Original Football Prospective: Leverkusen VS Padbon, Herbabh Burlin, Berlin, Berlin Hamburg, Stuttgart vs Dot

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Original title: Football Prospective: Leverkusen vs Padbon,突发新闻 Herbabhi Hamburg, Berlin, Berlin, Stuttgart vs

Anari vs Caen

Annarie's last round of the league tied Walancena, and the league maintained two unbeatable trends in two rounds. Currently, he ranks 13th in the league with 19 points.The output of Anarcy's offensive end is acceptable, and the stability of the line of defense has been improved.Kaine defeated Bastati at home in the last round of the league. Finally, it ended the 11th round of dilemma, but the opponent is really a weak brigade. The gold content is really not high. At present, Tongji ranked 12th in the league.The output of Kaine also stabilized, but the line of defense was still bad.

In the two players of the two sides last season, Anari kept the undefeated record in 1 win and 1 draw.Although Anusi has a lot of results, the team's homeless rate is still good.Although Caen has achieved a rare victory, it is still difficult to make up, and it is bad.Annasi, who is sitting at home, has the ability to successfully defend home.

Leverkusen vs Padbon

Leverkuson's home league at home with Dortmund, although the winning streak was ended, but still remained undefeated golden body. It is currently ranking at the top of the Bundesliga list.The output of Leverkuson's front line is very powerful, and the stability of the line of defense is also commendable.Padborn defeated Hanover 96 at home in the last round of the league. After finishing the two -game losing streak, the team's performance was still erratic. Currently, it is ranked 10th in the Bundesliga.The Padborn's front line performed active, but the strength of the line of defense still needs to be improved.

The two sides have not played in the league for many years. The last time was still in this year's friendly match, when Leverkusen lost to the opponent.However, the status and performance of various matches this season is worthy of praise. This team has ushered in the low -level league team Padbon at home. It is believed that it is not difficult to win the opponent.

Berlin Hetta VS Burger

The Berlin Hetta swept Evston at home in the last round of the league, ended the three -game level, and at the same time took five rounds of undefeated. The overall stability was still good. At present, the team ranks 8th in the Bundesliga 21 points.The team is a team that is better at home combat, and the performance of the two offensive and defensive lines is also stronger at home.Burger tied San Pauli away in the last round of the league. The league took two another round. The team's recent performance was also stable. The multi -round league was only 1 loss. Currently, it is ranked 3rd in the Bundesliga with 28 points.However, hamburger is also like an opponent, and more points come from home. The current win rate of guest warfare is indeed insufficient.

Although the Hertet of Berlin has a limited winning percentage in the near future, the team has a strong scoring ability at home.Burger's status in the Bundesliga still cannot be questioned, but the team's performance this season is not very optimistic.These two teams meet each other, I believe that there is still a possibility of shaking hands in the regular time.

Stuttgart vs Dortmund

Stuttgart defeated Meimei at home in the last round of the league. The league has achieved three consecutive victories. The team's performance this season is worthy of praise. At present, it is also ranked 3rd in the Bundesliga with 30 points.The performance of Stuttgart's offensive end is very active, and the line of defense is acceptable.Dortmund's last round of the league's away team Levar Cusen, the league maintained two -round undefeated, and the overall stability has also improved. At present, the team ranks 5th in the league with 25 points.Dortmund's offensive end performance is also very guaranteed, but the line strength still needs to be strengthened.

The two sides played once last month. Stuttgart defeated Dortmund at home. The psychological advantage was still very obvious. Stuttgart's 6 wins and 1 loss at home so far is still very strong.Dortmund remained unbeaten in two rounds, and his status was warm, but there were still hidden dangers in the team's defense side.There are many Turont recovery in this game, but this time we still want to support Stuttgart to win the opponent again at home.

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