2023 Liaoning Shenyang Institute of Physical Education recruited 4 people announced (second batch)

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According to the "Regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions" (State Council Order No. 652) and the "Measures for the Public Recruitment of Public Institutions in Liaoning Province" and other provisions,breaking news combined with the actual situation of our unit, we plan to openly recruit staff from the society.The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Recruitment object

Ordinary colleges and universities that meet the basic conditions of the examination and the specific qualifications of the recruitment positions in 2023 are fresh graduates and social and non -employees.

2. Basic conditions recruitment

(1) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

(2) Comply with the constitution and law;

(3) At the age of eighteen years old, there is a good deed;

(4) Have the professional or skill conditions required for the post, and the physical condition that meets the requirements of the post;

(5) For other conditions required for posts, please refer to "Shenyang Institute of Physical Education in 2023 to openly recruit staff plan information form (second batch)".

Those who have been punished for various types of criminal punishment for crimes, and those who have suspected criminal suspicion have not yet been found or are undergoing disciplinary review, and other personnel who stipulate that the national laws and regulations shall not be hired and shall not apply for the examination.

The age of applicants is not more than 35 years old (born on December 9, 1987).

Calculating dates of the qualifications or related qualifications of applicants are the date of registration.The academic degree certificate obtained by overseas college graduates shall be certified by the Ministry of Education.In 2023, fresh graduates of ordinary universities may register and exams first. Those who have obtained their graduation certificates and degree certificates before December 31, 2023 after examination, medical examination, inspection, publicity, and obtaining a graduation certificate and degree certificate shall be hired in accordance with regulations, otherwise they will not be hired.

3. Recruitment method

Recruitment adopts the test assessment method.

Fourth, recruitment work steps

(1) Release recruitment information

The recruitment personnel position information is uniformly released on the Liaoning Personnel Examination Network (www.lnrsks.com) and the official website of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education (http://www.syty.edu.cn).

(2) Registration

Registration time: December 9th to December 18th, 2023.Those who do not register within the prescribed time will not be accepted.

Registration method: Online registration.Candidates who meet the recruitment conditions of our unit are registered and logged in to register and log inThe specific conditions and requirements of the post will put my ID card, undergraduate certificate and degree certificate, master's degree certificate and degree certificate, work experience or study experience certificate, professional title certificate, qualification certificate and practice certificate and other related certification materials.A Word or PDF document is uploaded as an attachment.After entering the system, please read the "Application Notes" in detail.The requirements for providing relevant certification materials are as follows:

1. The second -generation resident ID card (or the temporary ID card and the household registration certificate with photos within the validity period);

2. The "Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education" by the Education Certificate, Degree Certificate, and Xuexin.com; those who have not obtained the academic degree certificate for the current master's degree must provide an official seal and the graduation time.Certificate and Xuexin.com inquiry "Online Verification Report of the Ministry of Education";

3. For jobs required for work experience or training experience, relevant support materials are required, and work (training) issued by work and training units proves.

Registration implements the integrity commitment system, and the information filled in by the applicants should be true and effective.Each registration person can only apply for one position, and the identity card used during the registration and the exam should be consistent.

When the number of valid applicants and recruitment plans for recruitment positions will be canceled or cut off the job recruitment plan.Candidates who have canceled their posts can apply for other jobs that meet the recruitment conditions within the specified time.Those who have not changed the report within the prescribed time are deemed to abandon the application.

(3) Qualification review

Our unit will review and confirm the qualifications for the registration of candidates in accordance with the announcement and the qualifications of the post.The identity card, academic degree certificate provided by applicants, and certification materials involved in the qualifications involved in the job information and other conditions.The qualification review runs through the entire process of recruitment. Once found that the applicant does not meet the requirements of the post, or falsifies, the qualifications of their examinations and application are canceled at any time.After the written test score is announced, the personnel will be qualified to review the person who enter the interview.The time and related matters on the spot will be announced on the website of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) of the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education (http://dwjsgzb.syty.edu.cn/).Those who do not accept qualification review at the prescribed time are deemed to have given up automatically.

(4) Examination assessment

The test assessment is divided into two links: written test and interview.

1. Written test

The written test is a test subject, and the written test content focuses on professional quality and professional ability.The written test is carried out in a closed score, with a full score of 100 points, and the score retains two decimals.

The requirements, time, place, and written test scores of the written test will be announced through the website of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) of the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education (http://dwjsgzb.syty.edu.cn/).

After the written test, our unit summarized the results to determine the minimum qualification score line.

2. Interview

In accordance with the ratio of 1: 3 of the recruitment plan to the number of interviewers, according to the order of written test scores from high to low, the list of interviewers participating in each position is determined.Those who fail to reach the minimum passing score line of the written test cannot participate in the interview; the last interviewer's written test score is tied, and the interview is also taken.Before the interview, if the appliance personnel voluntarily abandon, qualify for qualifications, or falsify the qualifications of the interview, and other reasons, there will be vacancies, which will be replenished.In principle, the supplementary work is completed within 3 working days after the qualification review.If the interviewer has been announced, and the supplementary interviewer is too late to announce, it will no longer be announced. Our unit will explain the situation to other applicants who enter the post interview.If the specified interview ratio does not reach the specified interview after the supplement, the interview candidate is determined according to the actual number.

