Sudden: Australian Prime Minister's emergency official announcement!The Chinese and international students are in a dark moment!The policy of coming to Australia+staying in Australia has changed great

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  Big news!

  Involved changes in international students and PR applications

  Australian Prime Minister announced urgently

  The热门话题 recent surge in Australia's immigrants has led to rising house prices and rent. Many voters are dissatisfied, and immigrants and international students have become scapegoats.

  To this end, the Australian Prime Minister directly launched the live broadcast within 24 hours.

  Because, he wants to give the people in Australia ——



  In the live broadcast, the Prime Minister explicitly said to everyone after the disappearance,

  The Labor Party will start reforming the immigration policy.

  And the person who moves the knife,

  It is the immigration and international students in Australia!

  There are also short -term visa holders!


  Even more exposed,

  The number of immigrants in Australia may be reduced by 1/3!

  At the same time, from yesterday to this morning, all the Australian media reported.






  Federal government sources believe that the recent crackdown on temporary industrial visas during the epidemic period, the rise in foreign student visa rejection rate, and the decrease in the postponement of working vacation visas will suppress the number of entry in the next few years.

  Immigration will be reduced to considered "Sustainable"The level, at the same time, severely cracks down on the improper behavior of Australia recruiting international students.


  The Minister of the Interior Claire O'Neal will formulate a mechanism to manage more orderly and predictable immigration in the medium period to help the state government plan infrastructure and social services, instead of excessively emphasizing the current needs of students promoted by foreign countries.

  In addition, officials said that after a widely reviewed by the former Federal Supreme Civil Service Martin Parkinson, the strategy will simplify and make the immigration goal more coherent.The interests of immigrants and locals.


  A government sources confirmed that the update next week will show the decrease in net overseas immigrants in the next few years to reflect the new policy blueprint.

  The new blueprint will clarify a clearer reason for permanent plans. It is currently set to 190,000 places, but it only accounts for only two -fifths of the current total inflows.

  This reform will be the most important targetInternational student, immigration quotaThere will also be a decline.

  The final version of the policy will be announced tomorrow!

  We will keep paying attention to the above,

  We also know the current details ...

  Rare, Prime Minister Australia announced reform

  Prime Minister Anthony Albunse said that after a generation of review, the upcoming reform determined that the country's immigration system was seriously damaged and it took ten years to rebuild.

  In the past, the Minister of Immigration was announced, and this time it was actually announced by the Prime Minister!


  "What we know is that we need an immigration system so that Australia can get the skills we need, but to ensure that the system meets the interests of all Australians."

  The Prime Minister said that although the current forecast is lower than the predictions before the Australia closes the border during the Great Popularity, the number of immigrants has increased after the COVID-19 epidemic.

  The Ministry of Finance predicted that the absorption volume of the next fiscal year is expected to decline significantly.

  However, the Prime Minister said that the review by the former Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister Martin Parkinson found that Australia had abuse in receiving international students.


  "People come here, and the courses registered do not really increase their skill foundation or national interests."

  "Therefore, it is not in line with the interests of our neighbors nor in the interests of Australia. We are determined to do so."

  Although the government has developed a blueprint for increasing housing and the construction of infrastructure construction of A $ 12 billion, all details of immigration reform, including more stringent regulations for temporary visa holders, are expected to be announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs CLARE O'Neil on Monday.

  The Ministry of Finance is expected to exceed 400,000 in Australia earlier this year in 2022/23, which is far exceeding expectations.


  According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, within the 12 months as of March 31, during the period of the international boundary closure, the national population increased by 2.2%to 26.5 million people.

  Net overseas immigrants accounted for 81%of this growth, which increased by 454,400 people.

  A possible direction of reform?

  According to the current Australian media reports, the editor has sorted out several possible reform directions:


  It is reported:

  Immigration reform will lead to a sudden decrease in immigration quotas, and English ability will be the key to taking PR.

  Or tighten the international student visa, for subsequent immigrants,

  Patient professional+English 4 7 may be standard!

  In addition, these are also disclosed ...

  The total amount of immigration in Australia will decreaseEssence

  The focus is to provide new ways to permanent settlers and high -tech workers, and temporary visa holders that are not needed by the country to restrict them.

  Student visa refusal rate has risen, and applications are stricterEssence

  The visa refusal rate of foreign students has risen, especially for applicants from high -growth countries. Immigration officials from these countries have discovered fake documents and suspected that work rights rather than learning rights are the main motivations.

  Visa termination during the epidemic periodEssence

  The federal government will also issue visas issued to about 120,000 temporary workers during the end of the epidemic, and is solving long -term visa integrity issues.

  Why is there this reform?

