Go to the story of the story of the story of the stories -Peace Experimental Primary School conducts fun reading lessons.

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In June,Popular events students from the Peace Experimental Primary School (hereinafter referred to as "Peace Experimental Primary School") in Longhua District, Shenzhen gained a series of fun reading lessons.What kind of book is a picture book?What is the relationship between the picture and the text?What kind of thinking can we have?Have you appreciated those classic picture books?

Deng Yuanzi, the lecturer of the classroom, is the first batch of official certified reading promoters in Shenzhen.The concept of overall planning carried out children's reading promotion and practice.In the class, Teacher Deng said, and the students spoke enthusiastically and traveled to the kingdom of the story in hand.

"This is not my hat", a fun picture book.The little fish that stole a hat from the big fish found countless reasons for not being discovered:

He is sleeping,

He may not be able to wake up for a long time,

He may not find that the hat is gone,

He may not know that the hat was taken away,

He didn't know where I went ...

The little fish played by Teacher Deng finished all his lines and moved his eyes down. The big fish in the picture did not conform to the idea of Xiaoyu!He woke up!He found a small fish that stole the hat and chased it ...

In the louder, the classmates met the picture books.How important is the picture!It has its own division of labor and the text, and tells a wonderful story together.

In this way, "This is not my hat", "Bob is an artist", "There is a cloud of fighting clouds", "beast kingdom" ... The students swim in a picture book, there are laughter, sadness, thinking, having somereward.

Now, let's take a look at the feelings of the students!

The book that impressed me most impressive is "There is a cloud of Douyun". Tomo Cloud has tried a lot of jobs and encountered a lot of difficulties. Finally, I found a job that suits me.This story tells us that we can find our own happiness at good at giving play to our strengths and doing what we like!

——203 Chen Yue

What makes me most memories is Teacher Deng's voices and paintings to tell us the picture book "The Most Beautiful Yellow Rose". In the story, a little girl was anxious to cry because she did not get the birthday gift prepared for her mother in time.A box of violet honey in the rose gave it to a little girl. As a thank you, the little girl finally gave the yellow rose to her the little boy.The protagonist helps others and helps each other. It is really warm and moved.

——204 Wu Junxi

I impressed the stories about the little black bird in the book lecture.The little black bird's legs are very thin, and its companion often laughed at it, so he wanted to practice his legs thick, and dyed his mouth into a rainbow...........This story tells us that don't be affected by others, be yourself, and accept ourselves.

——205 Tian Yuchen

After listening to the story, I know: When I tell you that I love you, don't forget to say sorry.

Every time we quarrel with our mother, we will be angry and talk, and put ourselves into the room.Enter your own world with the Cold War of Mom.But my mother understands me, so she will cook quietly, wait for me to calm down, and gently call me to eat, touch her head and say love me.We want to say that I love you, don't forget to say sorry, learn to communicate calmly, and be sensible. Mom is a compass. If I get lost, if I don’t know where the ending is, if I don’t know how to choose, she does not know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she does not know how to choose, she does not know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she does not know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose, she don’t know how to choose.It will indicate the road for me.When I am with her, I will never lose my direction.

——203 Huang Xirui

Teacher Deng's explanation is vivid and interesting. Among them, my favorite is "The Most Beautiful Yellow Rose", which makes me feel full of love and warmth.In the classroom, teachers often interact with us. We have the opportunity to communicate with the teacher, which is really interesting.I especially like this reading lecture, I hope there will be more such activities in the future.Thank you, teacher!

——204 Yang Shijun

I like the book "This is not my hat". It is about "a little fish likes the hat of big fish, and steals the hat while the big fish sleeps, and finally the big fish successfully retrieves the hat."Both Chinese characters and pictures are funny, and it also makes me understand how much I like to steal others. This is wrong!

——205 Hao Ruoyi

Hello everyone, I am Zhang Xinmeng.Today I want to share with you the feelings of listening to the book and book lectures.I think the gap and book lectures are very helpful to us now, mainly reflected in: 1.After passing the lecture, we have learned a lot of reason; 2.Through the lecture, we inspired our enthusiasm for reading;Through the lecture, we also learned some helping ways.All in all, these lectures have made me a lot of benefits. I hope that the school will hold such lectures, and we all like it.

——203 Zhang Xinmeng

Teacher Deng talked so well, I didn't hear enough every time.The teacher's story class made me understand. I can read the various pictures I told in the story while reading, and I can also learn a lot of knowledge and the truth of being a person. For exampleRose, there is a fragrance of the hand.

——204 Sun Yuerong

I find it very interesting, because the teacher speaks vividly, and you can feel the character's mood from your tone.My favorite book is "This is not my hat", because you only read the picture that you don't know its story at all, but you only read words and do not know the story. Only when you look at it and the text can you know the real story.

——205 Chen Qianyu

After attending the reading lecture, I found that reading is really an important thing. When reading more books, I can find a lot of magical inside. I like Teacher Deng's lectures. I hope I can listen to her story again.

——204 Gaoyue

Teacher Deng told us three stories vividly through graphic and text, which enriched my imagination and realized the interesting stories in the book. Many magical things in it brought me happiness.I like Teacher Deng's lecture, I hope I can listen to her stories again.

——204 Luo Siming

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