The interview focuses on professional knowledge, business capabilities, and job responsibilities, and reflects the requirements of the employment staff.The interview -related matters and the list of interviewers will be announced on the website of the Party Committee (HTTP://dwjsgzb.SyTy.cn/) website (http://dwjsgzb.edu.cn/).The interview score is 100 points, and the qualified score line is 60 points. Those who fail to reach the qualified score line cannot be hired.

The written test and interview scores are at 4: 6 weights and retain the total scores of the candidates. The total score is) Publication.

(5) Physical examination

According to the order of the total scores of the candidates, the participants are determined according to the ratio of the recruitment plan 1: 1.The total scores are tied up according to the order of the interview results from high to low.If the interview scores are also tied, the interviews are used to determine the participants in the medical examination.The list of medical examination personnel is announced on the website of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) of the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education (Http://dwjsgzb.syty.edu.cn/).

The medical examination work refers to the "Notice on Amend the" General Standards for the Sports Inspection (Trial)> and the <Notice of the Civil Servant Receiving Medical Examination Manual (Trial)> (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs [2016] No. 140)Notice of the Related Issues Related to the Entry and Employment Rights of the Anti -Veterans "(Human Resources Department [2010] No. 22) and the" Notice on the Medical Examination of Civil Service Examinations "Relevant regulations are organized and implemented.For recruitment positions that have special requirements for the body, refer to the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Special Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2010] No. 82).

The medical examination is organized by the school unified organization in a third -level and A -class hospital with a civil servant examination and public recruitment experience in public institutions.If the candidate has a question on the conclusion of the medical examination, the re -examination can be required to be re -examination of the medical examination conclusion.Another provision, from its regulations.The re -inspection will be arranged within 7 working days of the applicants.

The content of the re -examination is a project that affects the conclusion of the medical examination. The re -examination can only be performed once.Those who pass the medical examination are determined as a proposed inspector.

(6) Examination

Our unit conducts a field investigation and understanding of the ideological and political performance, moral quality, business ability, and work performance of the intended inspectors, and review the qualifications of the inspectors.Those who find that they do not meet the hired conditions during the inspection, cancel their employment qualifications, and clearly notify the inspectors of the conclusions and basis.Those who have passed the inspection are determined to be the proposed person.

(7) Publicity and employment

The information of the personnel to be hired is unified on the website of the Liaoning Personnel Examination Network (www.lnrsks.com) and the website of the Party Committee (HTTP://dwjsgzb.EDU.CN/) of the Party Committee Teacher Work Department (Personnel Office) of the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education.After the publicity was over, the personnel who had no doubt and obtained a graduation certificate and degree certificate for the publicity was completed.For those who have doubts about publicity, the school will investigate and verify and put forward the handling opinions.The public recruitment personnel implement the probation period in accordance with the regulations, and the probation period is 6 months (if the first employment is signed for more than 3 years of employment contracts, the probation period is 12 months), the State's other regulations shall be implemented in accordance with regulations.Trial period is included in the employment contracts within the period.Those who pass the probation period are officially hired; those who are not qualified will cancel the employment.

5. Disciplinary and supervision

The public recruitment work adheres to the principle of "public, equality, competition, and selection of best", serious discipline, and to do things in public. It is strictly forbidden to do fakes, private fraud, and accept the disciplinary inspection and supervision departments and social supervision throughout the process.Those who apply for fraud and disciplinary violations will be disqualified as soon as they are found, and they will cancel their examinations or applicants and notify their schools or units.Constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.The specific matters shall be implemented in accordance with the "Regulations on the Public Recruitment of Public Recruitment of Disciplinary Violations and Discipline" (Order No. 35 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).

6. Others

(1) Do not specify the test tutoring books in this examination, do not hold or entrust any institution to hold examination counseling training courses.Any tutoring class, tutoring websites or issuance, Internet cards, etc. in the society, have nothing to do with this test.Please be alert to the majority of applicants, do not be deceived.

(2) During the registration of candidates to publicize (qualification review, written test, interview, physical examination, inspection) during the preparation personnel, the candidates should ensure that the communication tools filled in at the time of registration should be unobstructed so that our unit can contact.The consequences are responsible for the candidates.

(3) During the recruitment period, if the recruitment steps (procedures) are not completed in accordance with the regulations of this announcement, it is deemed to be automatically abstained.

(4) During the medical examination and inspection section, the qualifications for applying for the qualifications of the medical examination, the unqualified inspection, the voluntary abortion, the fraudulent fraud and other reasons have a vacancy of the post, and the replenishment is not performed.

(5) Candidates who have falsified, or obtained the qualifications of applicants with other improper means, and cheating during the examination and assessment process, once they are found, the qualifications for cancellation, if they have been hired, the employment relationship is lifted.

(6) The professional name listed in the information form listed in the information form of the public recruitment staff is referred to the "2016 Liaoning Provincial Provincial Public Institutions Open Recruitment Personnel Professional (Discipline) Guidance Catalog".

7. Other matters shall be implemented in accordance with relevant documents.

The final explanation right of this announcement was owned by Shenyang Institute of Sports.

Registration consultation phone: 024-89166651 (9: 00-16: 00 working day)

Disciplinary Supervision Tel: 024-89166642 (9: 00-16: 00 working days)

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