It's about to return to the injury!Nadal will go to Australia as scheduled, and return to the Grand Slam champion with full blood

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Original title: The热门新闻 injury will be returned soon!Nadal will go to Australia as scheduled, and return to the Grand Slam champion with full blood

According to the Spanish Series Broadcasting Station on the 28th (local time), Nadal is about to announce the 2024 Australian Tennis Open.About a year later, he will return to court.

After Nadal's second round of McDonald in the second round of this year, Nadal was absent from the game due to injury.Nadal originally planned for 6 to 8 weeks, but had to undergo surgery due to chronic injuries.After a difficult and long recovery period, Nadal's distance is getting closer and closer, which may be the last season of his career.

The Australian Open in the new season is getting closer and Nadal's next schedule is getting clearer.Nadal is expected to resume training in Mallima Kaka in early December and then go to Kuwait's online school.Later, Nadal will participate in a series of events in Kuwait.Most importantly, you can play in similar weather as Melbourne.Training according to the situation.

After Kuwait's short training, Nadal will return to Mallorca Island to spend Christmas with his family.After a short Christmas holiday, Nadal plans to go to Australia before the New Year.Nadal plans to select the tournament to prepare for the Australian Open before the official opening of the Australian Open. His first return venue is expected to be the ATP250 event held in Brisbane.

After nearly a year's pause, Nadal's world ranking fell to 663, and the number of his Grand Slam champion also gave Djokovic.Nadal, who returned strongly after seriously, once again challenged the Grand Slam championship.

Fans hope that Nadal can return to its peak and win a Grand Slam championship.However, Nadal himself ignored this for a long time, saying that the goal of his return is no longer to win, but to enjoy tennis.

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