS requires relatively high requirements.Most of the majors in most schools are the requirements of a total score of 6.5 single subjects, and some majors will require higher requirements. For example, the University of Sydney and the teaching majors of most schools, IELTS requirements are basically 7.0 or even 7.5 points.

3. Master of IELTS Requirements for Studying in Australia

In fact, the IELTS requirement for the Master of Studies in Australia is consistent with the requirements of the direct lesson of the undergraduate. As mentioned above, most of the major professional IELTS requirements of most schools are 6.5 single subjects 6.0, and a small number of special professional requirements are 7.0/The standard of 7.5 is actually not particularly difficult for college students, but it is not very low. Basically, you still have to study it for a while to achieve it.

3. How to ensure that studying in Australia to ensure no subject

1. Actively interact with professor

Because communicating with professors abroad is not easy, it is recommended that students consult the professor at least 1-2 times each semester. Through contact with the teacher, they leave a better impression on the teacher. At the end of the period, the final review of the final reviewSomething helps, it is likely to learn some tricks from the teacher.Do not underestimate these tips, the difference between a few points can often change the final result.

2. Learn to integrate

The elimination rate of foreign universities is very high. Unlike the traditional domestic education methods, the exams must not only rely on dead memories. If you can't make this course, the pass may be very small and minor, so this requires students to ask the studentsHave a strong understanding and analysis ability.

3. Note

This is very important. You must know that not everyone’s memory is very good, and there are no teaching outlines and textbooks abroad. If some students cannot complete their notes independently because of language barriers, then they must borrow from students with a neat handwriting.Complete notes are the basis for the post -test review.

4. Careful treatment of counseling courses and homework

The performance assessment of foreign universities will calculate the regular test scores. If the test results can be improved, the final scores will be half guaranteed.In addition, counseling courses and homework are the focus of the exam, which is basically the same as that of Chinese universities. The role of counseling in the university is to answer academic questions, comment homework, practice and conduct normal tests.The problems in the counseling class must be understood, because this is likely to be the content of the usual test and examination.

5. Review content

When you collect the exam review content, even after the question bank (open question and answer question), you need to review these content once, and then select a few key topics to review.When choosing these key topics, pay attention to choosing two to three more difficult questions appropriately.Some topics are basically important knowledge points for this discipline, and this knowledge point will basically take the test.

6. Participate in mutual assistance meeting

Due to the different learning environment and methods, many students were unable to complete their studies when they first entered school. This phenomenon was particularly obvious in the first stage of university.In order to help students can smoothly adapt to the new environment, the school will organize mutual assistance meetings, consisting of young teachers and senior students to help fresh students in difficulty in learning.

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