Dairy companies continue to exert their students 'nutrition and health undertakings. Students' nutritional public welfare China is in action

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CCTV Beijing December 11th (Reporter Wang Qi) The热门新闻 young is strong, and the nutrition and health of children and children will not only affect individual growth, but also about the future of the country.For a long time, students' nutrition has been a hot topic of social concern, and the relevant student milk related to them has also become the focus of public attention.

Advocate nutrition to improve students' milk popularity

Drinking more milk is a recognized way to improve nutrition and health.In 2000, the seven departments of the former Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education jointly launched the National "Student Drinking Milk Plan", which aims to provide a high -quality milk to students in schools through class to improve students' physical fitness and cultivate reasonable dietary habits.The promotion of this plan has been implemented for 23 years, and 30 million primary and secondary school students who have benefited more than 70,000 schools have played an important role in improving the nutritional and health of primary and secondary school students.At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, in addition to providing basic material guarantee for children, parents pay more attention to nutritional supplements during the growth of children. Due to their high nutritional value, milk has become a "nutritional nutritional nutritional nutritional value for their children.The first choice of Baizi.

In this context, dairy companies represented by Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. continue to make efforts to contribute to the promotion of the country's "student drinking milk plan" to promote more people.

From material donation to concept cultivation, new upgrade of nutritional public welfare

Recently, the Sanyuan Food Union China Children's Children's Foundation launched the "Healthy Growth 'Dream" Dream Action -Sanyuan Student Nutritional Public Welfare China ", which uses nutrition to protect students' healthy growth, help dreams bloom, and push nutritional public welfare to a new heightEssence

The launching ceremony of the three yuan student nutrition and public welfare China trip

Driven by the improvement of policy blessings, the improvement of socio -economic conditions, and the promotion of parents, schools, and dairy companies, the nutritional health of primary and secondary school students in my country has greatly improved, but the nutritional problems of children and children still exist. , High -fat and high -sugar foods caused by too much obesity, insufficient nutrients caused by uneven diet, and so on.The "Chinese School -age Children's Dietary Guide (2022)" pointed out that school age is a critical period for establishing a healthy belief and forming a healthy diet, and developing a healthy dietary behavior and lifestyle from an early age will benefit it for life.It can be seen that in addition to providing basic nutritional support to improve students' nutrition and health, it is equivalent to helping children to build a healthy cognition and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Sanyo Education Nutrition Practice Course

This year, the Sanyuan Food has upgraded the "Sanyo Milk Nutrition 1+1+1 Charity Activity" to the "Sanyuan Student Nutrition Charity China", which is interpreting this concept.Different from the past, the event broke the traditional donation model. Based on the donation of 1 box of student milk+1 food and cultivation class+1 science science gift package, combined with the current nutrition and health status of primary and secondary schools, it brings food to children to eat foodNutrition practice courses not only pay attention to students 'nutritional conditions, but also attach importance to improving nutritional awareness, subtly affect students' eating concepts and behaviors, and help students have a comprehensive and healthy development of students.

Put your wings with nutrition for your dreams and protect your child "Yuan" dream future

Primary and secondary school students are in a critical period of growth and development. In order to ensure that nutrition does not lose the team and has a strong physique, we can more calmly cope with a fulfilling learning life and lay a good foundation for realizing their dreams.Relying on the series of public welfare activities, the Sanyuan Food is escorted with nutritional growth, so that they can move forward on the road of pursuing their dreams.

Three Yuan Popular Science Experience Museum

For a long time, Sanyuan Food has continuously enriched the connotation of public welfare actions for the purpose of improving students' nutrition.Start with material donations, bring nutritional supplies to the affected families and children in difficulties; carry out rich activities, such as hosting the first cheese of the Ministry of Agriculture into the campus and campus football activities to contribute to the health China; in the industrial park; in the industrial park;Establish a museum "Capital Milk Popularization Museum" with the theme of milk to help youth dairy nutrition science ... This time the "Healthy Growth" Metropolitan Dream Action -Sanyuan Student Nutritional Public Welfare China "opens" health "and" dreams "and" dreams"Double guardians, once again reflect the intention of Sanyuan food for nutritional public welfare, making public welfare more temperature and in -depth.

Safe and nutritional tastes are fully exerted, parents can rest assured that students love to drink

Of course, since it is a student's nutritional public welfare, it must return to the "nutrition" itself.At present, many parents are concerned about student milk, mainly because they are uncertain the safety of student milk, or they mistakenly use flavor milk as milk drinks. They believe that nutritional value is not high.In fact, only enterprises that have obtained certification of national designated production enterprises can produce and distribute "student milk".In addition, according to students' drinking milk standards, the content of sterilization of dairy protein is more than 2.4g%, and the raw milk content is not less than 80%.

Sanyuan Student Nutrition Charity China Travel Activity Scenes

In other words, the safety and nutritional value of student milk that meets standards are guaranteed.In terms of security, as the first batch of first -class students to drink milk design enterprises, Sanyuan Foods play a standardized and process -based service advantage in the student milk supply business, and is committed to providing students with high -quality drinking milk.From the breeding of the cows at the front end to the breeding of dairy cows, to the strict control of the production link, the ternary food has formed a unique quality management system to build a student milk safety line.On the other hand, no matter how good student milk, children do not like or drink, and they lose their meaning.To this end, the Sanyuan has continuously upgraded the student's milk flavor, and has launched 11 students to drink milk products to provide a variety of flavors to meet the diverse needs of children, hoping to make more children fall in love with milk.

Practicing the national dairy company to take the responsibility to help health China

The healthy growth of adolescents and children has attracted much attention. It is an important part of the "Healthy China" strategy to cultivate students' healthy lifestyles and improve health literacy.Sanyo Food focuses on students' nutrition and health, based on high -quality products, invested in nutritional public welfare, actively promotes the country's "student drinking milk plan", and keep moving forward on the way to help "healthy China".According to statistics, since 2017, Sanyuan Food has launched targeted donations for regions and schools, benefiting from nearly 200 schools in Hainan, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Anhui, Beijing, etc.Ethnic dairy companies.

San Yuan student Nutrition Charity China Donation Ceremony

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