Follow the Morgan House Smart Home Control System to go to the mountains and sea to a gorgeous travel broadcast article

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In addition to the scenes of home and work,breaking news Morgan's all -house intelligence gives people a intelligent space for each event scene.On the Laoshan Island in Zhejiang, there is a homestay called "Waiting for the Wind". The smart home control system for Morgan's smart home control system is a luxurious scene between the mountains and seas.Bar.

Guanhai Smart Scenery

This homestay has a pure white exterior wall and a frame -free floor -to -ceiling window, which is both modern, simple and elegant.When the guest entered the room of the homestay, the Morgan Smart Sensor noticed the moment when the door was opened, and it immediately triggered the return of the room to show a stunning 180 vast sea view.

This process is so smooth, the curtains and curtains slowly expand in turn, and the beautiful sea view is presented to the guests without hesitation.At the same time, the soft background music overflows the ears, accompanied by the gradually bright light, which makes people feel at home instantly.The comfortable temperature was also adjusted by the intelligent system to just right. Everything seemed to welcome the guests of the guests, bringing them a real romantic vacation time.

Morgan's entry -door intelligent sensor is installed above the door. Its sensing range is a flat oval shape of 5*1 meters, which can link the equipment and scenes of the entire Morgan's smart system.For example, when the user enters the door, the sensor will automatically start the customized modes after the sensor is sensing, such as opening various devices such as curtains, lights, air conditioners, TVs, etc., and adjust them to the preset state.After the user leaves the bathroom, according to the user's setting, the Morgan system can automatically open the window, close the background music, and turn off all the lights.

Morgan uses high -precision sensors, so its size is very small. The entire sensor is only a little larger than a coin. The main diameter is 37mm and the main height is only 3mm.Compared with sensors such as smoke sensors in the market, it is much smaller, simple and beautiful, and complement the room style.

Sunrise and sunset intelligent scenes

In the room of "waiting for the wind", the main color is pure white, with soft color matching, simple without losing the atmosphere.Through the one -click viewing mode of the smart home control system of JP Morgan, guests can easily enjoy the unique sunset scenery in the room.The curtain is slowly opened, and the indoor lights are gently lowering to ensure that there is no reflection to interfere with the beauty of the ornamental window.The light and soothing music comes, allowing guests to completely immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and seas and the sunset.It's so quiet every moment, as if the time is still quiet for this beautiful scenery.In this dreamy space, guests will enjoy real tranquility and beauty.

The sunrise time of Pushan Island is particularly early.The smart system of Morgan House can accurately obtain the sunrise time according to the geographical location, and start the wake -up mode before the sunrise.The air conditioner is adjusted to the easier to wake up, and the background music gradually sounds. The curtains automatically open to a certain distance, allowing guests to be awakened by the first ray of morning light on the coast and enjoy a wonderful morning.

Because of the empowerment of Morgan's smart home control system, the "waiting for the wind" homestay has become a unique intelligent space on Pushan Island, which brings an unforgettable experience to the guests.The application of the Morgan House Smart Home Control System is not limited to the homestay, it can provide customized intelligent solutions for various places.Whether it is hotels, office buildings, or public places, Morgan's smart home control system can design suitable smart scenarios according to the needs of users, so that smart life is like a shadow.

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