Original Tencent White Paper Ceremony: The Star of the Year of Chengyi, Zhou Shen 4 list top1, Yang Di Wu Xin won the annual variety artist award

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This 火速资讯year's Tencent Entertainment Annual Ceremony can be described as bright stars, including Huang Xiaoming, Wu Xin, Huang Qishan, Han Dongjun, Wei Daxun, Wang Ziwen and other artists on the red carpet.The organizer carefully prepared a blind box gift. The artists dismantled the blind box on the spot, and took gifts such as bubble guns, flashlights, glowing windmills and other gifts on the red carpet. The entire red carpet was full and full of fun.

Wen Junhui seemed to be in reality in the fairy tale, chic and attractive.Wei Daxun put on the golden glasses at the atmosphere and made people dream directly to Meng Yanchen.Wu Xin, who has not appeared in the red carpet for a long time, has become more mature. The 55 -year -old Huang Qishan has a variety of styles. She shared the secret of beauty on the spot, that is, to persist in rolling up.

The organizer scanned the full picture of the entertainment industry based on the 8500 entertainment works and 2.2 billion groups of data, and passed 99.86 million comparative analysis and 94 billion data operations.Sort and summarize the current status of the development of China's entertainment industry, and finally reveal the 2023 Tencent Entertainment White Paper.

Including film actor social media discussion, TOP10 of film actress popularity, new -generation movie male actor quality TOP10, post -90s drama actor influence TOP10, 2023 variety players, 2023 brand value TOP10 female stars and other lists have come out.

It is worth noting that the 2023 high comprehensive heat stars and popular works were given to 6 artists,They are Chengyi, Dili Reba, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, Yang Mi, Yang Zi.

With the end of the entertainment ceremony,The awards of the five major chapters of movies, TV series, variety shows, music, and stars are also fresh.

Han Dongjun won the annual TV series audience loved actor award. This year, he happened to be the 10th year of his debut. Four works met with the audience. With good works support, the popularity and word of mouth are naturally guaranteed.

The annual TV drama audience loved male and actress awards to Wei Daxun and Mao Xiaotong. The two won the first place in the list of male and actress rising indexes in the 2023 episode.

Mao Xiaotong has created many classic TV dramas. Shu Ya, Sun Xiang, Fang Xiaoran and other characters are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In 2023, many works were broadcast and out of the circle. The screen performance was remarkable.

Wei Daxun stood out with the role of "Meng Yanchen" in "My Fireworks" and became the hottest artist in the 2023 entertainment industry. The role of the white paper role is as high as 94.3, and good acting skills and works have made him more confident.

In addition to the outstanding achievements in the field of TV series, Wei Daxun also handed over a satisfactory transcript in the variety show.In the popular list of 2023 variety shows, Wei Daxun successfully won the first place, and contributed laughter and celebration in variety shows such as "Starting Now" and "Camping Together 2", and won the annual variety show audience love artist's credibility.

The TV series and variety shows have won prizes. Wei Daxun is undoubtedly the big winner of the Tencent Annual Ceremony.After the award, Wei Daxun bluntly stated that fifteen years since his debut, thank you for his love and persistence. You will work harder to get so much love!

Cheng Yi won the annual TV drama influence actor award. It was of great significance to him in 2023. The data indicators of Tencent White Paper performed well., The role thermal list, etc. are all highly shortlisted.

In addition, Cheng Yi also won the award of the annual entertainment star.Cheng Yi won the film and television works in 2023. The characters such as Li Lianhua and Li Xiangyi were highly praised. "Heroes" and "Fox Demon Little Mercy King Person" waiting for the broadcast of works is also worth looking forward to.

Huang Xiaoming contributed exquisite acting skills in the two popular works of "Good Things to Double" and "Stepsess". "Good Things into Double" refresh Tencent Video's highest popularity in the urban drama station in 2023, and finally won the honor of the annual TV drama actor.

It is worth focusing on that Huang Xiaoming ranked first in the TOP10 of the 2023 drama actor, and behind him included Zhang Yi, Wang Yang, Fan Wei, Liu Lin, Chen Xiao, Jin Dong and other powerful actors.

Ye Wenjie, the young Ye Wenjie created by Wang Ziwen in the TV series "Three Body", is three -dimensional. She is just right for the character. She has a sense of acting skills. She also won the honor of the annual TV drama actress.

When it comes to the internal entertainment variety show, Yang Di is a popular figure that can't go around.Yang Di is always everywhere.There are 15 variety shows participated in Yang Di in 2023. Popular variety works such as "Our Inn", "Ace to Ace", "Youth Travel", "Mars Intelligence Agency" continue to dominate the screen. It is a well -deserved variety show "model worker".Variety male artists are also reasonable.

From the girl next door to the host of the people, Wu Xin's variety show can always bring positive value. Her smile is warm and healed, and the variety show is full. Wu Xin, who won the annual variety show female artist award, is very happy. She hopes to others.The evaluation of herself is a beautiful girl who is optimistic and happy.

Yang Di and Wu Xin won the cup, and the two got the first place in the 2023 variety show men and female artistic population lists.Yang Di won the variety shows such as Zhang Wei, Wang Suzhen, Shen Teng, etc., while Wu Xinli pressed Xie Na, Zhang Yuqi, Fu Shier, etc. with funny and prominent variety artists.

Huang Qishan was full in 2023. "Mom is a daughter" became a song of the Spring Festival Gala. After the launch of "Xiang Cloud", the new album "Xiaoxia 3.0" is about to come out.

In the stage of music awards, singer Zhou Shen is undoubtedly the most beautiful artist. He included the two trophies of "Male Singer of the Year" and "Best Expressive Singer".

The annual new song popularity list, the annual male singer's popular list, the annual male singer's word -of -mouth list, the annual male singer's word -of -mouth rising list 4 list, reached 4 crowns, and 4 times appeared on the list of the month.

Zhou Shen also handed over a satisfactory transcript in the field of music in 2023. He successfully held a 9th anniversary concert in his 9th anniversary, and released a number of songs to achieve a double harvest of popularity and word of mouth.He himself has also become a guest of all the popular sound comprehensives.

The two trophy were in hand. Zhou Shen bluntly stated that the heavy trophy was pressure, but it would also become motivation.He believes that he is a lucky singer. He has encountered a lot of noble people along the way. Everyone is willing to give themselves a stage. Many people have heard their songs, so they will continue to work hard.

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