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Whip Niu Niu January News On January 12,高速资讯 today, Feizhu published an article "Happy Ctrip Travel New Year" in its public account.Compared with special effects and other aspects, it is suspected that Ctrip's strategy has plagiarism.

The following is the content of the public account:

As soon as he woke up, he was affirmed by the elder brother of the industry!

Flying Pig's tweet yesterday: I teach you to apply for a new Matai visa, Thailand's fastest 6 -hour visa!| Flying Pig Witches Leader

"Ctrip Travel" yesterday's tweet:

We will use two articlesReceiving WebsiteCompared with a bit:

What we suggest, also your suggestion:

I suggest that you also suggest:

What we are warmly reminds is also your warm reminder:

Our sliding special effect is also your sliding special effect:

A good approach we think is also a good approach you feel:

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