Australian wheat output is improved, but rainfall threatens the quality of wheat

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  Australia's wheat output this hot topicseason will be slightly higher than expected, but the recent strong rainfall on the east coast of the country may lead to a decline in the quality of unacceptable crops.


  According to a report from the Australian Agriculture and Resources Economy and Sciences Bureau in December, the government has slightly improved the estimation of the output of wheat, barley and rapeseed in 2023-24, and is expected to be lower than the previous record.

  The government said that the rainfall at the end of last month will delay the harvest of central and southern and southern, southern, Victoria and South Australia, and may affect the quality of crops in the ground.The forecask added that the rainfall in December will be low, which will allow timely collection of grains and minimize the loss.

  Although the production of crops in some regions will be very high, the global wheat market is still trying to cope with the influence of Russia's war in Ukraine.The main buyers of Australia's grains include Indonesia and China. After the rainfall this year has destroyed their crops, these two countries may need more imports.

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