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  Original title: When I woke up, the US media announced that Biden won!One article reviews this "big drama" scene scene

  At 00:00 on November 8th, Beijing time, the global US presidential election finally seemed to have a "result": CNN, the New York Times and many other mainstream American media, as well as the Fox News Network of the pro -Trump, allIt is confirmed that the former US Vice President Biden, who challenged the throne of President Trump, has won 270 election group tickets needed by the US election in 2020, and will become the new president of the United States since 2021.

  Biden has also announced the result of accepting his victory.Officials from Germany, France, Ireland and other countries congratulated him.

  On the other hand, Trump not only refused to admit defeat, but also insisted that the election was far from over and accused Biden cheating.

The picture shows the New York Times, CNN and Fox News.

  A election with extremely twists and turns

  The two of them responded to the results of the election so opposed because the process of this election was quite tortuous. Not only was it very popular, but even if Biden wins, he can be said to be "winning."

  Judging from the reports of various American media, due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia, many voters who supported Biden this year, in order to avoid infection with new coronary pneumonia, mostly chose to vote through the "mailing votes".However, in some "swing states" that are crucial to the results of the election, the votes mailing by the mail are finally calculated. The first calculation is the voting of the voting station on the day of the election.

  As a result, after ignoring the risk of the new crown epidemic, Trump supporters chose to go to the polling station to vote in person, and Trump once showed a significant leading advantage in multiple key "swing states".

  What makes the plot more dramatic is that before this election, from the CNN to the Washington Post to the New York Times, these Chinese mainstream American media believed that nearly 10 million Americans caused nearly 10 million Americans due to failure prevention of epidemic prevention prevention.Trump, who is infected and over 230,000 Americans, will "defeat" in front of Biden.The Washington Post and the New York Times have expressed support for President Biden.

Screenshots are from the United States "Washington Post" and "New York Times" announced an article that supports Biden

  The polls reported by many media also indicate that Biden will easily defeat Trump, unless the polls have a "huge deviation."

Screenshots are reported from the New York Times and CNBC

  Therefore, in the early stages of the invoicing of this election, when Trump showed the leading advantage due to the reasons mentioned in this article, he successfully won the two key battlefields of Florida and Texas, which were predicted by many mainstream media forecasts, after many mainstream media forecasts,Trump was proud of the spring breeze, and he really thought that he could get 270 election group tickets to win re -election.Many of the disgusted Americans are worried that the scene where Trump's anti -killing mainstream prediction will be staged again in 2016.

  Judging from the feedback on the American social network at that time, some of these people thought that Trump might cheat, some threatened to immigrate to escape from the United States abroad, while others cursed the people who chose TrumpThe person's selection of Trump's victory was given to all white American.

  Some reactions of some celebrities of Trump's celebrities are even quite extreme.For example, the host of the well -known US talk show "Cui Wa" (Trevor Noah) posted a controversial picture on his official account, which was used in the movie "Planet War" in the movie "Planet War".Large -scale lethal weapon bombing Trump's victory in Florida ...

  In contrast, on the pro -Trump's Fox News Network, the mood of a number of anchors and guests participating in the live broadcast was quite relaxed. The live broadcast room was full of "laughter and laughter".singing.

Screenshot from the scene of the live broadcast room of the Fox News election

  However, the Biden camp was not "frightened" by Trump's ahead.At about 1 pm on November 4th, Beijing time, Biden and his wife personally appeared in the supporters, saying that he would "win", because many mailing votes that supported him had not been included.He also predicted that he would win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and ended Trump's hope of re -election.

  The speech of Biden also directly attracted Trump's counterattack at the time.In a press conference held at around 3 pm, Trump not only directly announced that he "had won the election", but also accused the Biden of the Biden camp talked about the mailing votes because Bayon wanted to engage in campaign fraud.Cheating, he will not allow such things to happen.

  However, even the Fox News Network of Kice Trump pointed out that Trump's allegations could not stand, because the statistics and supervision of mailing votes were responsible for a institution jointly composed of the two parties of the United States Congress. NoIt will be controlled by a party.

