2023, set off first -the stream of the stream of travel calendar opening and broadcasting article

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Author: Alexa Tasa

At the end of 2022,突发新闻 epidemic control was finally over.

In the past three years, how much do you want to go?How many people should be accompanied by?

In 2023, when letting go is already ongoing, international tourism returns to the right track.

Today, I shared the 2023 travel calendar.

Travel calendar, as the name suggests, is to share a travel location every day. 365 days are 365 times of spiritual travel. Maybe you will meet the one you want to go someday!

Before, my girlfriend had been complaining that I couldn't go out to play, so I gave her this travel calendar at the end of last year. At the same time, I also bought one. The two people chose the daily recommendation location.The destination of traveling together!

As an experienced brand with more experience in the cultural and creative industry, the major platforms have shops.

 Next is Tmall Store:

 Because the calendar is time -effective, the current price is already [History low price].

The outer packaging is plastic (disassembled in the picture)

The packaging size is still quite large, and the weight exceeds 1kg. It is very weight for gifts.

   The packaging in the box is quite strict

Content distribution


Comes with an acrylic bracket for placing the calendar page

3 Other accessories: Frank frame card/draw card/message card

When using, place the calendar page from January to February on the acrylic bracket.

The calendar daily is an independent page, and the front is a travel location+date

The back is the area and language information of the travel point, and a brief introduction

The calendar is tear -up design, which can tear off the special date and leave the thoughts and imprints that day.

Comes with a framing box card

Because of the difficulty of focusing, chat is better than nothing hahaha ~

For choosing difficulty, travel diary is a very interesting product.The price is not expensive, but you can see a new place every day.

I bought a ticket to Thailand in 2021 because the epidemic was canceled.

In 2023, I hope that everyone can work hard and chase it back to the beauty that has been lost over the past three years!

Be sure to pay attention to safety!

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