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Author: Jason glutinous rice porridge

What should I do if the equipment is exclusive informationin a hurry during the trip?Don't worry, the Rock small Y charging treasure is easily solved.This product uses unique design and has the dual-ports of Lightning and Type-C, which greatly facilitates user use.

It is worth mentioning that the Type-C interface cleverly achieves multifunctional, which can be used as a power supply input for the power bank, but also provides power output for other devices.It can be compatible with various types of chargers. Whether it is a USB interface or a Type-C interface, it can respond to it freely and make your travel more convenient.

At the same time, Rock Xiay also shows strong performance potential. It supports 22.5W fast charging and has a capacity of up to 20,000 mAh, which is enough to supply power for multiple devices. There is no need to worry about the power problem in the distance.

What is even more surprising is that despite such excellent features, the Rock small Y charging treasure is very small, similar to the size of the palm, which is easy to carry.Not only that, the shell is made of durable materials, which is solid and reliable to ensure that it is still in a good condition after a long period of use.In terms of overall appearance, the Rock small Y charging treasure is simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions.

In summary, the Rock small Y charging treasure is undoubtedly the ideal choice of travelers, both in terms of power reserves, flexibility, and ease of use.If you are looking for a good, practical and high -quality charging treasure, then you may wish to consider the Rock small Y, I believe it will bring you unexpected surprises

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