Chairman Mao: Eisenhower is about to come to Taiwan.

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In June 1960,Express information after Chairman Mao learned that the news of the US President Eisenhower was going to visit Taiwan, he said at the Supreme State Conference: "Eisenhower is going to come to Taiwan.
At that moment, the atmosphere of the entire meeting room was suddenly tense, and everyone knew that this would be a communication between a country with fire and iron as a medium.Back to history, the relationship between China and the United States has always been complicated.
In 1952, when Eisenhower was elected as the 34th president of the United States, he was lingeringly claimed that he would win China on the Korean battlefield.But the heroic and perseverance of the Volunteer Army made him have to announce the end of the war in 1953.
The loss of Eisenhower did not give up his oppression of China, but turned to Taiwan to find an opportunity to "counterattack the mainland" and tried to defeat China from the side wings.
However, Chairman Mao had already recognized his intention and decisively ordered to fight the Kuomintang army entering the Taiwan Strait in 1958. Although the U.S. military appeared as a "observer", he did not dare to overcome half a step under the strong deterrent of our army.
The wisdom and decisiveness of Chairman Mao made the "fight without boarding, not dead" in the Golden Gate artillery war, and became an excellent opportunity to show the United States' determination and strength to show the United States.
Although the two -year shelling, although there is no substantial results, it is enough to let Essehwaer feel China's determination and strength.
In June 1960, Eisenhower decided to come to Taiwan in person to express his support for Chiang Kai -shek, and tried to stabilize Taiwan's situation.But he never expected that the sound and shock of 70,000 cannonballs would welcome him.
The arrival of Eisenhower should have been a friendly interaction, a journey of seeking a balance between the scope of the Asian forces and maintaining its influence in Taiwan.
However, the strategy and determination of mainland China have been established: Taiwan is part of China, and the interference of any external forces will be regarded as a challenge to sovereignty.
Burning Island is the first stop of Eisenhower's trip to Taiwan.When his plane landed, he might expect to see mountains, blue sky and warm greetings.However, the sound of rumbling from the mainland broke all of this.
It was 70,000 shells, prepared "gifts", and they shot from the shore of Fujian to Kinmen Island one by one.The deafening explosion and the vibration of the ground made the air of the burning island trembling.
The U.S. soldiers busy assisted Eisenhower on the waiting warship and went to Taiwan.But the sound of the Longlong's artillery still echoed in their ears, as if determined to show the endless movements of China's determination and strength.
On the ship, Eisenhower met with his consultants nervously.
They all know that this is not just a military display, but China's resolute expression of Taiwan's position.Each sound of artillery seemed to be hitting Eisenhawer's confidence and told him that the issue of Taiwan was not a simple diplomatic issue.
Keelung Port is the main port of Taiwan and the destination of Eisenhower.There, Chiang Kai -shek had prepared the grand welcome ceremony.But when the fleet was close to the port of Keelung, the sound of artillery seemed to be more dense and louder.
Eisenhower stood on the deck and witnessed a series of water splash on the sea in front.
He could not compare the welcome of this welcome and other countries he had suffered.Other places, he is used to seeing the welcome ceremony, enthusiastic crowd and friendly exchanges.But here, he sees strength, determination and challenge.
Chiang Kai -shek greeted him at the port, and the two shook hands. Although they were polite in appearance, their hearts understood that this time was very different from the past.
In the next day, although the flowers on the streets of Taipei bloomed and people warmly welcomed the US president, the sound of the shocking soul still echoed in the heart of Eisenhower.
He had a long conversation with Chiang Kai -shek, trying to find a settlement method on Taiwan.
However, he quickly realized that this was not just about the controversy of an island, but about the dignity and unity of a country.
China has paid too much. In order to maintain its complete territory, it will not be compromised to meet external forces.
When the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1978, the United States acknowledged the fact that "one China", it can be said that it was a huge turn of history.The relationship between China and the United States has also begun to go to a new stage.
The 70,000 shells were not just a military shock, but also an excellent opportunity to show the outside world's determination and strength to show the outside world.
For the unity of the motherland and the integrity of the territory, China has shown its firm determination.Any forces trying to split China will be strongly counterattacked and deterred.

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