Gatto travelers bought early?ICAR 03 All -aluminum beam, with a small schoolbag, the pre -sale price starts from 129,800 broadcast articles

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I thought it was the most rolling year of independent car brands in 2022. I did not expect that in 2023,实时新闻 there were still many independent brand car companies, and this trend became more and more intense over time.While the new car layers of autonomous brands are endless, the new brand and new car are also pushing out of the fast horse. For exampleElectric compact SUV is completely unlike the city SUV, but more like a personalized off -road car.What is speechless is that the new car is a bit handsome, and it seems that it is cooler than Jiejutu travelers.What does it look like?Let's study together.

The new car is a new brand sequence product. In the design language, a large number of design elements of traditional hardcore off -road vehicles have been used to design the language, including but not limited to the vertical penetrating blackened grille, rough front and rear enclosure kits, righteous body lines, etc.The official pre -sale price is 129,800 yuan. There are 6 versions of the new cars, of which there are 3 types of two -wheel drive, 3 four -wheel drives have 3 models, and the price is up to 185,800 yuan.In terms of the dynamic form of the new car pure electric electricity, this pricing is actually reasonable. After all, there are many products that are positioned in compact pure electric SUVs on the market, but the price can be pulled down to less than 150,000.And referring to the market positioning of ICAR 03, it is likely not to come to BYD Yuan Plus, but the price is not necessarily.

It is worth noting that in order to make the rational young consumers less rational, Chery's ICAR brand announced that starting from now, the prospective car owners who set the ICAR 03 can enjoy the right to buy the car worth 38,888 yuan, which includes the original charging pile of 4,000 yuan, andTide Play Welfare 3,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan for replacement subsidies, 7,000 yuan in financial discounts, and 19,888 yuan for life assurance. It seems that this car purchase right seems to be so meaningful.But if you think these are just "sprinkler" in front of the screen, how do you feel that you can see the all -aluminum beam standard of the ICAR 03 standard?

Different from our common compact SUVs and off -road vehicle products, this time Chery's new energy has played the trick of "aluminum parts". Although people do not know the concept of lightweightEssenceUnder the condition of strict control of cars, who uses the most aluminum on the car, so it can be regarded as "hard enough."In order to highlight the product tone, ICAR 03 not only has all aluminum beams, but also the body structure design is also optimized. The near -angle of nearly reaches 26 degrees and the departure angle is 29 degrees. These two parameters are mainstream.There is also the power of World War I.

In addition, according to the difference in model configuration, ICAR 03 also offers two different specifications of 18 and 19 -inch specifications. Among them, the specifications of 19 -inch tires are 225/55 R19. In fact, the width of the tires still has room for improvement. However225 tire width is quite satisfactory.In addition, ICAR 03 is very thoughtful in light design. The logo adopts the vertical style of the geometric texture. The LED wide lights on both sides and the i -shaped luminous logo design are uniform.The lighting design echoes, plus the setting of "small schoolbag", the overall sense of technology and strength is strong.In terms of size, the new car is 4406/1910/1715mm, and the wheelbase is 2715mm, which is a standard compact SUV body.

The sight to the car in the car may be the reason for the cost. ICAR 03 uses a more "straightforward" hard plastic material material in the nepeated gear, door panel, seat base, etc.There is no impact.In addition to the design elements such as the full LCD instrument, the suspended central control screen, and the dual -flat bottom steering wheel, this car uses the contrasting design on the interior color color, and the steering wheel, door panel, air conditioning air outlet and other positions are also equipped with bronze or silver -colored or silver -coloredChrome -plated decorative parts, with the central channel crystal multimedia knob device, adds the exquisite sense of the cockpit.

The material of the seat is imitation skin, the stitching is finely worked, and the wings and back support the body is also very good, but the heating of the front seats that are limited to the top and secondary tops makes people feel unhappy.EssenceIn addition, the entry model only provides a monochrome combination LCD instrument. There is no panoramic sunroof and reversing images. From the perspective of configuration distribution, the ICAR brand takes 129,800 "intention" to attract market attention.

However, if the budget can take a step level, the pre -sale price of 137,800 yuan is a wise choice. The size of the 18 -inch wheels remains unchanged.The panoramic sunroof, 50W mobile phone wireless charging, and automatic folding/heating of the outer rearview mirror lock vehicle, but also starting from this configuration, providing the front row multi -layer sound insulation glass, and the quietness of the front cockpit has been improved.

In terms of power, ICAR 03 is divided into two versions of two -wheel drive and four -wheel drive. The two -wheel drive is equipped with a rear motor, and the four -wheel drive is equipped with front and rear motors. The maximum power reaches 184/279 horsepower.It is the mainstream power level, and there is no problem with the use of daily commuting mobility.In terms of battery life, according to different configurations, full -power battery life is divided into standards: standard and long battery life. Lithium iron phosphate batteries come from the Ningde era. It supports the maximum 60kW fast charging. Under CLTC conditions, pure electric battery life provides three versions of 401/472/501km.In the chassis part, this car adopts a conventional carrying body structure, and the front and rear suspension is the McPers multi -link independent suspension. In addition to the mainstream approach angle and the departure angle parameters, the vehicle also provides 8+X full road conditions.Driving mode to meet the needs of users' mild off -road travel.


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