Daily check in "Healthy House", the self -health management of employees is really convenient

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"High pressure 125,特快资讯 low voltage 85, your blood pressure is normal." On December 7, before the employee peak of the Petroleum Great Wall Drilling Drilling Company installed the engineering company, he came to the "Healthy House" to use blood pressure measuring blood pressure.

The aging trend of the existing employees in the installation engineering company is obvious, and diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and cerebrovascular have risen year by year.In order to help employees pay attention to their own health and strengthen self -health management, the company has fully understood the needs of employees in the early stage to set up a "healthy hut".The "Healthy House" is not only equipped with healthy facilities such as sphygmomanometers, body fat scales, but also fitness equipment such as fitness cars, tensilers, dumbbells, and other fitness equipment. Emergency small pills and health books are placed in an orderly manner.Self -health management opens the door to convenient.The company also regularly invites the hospital doctors to come to the clinic to provide diagnostic consultation.

After get off work, employees are in the "healthy hut".

"Now the unit can conduct conventional physical examination every day, which is really convenient." After the healthy hut is put into use, it is warmly welcomed by employees. Everyone often uses the spare time to conduct a self -service physical examination to timely monitor and record their physical condition.

"The focus of self -health management lies in daily health monitoring. The original intention of our establishment of" Health House "is to enable employees to pay attention to health management and develop a good habit of daily health monitoring." Chen Jun, manager of the company, said that the company's union is activeOrganize a variety of cultural and sports activities, guide employees to hold their mouths, open their legs, improve the health management level of employees, and refuse the emergencies and accidents.(Text/Picture Wang Hui)

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