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[Global Times special reporter Li Jun Jun Global Times special reporter Wang Yi] "Bayeng will try to attribute everything to himself. But in fact, what he said is not important because inflation has reached the highest level in decades.A food shop, chatting with people who buy oatmeal. Do they have confidence in this leadership? No. "At 9 pm on the 7th of the Eastern Time, U.S. President Biden will give a second state -of -the -country consultation speech within his office.In an interview with the Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the comments of the New Hampshire Republican governor Su Nu seem to represent most Americans' ideas.Many US media reports said that Biden is expected to explain their achievements in detail, especially for the efforts to rebuild the economy.if.At the same time, in the case of the Republican House of Representatives, Biden wanted to promote the priority of the remaining term and faced a huge challenge.Public opinion in the United States believes that Biden wants to use this Guoyuan Consultation speech to boost the support rate to laid the foundation for participating in the 2024 election, and it is not easy.

Before the National Love Counseling speech was delivered on the 7th, a safe fence was installed around the US Congress Building, and a sign with "regional closed" was hung.(Visual China)

"The prices of bread, eggs, and milk have doubled, which is too ridiculous."

On the evening of the 6th, the White House issued a statement saying that Biden was scheduled to give a speech at the Congress at 9 pm on the 7th of the United States at 9 pm.On the 7th, the US media quoted the White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre's words that President was still writing and amending his speech with his close consultant on Monday afternoon.She said that Biden "will have the opportunity to be directly with the American people, not just Congress to talk about his work in the past two years, and how he views the future of this country."

American public opinion believes that even if the content of the last moment has changed, Biden will definitely spend time talking about the main problems that Americans are most concerned about: wallets.American Consumer News and Commercial Channel (CNBC) said that Biden may praise his handling of economic issues in the National Information Counseling.To seek soothing the people.

In addition, Biden will also talk about his achievements in legislation and how to promote his agenda.On the 7th, BBC believes that Biden will definitely tout the legislative achievements of the two parties in terms of gun control, infrastructure expenditure and technical investment.He may also call on the protection of abortion through federal law.

However, most Americans do not seem to be interested in the "transcript" they are about to expose.According to the latest polls jointly carried out by ABC and the Washington Post, 62%of the respondents said that Bayeng has not achieved much achievements in the first two years of taking office.In terms of economic issues, 68%of the respondents said that they could not make the correct decision to Biden for the future of Biden. Only 34%of the respondents believed that Biden obtainedProgress.

Before the publication of the Guoyuan Counseling of Biden, Lamir, a small merchant in Beica, told ABC on the 6th: "The prices of bread, eggs, and milk have doubled, which is too ridiculous." CNBC said that the US economy is generally subtle in the subtlety economy.state.Inflation is still at a high point in the past 40 years. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 8 times in the past year to achieve "soft landing" and avoid economic recession.When Biden published the State of Intelligence a year ago, the actual benchmark interest rate in the United States was 0. Now the Fed has adjusted the benchmark interest rate to a range of 4.5%-4.75%, which is the highest level since October 2007.

John Locke Foundation's senior political analyst Mickey Kekai said: "Americans do not feel excited about Biden's governing results. Guoqing Counseling gave him an opportunity to try to increase support.Information about the resonance. "

Guoqing Counseling is a means of negotiation

BBC said that after Biden completed his self -praise, he would have to set his sights on the future, explaining that he hoped to complete what the first term of his term, and what he could provide if he really sought for four years in power.CNBC said that when the Democratic Party controlled the two houses, Biden's priority matters were not easy to pass. Now the Republican Party controls the House of Representatives, and he wants to use some agenda to be more difficult.The White House has seen the challenges brought by the Speaker of the House of Representatives McCarthy and the Republican Party.The National Public Broadcasting Station in the United States commented that the National Love Consultation will show the status quo between Bayeng and the Son -General McCarthy.

U.S. media said that increasing the problem of debt limit is one of the focus of attention.It is expected that Biden will explain the relevant arguments in the speech of the National Love Counseling.The upper limit of debt is the highest amount of the US Department of Finance that can borrow to pay the bill.The United States reached a debt limit of $ 31.4 trillion in January. Congress must decide whether to have a high debt limit on the premise of debt defaults in the United States before the middle of this year.The Wall Street Journal states that Biden and McCarthy have begun to discuss how to make progress on improving the issue of federal debt, but the distance between the two parties is still far away.CNBC mentioned that US government debt defaults will bring serious consequences, which may cause the federal government to stop daily operations and trigger the stock market and a wider economic turmoil.

On the 6th, the United States "Congress" stated on the 6th that when Biden published the State of the Council, most of the Republican Republican Party of the House of Representatives was trying to obstruct his agenda and investigated his family and government.

However, BBC said that Biden may use Guoqing Counseling as a means to occupy the upper hand in the negotiations.The New York Times reported that if Bayeng chose to propagate unity in the National Love Course, it was a crackdown on the Republican Party of the House of Representatives.Biden's consultants hoped that Biden would compare with the Republicans who had no arguing and angry fighting internal and anger: the latter became different because McCarthy was elected as the president.Essence

Wimner, a government official in the Bush period, said, "Political division is sometimes helpful. As president, you can tell your agenda very reasonably, that is, only unreasonable people will oppose what you try to do.If you want to depict the opposition party as extreme and radical, Biden has a very good card. "

Establishing 2024?Most Democrats: Farewell

Many US media reports said that Biden's speech on the 7th was not just about policies.William Garston, a government governance affairs analyst of the Brukins Society, said that when Bayeng stood before the Parliament's joint conference podium, he needed to perform as if he was going to run for the president again.

The New York Times quoted the sources on the 6th that Biden plans to announce the re -election of the election, and the time may be in March or April this year.His consultants are keenly aware that the way of Biden's national love text can be as important as the content of the speech. He needs to be firm and vibrant at the age of 80 to prove that he can bear the burden of president.The report also revealed that Biden is using the skills such as marking on the speech, no first letters abbreviation, and repeated recitation to overcome their mouths.

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