  After that, on the evening of the 4th Beijing time, most of the votes of several key states voting stations were completed. After starting the statistical mailing votes, people found that the three of Trump's three in Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina could not lose it.The key state's leading level is narrowing rapidly, and the most is less than 2%of the lead. In terms of actual votes, Trump's lead in Biden is quite small.

  What is even more unfavorable to Trump's situation is that in another key Wisconsin, Trump also had an advantage here on the afternoon of the 4th, and was suddenly "overtake" by Biden on the evening of the 4th.

  This meant at the time that if Trump could not take the Wisconsin, even if he could win the other three key states, he could not win, and he still needed to compete with Biden because the local mailing volume was too large.state.Although Trump led 12 percentage points at the time, it was mainly because many votes supported by Biden and mailing votes had not been counted.After all, in 2016, Trump and Hillary were fighting very fiercely in this place. Both sides reached more than 29 million votes, so the number of votes in Biden on the 4th was less than 2.3 million on the evening of the 4th.The gap is unbelievable.

  This is why even the Fox News Network of Trump is very careful when predicting these key "swing states", and constantly emphasize that the two sides are very close to the bite, which is difficult to predict.The relaxed emotion revealed by the media in the morning also fell into a deadlock with the war situation of the two sides, and then showed a bad trend to Trump, and gradually passed away.From the middle of the night to the early morning of the 5th, Fox can only use Trump's performance "self -comfort" in Florida for a long time. Some Fox anchors who have collapsed in some mentality have fallen into a state of "hysterical" and started to follow.Trump's hype together is "corruption". Democratic Party and Biden are engaged in "fraud", which will only make Trump more "great".EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

  The "gambling market" in the United States has also experienced this "roller coaster" -like curve for Trump and Biden who will win.First of all, on the morning of the 4th Beijing time, many gambling companies believed that Biden wins a steady win, and the chance of reaching nearly 70 %.At noon on the 4th, as Trump won Florida and showed a leading situation in several other key states, the predictions of these gambling companies appeared "reversal".The probability was approaching 70 % or even 80 %, but on the evening of the 4th, Trump and Biden exchanged the winning rate.Just this time, the trend of wins in Biden has never changed again.

  From 3 am on the 5th Beijing time, the situation of the war situation was further clear. After Wisconsin was completely lost, Trump lost Michigan again, and his statue had been defeated.But it is helpless that because the remaining states in the United States are stacked by mailing votes and the speed of invoicing is slow, there is basically no new progress on the 5th, and new development will not be available on the 6th.

  During the day on the 6th, the mailing votes of Biden supporters continued to work, which not only made Bayeng's key states before Trump, Pennsylvania, and tied.After Trump, I won this key state that originally believed to belong to himself.On the evening of the 6th, Trump also lost in Pennsylvania.At the same time, the two Trump camps, Nevada and Arizona, were always reluctant to admit the key states where they lost, and his opportunities were almost "exhausted".

  On the 7th, Trump still did not reverse these key battlefield battles, but was further widening the gap by Biden, and even "theoretically" 270 electoral group tickets to win the re -election may almost disappear.It's right.

  Finally, by 0:00 on Beijing time, CNN, New York Times and many other mainstream American media, and even the Fox News Network of Kou Trump, all determined that Biden has won Nevada and Pennsylvania, which won this election., Will enter the main White House in 2021.

  Biden himself has officially accepted the results of his victory.In a statement issued at 1 am on the 8th, Biden said that he and his deputy Harris were honored to be trusted by the American people, and said that he wanted people to let go of each other's differences and disputes, unite, and bridge the differences in the differences.Essence

  According to CNN reports, officials in many countries have congratulated Biden to be elected, such as the Foreign Minister of Germany and Ireland, and the mayor of Paris, France.

  Interestingly, as early as noon on the 7th, Biden, who had not been confirmed to win the election at the time, revealed that he and Harris had begun to work after working in preparing for epidemic prevention policies.

  A more opposite and tearing United States

  No matter how he wants to show Biden's optimism and confidence in the future of the United States, and calls on Americans to unite, at least in the short term, the United States may not have ushered in a positive changes because of his victory.On the contrary, even if he can successfully enter the White House next, the challenges he face are unprecedented.

