Original Yang Mi brought the four "sisters" with fire, although there was no special acting skills, but it was also popular

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Third place: Dai Si.

Although the popularity of this News informationlittle flower is not as good as the first two.However, she has a very three -dimensional features and a good figure. She has appeared in the corner of the Rouge in the Three Lives III Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.The audience remembered the mixed -race beauty at once.She also participated in many film and television dramas, such as the clouds of Han, such as the clouds, and so on.Her performance in these dramas has won the public's applause.Even the acting school, Li Qiming, praised him.I believe it will exude its own light in the future.

Fourth place: Li Xirui.

The Xiaohua had been hot because of shooting the national husband before, but after participating in the beautiful Li Huizhen, she parted ways with the company.This incident made many netizens think of their character, thinking that after Da Mi Mi held it popular, he gave up the owner, and he felt a bit unknown.So its popularity has declined.But we do not know the real reason.

Some people say that Da Mi Mi is powerful. In addition to the handsome male gods, there are four little Huadan.

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