Original Football today: Leverkusen VS Padbon Shefelde United vs Liverpool

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Original Title: Today's Football: Leverkusen vs Padborn Shefield United VS Liverpool

Leverkusen vs Padbon

Recent situation of Leverkusen:Leverkusen showed a good state in the new season,最新新闻 and the team's offensive strength has improved significantly. It is currently the top of the league.In the last 15 games, Leverkusen achieved 14 wins and 1 draw. The team's offensive performance was stable. There were 15 consecutive games scoring, and the average efficiency of the game was as high as 2.93 goals.Among the eight times with Padborn, Leverkusen scored 6 consecutive games and achieved 5 wins and 1 draw.In addition, Leverkusen has not lost in the last 10 games and achieved 9 wins and 1 draw.However, it should be noted that Leverkusen has a small ball in the near future and has played a small ball with his opponent for three consecutive games.Overall, Leverkusen is an excellent team, but it needs a certain attention in terms of ball.

Padbon's recent situation:Padborn's performance on the offensive end is acceptable, but the team's defense problems are more prominent.In the last round of the league, Padborn won the Hanover 96 with 1-0 at home, successfully terminating the league for two consecutive games that failed to win.However, in the past 10 games, they have scored 7 consecutive scores and achieved 5 wins and 2 draws.However, in the past 6 away games, Padborn and the total number of opponents have not scored less than 2 goals.However, in the face of Leverkusen's five times, Padbon has only achieved 1 draw and 4 losses, and the past is completely at a disadvantage.In addition, Padbur's ability is also insufficient. He lost 11 goals in the last 6 games, and averaged 1.83 goals per game.

In this game: In summary, the strength and recent performance of Leverkusen and Padbon. Although Padburne's recent performance has recovered, the trading of the trading in Leverkusen is obviously disadvantaged.As the leader of the league, Leverkusen has maintained excellent strength and status, and occupy an advantage in the past.Personally, I have a greater opportunity for Leverkuson.

Sheffield Liverpool VS Liverpool

Shefield United's recent situation:The team's team performed relatively well at home, but the recent game performance was not optimistic.There are obvious problems at both ends of their offensive and defensive, which has led to continuously lost the ball in recent games.In addition, they are also at a significant disadvantage in the Facing Liverpool in the Premier League.The last round of the league was defeated to Bernley with 0-5, which exposed their problems on the defensive end.The 14 -round league lost 39 goals and is the team with the most goals in the league. This performance also shows their problems on the defensive end.

Liverpool's current situation:This season, Liverpool has performed well on the offensive end, has strong goals, but lacks stability.Nevertheless, they still achieved good results in recent games.In the last round of the league, he won Fulham 4-3 at home. He achieved 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 4 games. The team's status was good.It is worth mentioning that Liverpool has performed well in the half -time ball ability. In the past 15 games, there are as many as 13 games in the half.In addition, they also occupy the advantage in the Fafeld United's trading in the Premier League.

In this game: In summary, although Shefield United's performance at home is acceptable, they may be difficult to make a difference in the face of Liverpool, which are not popular.This time I gave Liverpool's good support and sufficient confidence. Personally, I think Liverpool has greater opportunities.

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