Top athletes must practice online celebrity action, all -round back action "rope face pull" detail teaching

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This article is suitable for junior and above fitness enthusiasts

Content label: Noodle pull up the back of the back tension line

There is a video version in this article

RopeIt is a move that was born in empiricism, and it never seemed to have appeared in textbooks.

The muscle groups involved are the middle and lower part of the trapezius, the external rotor muscle, the diamond muscle, the back of the trigmond muscle, and the upper part of the latissusiusisus (one dotted point).

Power lifting and weightlifting athletes use it to strengthen rotation sleeves and upper backs, and improve the bench press.

Bodybuilders use it to train the back areas that cannot involve "drop -down" and "rowing".

This action should appear in an experienced trainer plan.Whether it is a warm -up or formal training.

However,Its technical content is high, and the probability of errors is also very high.

Video explanation version:

Key points 1: The height of the pulley

After adjusting the pulley, the tension line of the rope should be high with your eyes.A slight deviation is acceptable, but if it is too high or too low, the nature of the action will be changed.

Plum is too low:The pressure on the upper back is weakened, and it is more like a "recruiting cat action" that specializes in strengthening the shoulder sleeves.

Too high pulley:You are pulling from top to bottom, the role of the rotation of the shoulder sleeves is weakened, and more participation in the middle and lower latissimus dorsi.

Key points 2: the position of the elbow joint

● The elbow joint should be parallel to the ground (or slightly higher), but not lower than the horizontal plane.Most people can easily let the elbow fall down when making noodles, because we have the habit of pulling down.

● Remember that the noodle pull is the movement of the back to the back. The elbows should be raised, and do not allow the latissimusk notes to participate too much.

Key points 3: standing posture

● It is recommended to use both feet to stand together, stand straight on the knee, and move the pelvic center of gravity slightly backwards, so that your movement process will be stable.

● If you try to stand straight and stand upright, your weight is easily taken away when the action is restored.

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