It is said that SpaceX will discuss a new round of internal stock sales valuations will reach 175 billion US dollars

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Viewpoint News: According to people familiar with the matter,高速资讯 Musk's SpaceX company has begun to discuss another round of internal stock sales, which will make the company's valuation of 175 billion US dollars or even higher, more than a round of internal stock sales in this summer this summer.The valuation of $ 150 billion.

Some insiders said the company is selling internal stocks worth $ 500 million to $ 750 million at a price of about $ 95 per share.The terms and scale of internal stock transactions may change according to the interests of internal sellers and buyers.

Based on the price of about 95 US dollars per share, the valuation of $ 175 billion is higher than the $ 150 billion valuation of the $ 150 billion when SPACEX sold internal stocks this summer.

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