Sort out the systematic creation of 35 theme projects to explore Dongpo Cultural IP "Yixing expression"

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  For more than nine hundred years,Current Affairs the popularity of world celebrities Su Dongpo has never diminished.In recent years, Sichuan Meishan, Guangdong Huizhou, Huangzhou, Hubei, Hainan and other places have made Su Dongpo as a cultural business card."Su Dongpo" is not just an ancient literary figure and politicians, but also a growing cultural symbol.

  "I came to Yang Xian, the boat entered Jingxi, the meaning suddenly, like the desire to live a flat life."& hellip; & hellip; In Su Dongpo's poems, there are more than a hundred articles involving Yixing landscapes, characters, and customs.Create Dongpo culture and explore the expression of Yixing.This year, Yixing built Dongpo brand as the focus of rich urban cultural logo.What kind of relationship does Yixing and Su Dongpo have, how will the new image of the second hometown of Su Dongpo be manifested?

  Not only the ruins are rich, but also the cultural inheritance context

  On the 3rd, the academic seminar of "Su Dongpo and Yixing" was held. Yixing invited college experts and scholars who had in -depth research on Dongpo Culture, and surrounded by Su Shi and Yang Xianxian, Jiang Zhiqi and Su Dongpo, Yang Xian landscape and Dongpo, Dongpo and Dongpo"Buy Tianyang Xian Post" and other topics, such as Su Dongpo's historical footprints and affiliate stories in Yixing, comprehensively sorted out and verify the story of the character, and explored the direction of the development of Dongpo culture, promoted the development of civilization, and pioneered ideas.

  Why is Yixing called Su Dongpo's second hometown?The relationship between Su Dongpo and Yixing originated from the Qionglin Banquet of Song Renzong Jiayou for the second year.At that time, Su Dongpo, who was in weak crowns, met Jiang Zhiqi and Shan Xi from Yixing. They set up the "Chicken Covenant" and became friends of their lives. Su Shi had an infinite longing for Jiangnan's Painting Creek Mountain.According to research, Su Dongpo came to Yixing at least nine times, and he asked Buju Yixing several times to ask for the court and obtained the permission.After preliminary statistics, Su Dongpo left dozens of ruins in Yixing.

  "Shushan, Dongpo Academy, Shanquan Temple, Yang Xian Tea, Guoshan Stele, Zisha & lsquo; Dongpo Tiliang pot & rsquo;, etc., can be regarded as & lsquo;He Yunan, a professor at the School of History, Director of the Institute of Culture and Natural Heritage, and the librarian of the Jiangsu Provincial Literature and History Research Museum.Dongpo's buying fields involves the most historical materials.Among them, Jiang Zhiqi helped Su Shi buying Tian An's family in Yixing, and entrusted his cousin Jiang Gongyu to operate the production of Su family in Yitian."Su Dongpo's & lsquo; Yang Xian bought Tian & rsquo;, greatly improved Yixing's regional reputation and cultural appeal, and also made Yixing a place for the scholars and writers of all ages, providing the humanistic spirit and life philosophy of the Chinese people.The new path has a profound impact. "Sun Leqiang, director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Nanjing University, believes.

  "The uniqueness of Yixing's creation of Dongpo culture is that Su Dongpo not only has footprints, but also cultural inheritance. From Ming to Qing, Yixing literati in the past inherited the creative style and cultural value of Dongpo in literary creation. For exampleChen Weisong, the leader of Yang Xian, is one of them. "Zhou Xuanlong, director and professor of the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University.

  35 theme projects rich in Dongpo culture IP

  This year, Yixing formulated a work plan for "Yixing City" Creation of Dongpo Brands ". Through academic research and exchanges, heritage activation and utilization, literary and artistic exhibitions, cultural and creative products, etc.Slope culture theme project.

  Integrating Dongpo's cultural elements into the construction of urban planning, the first Dongpo Cultural Station on the south bank of Shengxi Henan, Yicheng Street has been completed and will be opened this month.The station is embedded in the city landscape belt of Yixing's "Double San River", showing more than 500 Su Dongpo theme books such as "Su Dongpo Biography" and "Su Shi Chronicles", becoming a new city of urban landscape spreading Dongpo culture.In addition to the station, Yixing will also explore the "Dongpo Cultural Park" at the affiliated site of the Su Dongpo site. In the construction of urban landscapes, it will create a water view wall with the silhouette of Dongpo Academy, and build and name the Chusong Pavilion that Su Dongpo loves to imagine.Wait, let citizens experience Dongpo culture.

  In dozens of Yixing Dongpo cultural sites, through activation and utilization, Dongpo Academy can be described as the new "traffic king"."At present, the average daily flow of Dongpo Academy exceeds 600 people, and nearly 4,000 people have a day a day at peak."Right now, Dongpo Academy's software and hardware improvement project has been launched, focusing on the development of the VR tour and night tour.For young people, the academy will add digital AI interactive functions. By creating an immersive experience scene, visitors will deeply feel Su Dongpo's life in Yixing.Demonstrating the "Wall" of the Academy, Ding Shu Town connected Dongpo Academy with surrounding resources such as Shushan Gunan Street and Xiansheng Zen Temple, and focused on forming a humanistic area based on Dongpo culture.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Yixing Municipal Party Committee, the achievements of Dongpo culture and art creation of the large -scale original tin drama "Begonia Blossoms" and the folk literary work "Su Dongpo Yixing Legend Story" have begun to appear.In the next stage, Yixing will deepen the cooperation of the "Dongpo Culture" Urban Alliance to hold the "Dongpo Cultural Festival" next year.

  Innovative transformation and empowering urban development

  "Literature is of great significance to the shaping and communication of regional image," Zhou Xuanlong believed.The research on Dongpo Culture should be expanded to systematic research such as literati and cultural contexts related to Yixing and Dongpo.This idea, family teachings, family style, family feelings, life art and other rich elements, constantly explore the inheritance of Dongpo culture in the way of people's popularity, infiltrate the social civilization, nourish the people of the people, cultivate cultural heritage, enhance places with the spirit of the peoplecultural soft power.

  "Yixing landscape has an important characteristic, which is highly humanistic. Su Shi left related poems and works, as well as" Yang Xian Post "and" Chusong Post ", etc., not only becoming a classic work reciting Yixing landscape, but also becoming a literati expression literatiA fixed model of spiritual pursuit and attitude towards life, "said Chen Bo, a lecturer in Marxist College of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics.At present, the "pottery life" method created by Yixing is a new interpretation of landscape culture.

  In terms of the high -quality development of Dongpo Culture in Yixing Cultural Industry, it is undoubtedly a "bonus"."This heart is in my hometown." Last year, Yang Xian's ecological tourism resort played a new brand of cultural tourism and health care.In the next stage, the resort plan to carry out online cooperation with platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, and launch 1 & mdash; 3 days of "Meet Su Dongpo & MDASH; & MDASH; Dongpo Cultural Exploration Tour" on the theme of the cultural tourism route, and continuously update "Dongpo Banquet "Gourmet Catering and Dongpo Pavilion Prayer Ceremony Experience and other cultural tourism product projects, enhance supporting formats and promote sustainable development."It is recommended to create conditions to establish & lsquo; Yixing Su Dongpo Memorial Museum & RSquo;, form a fist product and communication platform with integration of cultural tourism." He Yunan said.(Reporter Jiang Mengdie)

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