It's explosive again!19 billion yuan continued to bottom!Funding ETF ETF Reverse Location

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  In recent trading days,hotly discussed informationSurging around 3000 points, a number of funds have strengthened their entry again, and borrowed stocks.Overseas layout.

  GalaxyAccording to data from the research center, on December 7, the entire market stock ETF fundsAbout 6 billion yuan, the second largest net inflow of single -day inflows since December.In the first five trading days in December, the total net inflow of stock ETF reached 19 billion yuan.

  Many people in the industry said that the factors at home and abroad have caused A shares to fluctuate since this year, but the cost -effectiveness of the stock market valuation has been significantly rebounded. With the characteristics of clear and transparent and low rates, the stock ETF has become an important tool for the fundamental layout of funds.

  Yesterday stock ETF

  Net inflow of funds is about 6 billion yuan

  According to data from the Galaxy Fund Research Center, as of December 7, the total net asset value of 810 stock ETFs (including A -share stock ETF and cross -border ETF) of the entire market reached 1.52 trillion yuan, and the net inflow of funds in a single -day capital on December 7 was 5.843 billion yuan.Yuan, the second largest net inflow of a single day since December (second only to December 1).

  Looking at it for a long time, the five trading days just passed in December, and the total net inflow of stock ETF reached 19.390 billion yuan.Except for the micro -scattered net outflow of 200 million yuan on December 6, the remaining 4 trading days were net inflows.

  Talking about the phenomenon of stock ETF against the trend,It is said that in recent years, A shares have continued to fluctuate, and both ETFs have achieved rising against the trend in both the number of products and management scale.At the same time, the valuation of A -share valuations has risen significantly.And in the structural market in recent years, some ETF products have risen against the trend, causing capital attention, providing allocation tools for medium and long -term funds, and introducing living water for the capital market.

  It is judged that the overall point is located near the end of October last year. Whether it is "breaking and standing" or building a double bottom, it belongs to a high -safety margin.Once the decline signal is clear, the regression is a high probability.At the same time, the market still shows structural opportunities, and funds are focusedThere are many opportunities, and investors are advised to keep attention.

  existIt seems that the market has continued weak shocks in the near future, which has a certain relationship with the market's weak emotions, and the overall weak transaction has a certain relationship.As the effect of a steady growth policy appears, the probability of the economy continues to improve, and the enterpriseWelcome to the marginal improvement and provide support for the A -share market.

  "The current A -share valuation is at a high level of low level of repair. At the same time, the introduction of medium and long -term funds has continued to increase, market sentiment has gradually recovered, and incremental funds are expected to improve slowly." Boshi Fund said.

  Broad -base ETF, Technology ETFNet inflow of funds in the top

  Judging from the recent period of time, the net inflow of broad -based ETF continues to maintain the top,

  According to Wind data statistics, as of December 7, HuaxiaETF has exceeded 2.6 billion yuan since December, and the overall scale of the ETF has once climbed to 70 billion yuan.

  In addition to the Huaxia Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF,Index ETF, YifangdaETF and Huaxia Science and Technology 50ETF also have a net inflow of funds of more than 1 billion yuan.The Castle CSI 300ETF and Huaxia Hang Seng Internet ETF also entered the top ten of the net inflow of funds since December.

  An industry insider analyzed that the net inflow of multiple broad -foundation ETF funds in recent times was closely related to the entry of "national team" funds such as Huijin Company and Guoxin Investment.

  "On the one hand, the" National Team "funds are optimistic about the current investment value of the A -share market, and on the other hand, it is also to boost market confidence and inject incremental funds to the market. From this perspectiveThe coverage is wider than the industry ETF and can increase its holdings throughout the market, so it has become the first target of the "national team 'funds." The above -mentioned industry insiders said.

  In addition to the broad -foundation ETF, multi -tech theme ETF "gold absorption" is also very powerful. Southern central enterprise technology ETF, Boshi, Huaxia, Penghua's 3 Science and Technology 100 Index ETFs, and central enterprise innovation -driven ETFs are also available.The net inflow of funds of about 500 million to 800 million.

  Some people in the industry pointed out that the "gold absorption" of the technology -based ETF is not related to the recent market opportunities of the science and technology sector.Hu Jie, manager of Huabao Technology ETF Fund, believes that from the perspective of the global science and technology market, AIGC has established a new cycle of technology innovation. Software, hardware, and chips integrated into the center of gravity of domesticization.The cycle reversal is the two main lines that run through the technology industry.

  "From the perspective of different sectors in the science and technology track, the electronics sector is retracted in the short -term industrial cycle, and the long -term depends on domestic alternative and terminal replacement; AIandAs a strong motivation to the computer industry, it is expected to promote the computer industry from the dual perspective of hardware and software; the profit -seeking of the pharmaceutical and biological sector is bottomed out, the policy is actively turning, or the current bottom opportunities can be grasped.Facilities construction and high computing power demand driven by the industry are expected to go up.Hu Jie further pointed out.

  In contrast, since December, the CSI 1000ETF funds from China, including Huaxia, Rich Country, and Yifangda have been out of downtime.

  An industry insider believes that CSI 1000ETF and Technology ETFIn this way, the probability of the longest time is caused by the adjustment of funds at the end of the year."This year's small plate ETF has a good overall rise. It does not rule out that some funds will make a profit at the end of the year. Looking forward to next year, as some application scenarios gradually land on the ground, the market is expected to be better for the technology sector."

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