Futong Jiuyao Mansion (Shenzhen Futian) Futong Jiuyao Real Estate Details 丨 House Price-Fighting Fighting Map-Transportation-Community Environment

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Property type: residential apartment

Address: No. 18 Xinsha Road,Current affairs information Futian District, Shenzhen

Occupy area: about 17,000 square meters

Building area: about 118,000 square meters

Total number: 314 households

Number of buildings: Building 4

Property right: 70 years (18-68 years)

Floor high: 3 meters

Total layer: Shanggen: 21 floors, 64 floors of 1 unit, 1 unit of 2 units, 59th floor, 1 building 3 -unit apartment 40 floors

Parking space: 1105

Lotch ratio: 7.05

Greening rate: 35%

Property: Shibang Wei Shi Shi

Futong Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.Previous, it was Shenzhen Commercial Corporation -subordinate enterprises, established in 1993.In 1998, after the merger and restructuring, it rose rapidly, and it became a well -known professional real estate company in Shenzhen in one fell swoop.In July 2005, it was formally established as Futong Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 100 million yuan.The total area of real estate developed by Futong has reached 2 million square meters, with a total investment of more than 7 billion yuan, and a land reserve area of more than 2.5 million square meters.In 2006, Futong has jumped seventh in the comprehensive qualification ranking of more than 600 real estate companies in Shenzhen, becoming one of the most powerful professional real estate companies in Shenzhen's real estate industry.

Project supporting; Earth Railway:Line 1 Shopping Park Station 1.2 kilometers, Sand Station on Line 7, 1.6-1.7 kilometers of Shawei Station, only 1.7 kilometers from Futian CBD, 5.2 kilometers of Xiangmi Lake, and self-driving within 8-12 minutes.The Xinsha Road in front of the door connects Binhai Avenue, and the transportation almost reaches the city.

Business:Comes with community business, shopping park, Cocopake, Huangting Plaza, Jingji Bin River era

School:Take the public 36 kindergarten, Xinzhou Middle School, Bessis Bilingual School, and the Wuzhou Campus of Mingde Experimental School.Can sit on the top.The new campus provides 1080 primary school degrees, and middle school can only be used.

Leisure:Citizen Center, Juvenile Palace, Library, Concert Hall, Lianhua Mountain Park, Guanshan Moon Art Museum, Museum, Contemporary Art Center, Central Park, and Convention and Exhibition Center Shenzhen Golf.Standing next to Shenzhen golf, the huge golf course will gradually be released as a municipal park, and there will be a chance to become a real Central Park in the future.

Medical:Children's Hospital, Shanghai Medical University, Peking University Hospital, People's Hospital, Futian Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fuhua Hospital.

In front of the field of view of the living room, the north side of Shennan Avenue will have the three most significant landmarks in Shenzhen in the future The

"Shenzhen Financial and Cultural Center", "Shenzhen Reform and Opening Exhibition Hall", "International Performing Arts Center"

Model house appreciation

Unit type appreciation [about 360 flat honey golf wide scenery large flat layers]

Phone hotline for Futong Jiuyi Mansion Development Business Sales Office:400-660-6269[Marketing Center] Latest details/address/units/price-24 hours of sales office for sale office

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