  The Labor Government was attacked by political opponents due to the surge in population, claiming that the Labor Party had lost its control over the border and was actually secretly implementing the "Greater Australia" immigration plan.

  The surge in population after the popularity has soared housing prices and rent, and the countries with full debt have faced continuous service pressure.


  In the first four months of this fiscal year, 172,000 foreigners with the right to work poured in, that is, 10,000 people poured into 10,000 people per week, which hindered the ability to interpret the basic health of economic health and caused people's concerns.It will exacerbate local inflation.

  However, the surge of population driven by immigrants has maintained the growth of total economic output growth and alleviated the problem of skill shortage of employers in the hotel industry and other fields.

  As of March, the number of net immigrants was 454,400, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release new data in June on Thursday.

  Experts predict that immigration inflows in fiscal year in 2022-23 will be close to 500,000, and the record of record flow will continue in winter and autumn.

  In addition, there is another important reason to be disclosed by the Australian media:

  International students scramble to seek asylum,

  Accelerate the formulation of Australian immigration strategy!

  More than 70 international students apply for shelter every week, and this number is still increasing this year.


  According to the data provided by the Senate on the question of the notice, in 2022, 3850 people holding a student visa applied for asylum, with an average of 320 people per month.In the first half of 2023, this number had risen to an average of 350 people per month.

  In these 18 months, a total of 5,985 international students or former international students applied for asylum, that is, about 77 people per week.

  1073 of them are from China, 821 are from India, 582 are from Myanmar, and 421 are from Malaysia.

  Opposition immigrant spokesman Dan Tehan said these numbers indicate that the government does not control the border.


  He said: "Everything that the government involves the issue of immigration is a mess."

  "We now have a record number of international students and the number of applications for shelter. We know that the government is very bad in expel the records of seeing these shelters."

  More and more seekers are students, or they are now students. This is part of their behavior trends after they arrived in Australia.According to the data released last month, in September this year, 2005 people arrived in Australia and then applied for asylum.

  This is the second consecutive month that more than 2,000 people have made protection requirements.

  From the election in May to the end of November, nearly 26,000 planes arrived in Australia for asylum.

  Nearly 76,000 rejected applicants are waiting for deportation, while only 17 people leave Australia in September.

  On the occasion of these breaking news, the government is preparing to issue a response to immigration review on Monday.Immigration is expected to crack down on these international students.


  It will also include a plan to ensure that more international students who have obtained Australian visas leave after the course.

  On Saturday, Prime Minister Aibian said that the upcoming immigration strategy will "restore immigration to sustainable level."

  He also said that the former bureaucratic Martin Parkinson told the system that the last government "deliberately ignored the system, and the system was severely damaged ... it took 10 years to reconstruct."

  Heated discussion among netizens

  In this regard, netizens have also expressed their views.

  Many netizens Xiaohongshu shared this news.

  Australian engineering Lun Ge said:


  New immigration policy will be announced next week

  Danny Wang Fawen said:



  Why.Tighten the trouser belt

  Australia Anju said:

  Is it finally about the student visa?

  According to media reports such as SBS and SKYNEWS, the Australian government will announce a new immigration strategy on Monday (December 11), and adopt a series of measures to reduce the number of immigrants, especially international students to alleviate the pressure on housing and living costs.

The immigration group without votes and no one represents vocals is always easy to become a scapegoat.

  Qiu Luo osmanthus said:


  The Labor government is about to significantly reduce the number of immigrants and international students

  In order to solve the pressure of housing and life, the government must significantly reduce the specific number of international students visa announced next Monday.It is expected to have the greatest impact on Indian students.

  D ear_jinjing said:

  Immigration reform, the ability to decrease in quota sharply will be the key to taking PR.

  New policies will be issued next week, or visa for international students will be tightened. For subsequent immigrants,Patient professional+English 4 7 may be standard

  In this regard, netizens said:

  It's time to reduce immigration, and the locals have not lived.

  It feels so big that people are not very welcome to new immigrants

  Is it tightening?

  The more the intermediary and the real estate speculation hopes that the better, the better, and the hard work does not want foreign personnel to grab work.Too many immigrants can easily lower the local employment market to the level of Laos. Of course, employers and intermediaries hope like this.

  People with more high education and educated high -tech are okay.

  Is the invitation who has been invited?

  The comment area is amazing. Sometimes the Chinese deserve to be crushed by the Indians. Only the Chinese people can interpret it when they get on the bus.

  Find some articles, mainly for student visas.It is estimated that the English threshold will be very high in the future.Since it is a big Plan, Skilled Immigration will also be implicated

  It is not surprising that people have received too much in the past two years and have domestic pressure.I think I have to slow down for 3 years

  The mouth is enlarged and then the unlucky is that the intermediary of the international student is still "major benefits".

  Immigration is really good at the time and place

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