Infant eczema selection of safe and reliable Australian QV little tiger

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Original Title: Infant Eczema Period Nursing Choose Safe and Reliable Australian QV Little Tiger

Facing ourselves in the mirror,breaking news we often envy others to have baby -like skin.However, the real baby skin is susceptible to external stimuli due to lack of transparent protection.Coupled with the imperfect system of baby skin, it is vulnerable to bacterial infection, and it is easy to cause skin problems such as allergies and eczema.In order to help the baby relieve eczema and ensure the healthy growth of the baby, the Australian QV thoroughly studies the baby's skin, imitates the basic function of its skin, and develops the QV little tiger Bei Runshi to help the baby's skin steady.


Dry -sensitive, large base in patients with eczema

Eczema is an autoimmune disease characterized by skin inflammation. It is common in early stages of infants and occurs in dry winter.The occurrence of eczema is due to damage to the skin barrier, which causes water loss, stimulus and allergens to enter the skin, and the immune abnormal reactions and inflammation caused by them are characterized. Its characteristics include dry skin, itching, and rash, which can appear in any part of the body.

Treatment of "injury", hormones or allergies

For many young parents, they may not know how to effectively deal with eczema.Therefore, some Bao Da Bao mother will choose to apply baby eczema cream for the baby.However, infant eczema cream contains a certain ingredient hormone, so frequent use may cause skin irritation, cause allergic reactions, and even cause skin infection.

QV Little Tiger

Bolun care, solve the baby's "dangerous muscle"

Studies have found that intervention in the early stages of eczema helps to protect skin barriers and reduce the risk of eczema.QV has deeply cultivated the skin care field for nearly half a century. It has a deep brand accumulation and inheritance. It always adheres to the original intention and insists on creating an exclusive effect of infant and children with professional power.QV Baby Little Tiger Bolin Cream contains Vaselin and glycerin, which can provide a high moisturizing skin for the baby's skin; the moisturizing formula containing the plant corner sharkane and vitamin B3 helps to moisturize the infant skin that is not sounded in the barrier.It helps to relieve red itching and dry sensitivity caused by eczema, and prevent symptoms such as redness, itching and pain caused by dryness.

QV Little Tiger

Strict measurement, recognized by "Dad's Spring Examination"

In order to make parents buy it with peace of mind, the baby used it with peace of mind, and the QV little tiger Bei Runshi has undergone an in -depth evaluation of "dad's sampling inspection".The evaluation items tested the clean ability, hydration ability, moisturizing ability, and safety of the QV little tiger.The test results show that the pH value of the QV little tiger is close to the baby's skin, and it also confirms that QV products insist on the promise of 0 flavor, 0 pigment, and 0 stimulus.In addition, the "Dad's Spring Inspection" also conducted inspection factories in the factory in Melbourne, Australia, further ensuring the safety of QV products.

As an recognized brand, QV has always taken the health and safety of the baby's skin, and has taken care of the growth of several generations of children through high -quality products.QV Baby Little Tiger Bei Runshuang has captured more Baoma heart with its safety and effective advantages and became a assured choice for eczema babies.This once again proves the guarantee of QV products in quality and word -of -mouth.

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