London stock market rose on the 8th

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  Xinhua News Agency,火速资讯 London, December 8th (Reporter Zhang Yadong) The average price index of 100 stocks in the London stock market "Financial Times" closed at 7554.47 points on the 8th, an increase of 40.75 points from the previous trading day, an increase of 0.54%.The three major European stock indexes rose across the board that day.

  In terms of individual stocks, the stock market in London's stock market was led by the stock market.Ashted Group's stock price rose 3.01%, industrial electronic product dealers RS Group's stock price rose 2.80%, and telecommunications operators Airtel Africa's stock price rose 2.56%.

  On the same day, resource stocks in the London stock market led the stock market. The stocks located in the top five of the decline were: British and American resource stock prices fell 18.97%, residential developer Berkeley Holding Group's stock price fell 4.05%, and the stock price of Tobacco Group Imperial Brand Company fell 1.97%.Hickma Pharmaceutical's stock price fell 1.77%, and British Telecom Group's stock price fell 1.67%.

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