Exposure, these 10 people are "limited to high"

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In order to severely crack down on avoiding implementation and resistance of execution in accordance with the law,重大事件 according to Article 1 of the "Supreme People's Court on Restricting the High Consumption and Consumption of High Consumption and Consumption", that is, the Mo Court will regularly conquer the executed person who is incorporated into high consumption.Take restrictions on consumption measures and publicly exposure.

The majority of the masses are welcome to actively provide the people's court with the executed person's execution of clues or violate the restrictions of consumer or order clues. The people's court will detain and punish the executed person in accordance with the law according to the verification of the clues;The criminal responsibility was transferred to the public security organs in accordance with the law.

Report phone: 0532-87562607; 0532-87562639

If the person who is executed as a natural person, after being taken to restrict consumption measures, there must be no following consumer behavior necessary for high consumption and non -living and work:

1. When riding a transportation, select the aircraft, train soft sleeves, and ships in the second or higher of the ship;

2. Make high consumption in hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places above the star level;

3. Buy real estate or build, expand, high -end decoration houses;

4. Lease high -end office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places;

5. Buy non -operating necessary vehicles;

6. Traveling and vacation;

7. Children are attending high toll private schools;

8. Pay high premiums to purchase insurance wealth management products;

9. Take the G -shaped EMU trains all seats and other non -living and work consumption behaviors such as all seats and other seats of other EMUs.

If the person who is executed as a unit is restricted to high consumption, the person who is executed and its legal representatives, the main person in charge, and the direct responsible persons that affect debt performance shall implement the above provisions as the unit property shall be implemented.

Source 丨 Jimo Court

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