  Why?First of all, as we said earlier, one of the most urgent problems under Biden is Trump and his supporters who refused to admit that he won, and has clearly stated that they will not be able to give up.The "legal war" on the counting of the votes, and even went to the Supreme Court of the United States all the way.Some American media are also worried that supporters on both sides may have conflicts on the streets.

According to the US CNBC News Network, Trump refused to recognize the defeat, saying that "the election is far from over"

  In fact, as early as the afternoon of the 4th, when the election began to deviate from Trump and fell towards Biden, Trump had already begun to post frequently on his social account, saying that his previous advantage was "mysterious disappearance", Bayeng's votesBut suddenly increased a lot, which was "strange", which hinted that Biden was "cheating."Trump also suddenly asked Wisconsin to re -count the votes at 2 am on the 5th, saying that there was a problem with the local votes.Later, before the 5th to 7th, Biden announced the victory, and he continued to post several posts, saying that there were problems with election fraud in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other key states, especially mailing votes.His supporters and conservative media have also accused the votes of Biden's one -party votes from "fake tickets" from "dead people" and "non -American", although they did not come up with any conclusive evidence.

  Just a few minutes before a number of mainstream American media determined that Biden wins, Trump also posted, saying that he had "won" the election, and it was a "big victory."

  Seeing this attitude of Trump, many people may feel that he can't afford it.But from the perspective of Trump, the process of losing the election was too "disillusioned".Take Pennsylvania as an example.On the evening of the 4th, when the ticket was not issued, Trump once led more than 2.29 million votes in Biden with more than 2.97 million votes.But by 11 am on the 6th, as more and more mailing votes were issued, Bayeng's number of votes soared by nearly 1 million votes to more than 3.23 million votes, while Trump only increased by more than 300,000 during the same period.More than 3.27 million votes.As a result, at 10 pm on the 6th, Trump was completely overtaken in Pennsylvania.

  The key states that other Trump lost, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, were also leading Trump in the early stage, but quickly reversed with the appearance of mailing votes.

  It can be seen how powerful the "stamina" brought by this post voting to Biden.But for Trump, this kind of hope that gives him great first, and then the way of taking this hope a little bit is undoubtedly the "shrimp pig heart" style.He naturally does not accept such an ending person.

  But then again, no matter how crashing Trump's mentality is, even the Fox News Network of Trump realized that he lacks sufficient basis for his allegations on Biden's "cheating".Some Fox's commentators support that the Trump camp must not only come up with evidence, but also to impress the court's evidence, which is too difficult.

  Secondly, a problem that will have a deeper impact on Biden and the United States in the future is that because Bayeng won in this election, the number of votes in several key states in the United States is still very small from Trump.In terms of the total number of votes, all the votes obtained in Trump's election were even more than the election he won 4 years ago. This is still without the end of the ticket.

The picture shows the votes of Trump's votes in the 2016 and 2020 elections. You can see that as of 6 pm on the 7th, his total votes this year have already exceeded 7 million more than 4 years ago.

  What is even more magical is that although the US media said that the total votes of Biden surpassed the maximum vote of more than 69.4 million votes set by Obama in 2008, Trump has received over 7000 that Trump has received on the afternoon of November 7Thousands of votes also broke this record.This even made him the highest votes in the history of the American election.

The US "News Weekly" even speculate whether this is a sign of Trump to come back to run in 2024, even if he was nearly 80 years old

  One of the embarrassing reality reflected is that nearly half of the people in the United States recognized that they did not agree with Biden and his policy, but Trump's policy policy.

  Not only that, from the report from the pro -Trump's Fox News Network, these people who support Trump are not only very loyal to him and him, but they also say that the United States thrown by Biden is "united"."Sneessing", thinking that the political forces represented by Biden and them were "incapable of water and fire" and "you die."

  The American "Times" Weekly said in a new report very vividly: Even if Bayon won, he will face a "Trump's United States".

Screenshots are reported from "Times" Weekly

  Then, as far as the new crown epidemic in the United States is currently the most headache, these Trump supporters also recognize the set of new crown pneumonia's epidemic presented by Trump's "not serious", and the United States "does not need to be blocked".Bynden who even thinks that they want to engage in a blockbuster epidemic prevention policy will cause them to be unemployed, and then fiercely resist.

