Inventory of cities that are more suitable for life and work in Australia

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Australia is 突发新闻one of the countries that have improved and are more friendly to immigrants.High -quality Australian lifestyle, joyful Australian culture and incredible employment opportunities make Australia one of the more suitable destinations for living.Here, we list some cities that are more suitable for life and work in Australia.

Adelaide, State of South Australia

Adelaide is an international metropolis located in South Australia.This park is the fifth city of the country.The University of Adelaide is one of the relatively dense universities in the country and is located here.It is considered to be one of Australia's more suitable cities, especially for Australian universities.Its relatively small area makes it faster and more convenient to travel in cities.

You can also participate in cultural celebrations, festivals, visits to wine tasting centers or dine at a award -winning restaurant on weekends or holidays.

University of Adelaide: Adelaide University, Torranus University, University of South Australia, University of Finders

He cultural attractions: Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide Botanical Garden, South Australia Museum, Adelaide Oval Stadium

Adelaide is better companies: Apple, West Pacific Banking Group, Australian Federal Bank, Deloitte, HP

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 1800-AU $ 2200

Queensland Brisbane

Located on the banks of the Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland.Brisbane is the third city in Australia and a city with a large population with a large population in Queensland.Brisbane has become a popular destination for international students due to its education quality and affordable tuition.This city is an excellent choice for job seekers because it welcomes those who want to contribute to the national economic growth.Brisbane has a large number of companies led by founders, such as Suncorp, Domino's Pizza and Aurizon Holdings.

The city has many tourist attractions, a restaurant that provides mouth -watering foods, and a beautiful destination that can be lost in nature.

University of Brisbane: University of Queensland, University of Griffith, University of Queensland University of Science and Technology

And cultural attractions:

Gulong Koala Reserve, South Bank Park, Ocean, Story Bridge, Glass Yushan National Park

Brisbane Outstanding Enterprise:

SUNCORP Company, Damile Pizza, Aurizon Holdings, Star Entertainment Group

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 2100-AU $ 2300

Canberra, the capital of Australia

There are several reasons you want to live in the Australian capital.Khamira's 25%of residents were born outside Australia.It is considered to be one of the safe cities in the country.Every year, thousands of international citizens come to Canberra, whether it is for education or for employment opportunities.This is a affordable city, especially compared with large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Although Canberra does not have beautiful beaches like most cities on this list, there are many other places that allow you to enjoy, such as parks and entertainment centers.If you are a historical enthusiast, you will find a few interesting places here.

University of Canberra: Canberra University, Australian National University

He cultural attractions: Australian War Memorial, Congress Building, National Botanical Garden, Telstra Tower (Australia Telecom Building),

National Museum of Australia

Canberra Outstanding Enterprise: Essenzhe, Deloitte, PwC, IBM,

Australia Taxation Bureau

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 1700-AU $ 2000

Hobart, Tasmania

Australia, as a whole, is famous for its beautiful scenery; however, Tasmania's beauty is amazing.This city has pleasant weather, low pollution, affordable rent and good transportation system, making Hobart a city that is more suitable for living in Australia.In general, this city is very safe and people are also very friendly.

In addition, as fewer and fewer students studying in Hobart, competition between work and housing has decreased.International citizens who graduate from the University of Tasmania may find that it is easier to apply for permanent residence to live and work in the state.You can visit some beautiful history and natural attractions in the city and its surrounding areas.

University of Hobart: University of Tasmania

He cultural attractions: New and Old Art Museum (Mona), Salamanca Market, Tasmania Royal Botanical Garden, Cascade Brewery

Wellington Mountain

Outstanding Enterprise of Hobart: TPG Telecom, Australian Federal Bank, Deloitte, Bitto Billiton, Coca -Cola Amari

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 1700-AU $ 1900

Victoria Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia.Foreigners like to move to Melbourne because it is one of Australia's more diversified and more enthusiastic cities.There are a lot of employment opportunities, and the unemployment rate is very low.This city has some better universities.Melbourne is an excellent place for new entrepreneurs and just graduated university graduates to start their own business because of the geographical location and economic benefits of Melbourne.

Melmo himself is one of the happier people, and they like to live in the city.Whether it is Indian, Mexican, Greek or Thai food, you can always find a place to satisfy your desire for food.Coffee lovers will like Melbourne because the city is known for its incredible Melbourne coffee.

University of Melbourne: University of Melbourne, Monash University, Dicken University,

Royal Melbourne University of Science and Technology (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), La Tab University

He cultural attractions: Queen Victorian Market, Victorian National Art Museum, Jurica Observation Deck, Victoria Royal Botanical Garden -Melbourne Garden, Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne is better companies: Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, IBM, Apple, Chevron Dragon

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 1700-AU $ 1900

Western Australia, Pend

Perth is a metropolis in Western Australia and is famous for its architectural heritage and lifestyle.The fresh and warm environment of the city makes you seem to be on vacation.It is currently the fourth largest city in Australia and one of the relatively safe cities in the country.One of the reasons for Perth's more suitable cities in Australia is its relatively affordable living cost.

The east coast is mainly known for its education.This city has some better schools and universities; this means that your child will receive better education.Food lover will like Perth because it is the place of some better restaurants in Australia.

University of Perth: University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Kotten University

He cultural attractions: AQWA Western Australia Aquarium, Fremantle Market, Perth Zoo, King Park and Botanical Garden, Clock Tower

Outstanding Enterprise of Perth: Apple, Deloitte, PwC, Essezhe, IBM, Chevron, and Bitong

Monthly life cost: AU $ 1900-AU $ 2200

Sydney, New South Wales

Nothing can be comparable to Jade City Sydney.It is a relatively large city in Australia with a population of more than 50,000.The city's Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are iconic monuments, and many people can recognize at a glance.Thousands of people rush to Sydney to find jobs; whether it is a technical work visa or a working holiday visa, you have a lot of choices.

Sydney has more than 100 beaches, theater experiences and award -winning restaurants, so that you will never feel bored in Sydney.Despite the increase in underworld activities, the city was nicknamed the city of sin in the 20th century, but the city is currently one of the relatively safe cities, and the crime rate in the past 40 years is very low.

Sydney Famous University: University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of West Sydney, Macquarie University, Sydney University of Science and Technology

He cultural attractions: Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Talong Jia Zoo, Darling Port, Sydney Royal Botanical Garden

Sydney is better companies: Deloitte, IBM, PwC, Essezhe, Amazon, Apple, God

Monthly living expenses: AU $ 2500-AU $ 3000

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