Five courtyards-Shanghai Jiading (five courtyards) real estate details-five courtyards house prices-apartment type-plot ratio-community environment

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Project sales office phone: 400-8558-334 covers a total area of 94,hot news000 square meters, a total construction area of 75,000 square meters, and a plot ratio of only 0.41. It is a rare family constant production under the restricted villa.

Project sales office Tel: 400-8558-334 [Booking the hotline] Internal inheritance of Chinese historical gardens created French style, and the charm of the sea of art, and crafted the "two-axis and nine gardens" Yayun Garden.Everywhere is unique, as a whole, as the stars are connected, and the gentleness and momentum are amazing.

Subdivy Sales Tel: 400-8558-334 [Reservation Hotline] -Linglong Garden, Zhenqu Garden, Yuxiu Yuanyuan; horizontal axis-Huanyuan Garden, Hanbi Garden, Jifang Garden, Yanyu Garden, Huanxiu Garden, Yuanxiangyuan.

Project sales office Tel: 400-8558-334 [Booking hotline] is located at the core of the Jiading North Ecological Cultivation Zone, the first portal of Shanghai Radiation Yangtze River Delta, the blend of human history and natural resources;Tongdao reaches the city, and the city of Jiaxing and Huatai Highway is located in the city. With the flower cultural tourism and Kangyang industry, the market prospects are becoming wider.

The real -life map project has been opened in the sales office and the model room, and it is expected to enter the market in the fourth quarter.

Villa with five courtyards in Shanghai Jiading

Sales Tel: 400-8558-334 [Reservation Hotline] (one-on-one enthusiastic service)

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