According to the Fox News Network, Trump has repeatedly stated that voting Bayiden was choosing to block, unemployment and pain.

  At the same time, the second epidemic of the European side today will also make Biden more difficult to persuade those Americans who support Trump to support his epidemic prevention policies.Europe was once considered to be "more serious" than the United States than the United States in the mainstream of the United States, but now these countries are going to enter a strict blocked state again. Maybe this will be on the question of whether many Americans support the blockade of epidemic prevention measures.Further produce a "persuasion" effect.

  What's more, responding to the cunning virus, the most needed for the new crown virus, is that a country is "up -and -down", but it is the biggest scarce product to unite in the United States.Mowing

The screenshot is the "Washington Post" to the European epidemic situation severe.

  In addition, Biden himself is not a presidential candidate with his own clear policy direction. The Democratic Party pushed him out of the election more about his "compromise" in different people, and even the "Obama era in the Obama era"The brand.Biden himself said he was a "Obama-Bayeon-style Democrat".Therefore, compared to Trump's "individualism", the forces in the Democrats behind Biden will be his real fuck. 

The picture shows that in an interview with Biden last year, he said that he was "Obama-Bayeng-style Democrat"

  But there are various contradictions in this party.The New York Times pointed out in its latest analysis article that the young forces that the Democratic Party is eager to carry out more aggressive reforms of the US capitalism in the Democratic Party may not make trouble with him in the 4 years of Biden's ruling.There are few contradictions.

  Fox also pointed out that if the US Senate's re -election results have not yet been officially confirmed, the Republican Party ended with the majority of the Senate's seats. Bayeng and the Democratic Party behind them want to implement their policies and ideas, which will be more difficult.

The picture shows the report of the New York Times to the internal contradictions of the Democratic Party

  Some Fox's anchors even doubted whether the 78 -year -old Biden could have physical and mental power to lead the United States at the moment, saying that he had a poor mental state when he spoke in the past few days, and "mouth" continued.

  But having said that, these huge dilemma faced by Biden also revealed a wrong cognition that the mainstream American media had previously created before, that is, the problem of the United States "is just a Trump or a few people around him and him around him."" As long as he and these people are replaced by the United States, it can be "dawn".

  As we said earlier, the real reality of the United States is that even if the U.S. epidemic is so serious, even if the mainstream media in the United States are bombing Trump every day, nearly half of the American society supports Trump and recognizes specials.Many of Trump's concepts.These people are not only more than in 2016, but also not only white, but also a certain percentage of non -white groups such as Latin, blacks, and Asians.In fact, nearly half of Americans that are increasing are the internationally "retreating groups" in the past 4 years, while engaging in the "anti -intellectual" "public opinion foundation" in China.The spokesperson for their authorization.

The picture shows the US "News Weekly" reported that Trump's votes from non -white groups this year are more than 4 years ago.

  Unfortunately, the mainstream American media have been selectively shielding these real people, or arrogantly that these people will be called by their own values.But from the results of this election, although Trump lost, mainstream American media lost.

  Although these media said at the moment "the United States wants to unite", they actually did not learn the lessons that Trump should be drawn when Trump won the election in 2016. In the past 4 yearsTrump's supporters are still using their "political correctness" to "persecute" the other party.Perhaps when Trump did not come out before, this method was indeed effective, but now when these people have the spokesperson for Trump, a "rebellious way" to support them, this power is no longer the "institutional" elite of the United States and the WestStrong pressure can be suppressed.

  Therefore, if these mainstream media in the United States now lose the election, they take it for granted that the United States will "get better", and then tell the large group of supporters of Trump as "just a small piece of slag" and continueUse the "poll" of self -deception to block these Trump supporters, and even determine that Trump can win 4 years ago because Hillary is too weak, so the United States is likely to be in the governance of Biden.Four years later, we welcomed another "Trump" again.Don't forget that in 2016, Trump ’s“ birth ”was after the so -called“ beautiful 8 years ”that happened in Obama.

The picture shows Trump ’s previous campaign voting event scene, the picture is reported from the New York Times report

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