Original Zhou Haimei died?Cai Xukun's child?Dong Jielian?栩 栩 栩 栩?Zhang Xingte was threatened?

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Those who spend money to buy melon can escape.Overall,栩栩栩栩breaking news this melon is basically a mess.Although Cai Xukun had abandoned abortion, he had been very low -key after the accident, dare not show evil, and did not regenerate his child.Cai Xukun's mother is very strong.She will never allow her son to affect her star when her career is in the sky.Otherwise, she won't drive away the child so effort.

During the "silence", Cai Xukun did not sit still.He madly eats with the bosses, talks about cooperation, trying to let them support him again, helping him to restore Dongshan.For a while, he was very arrogant and looked down on the ordinary dinner, and even showed up on the dinner.Now he nodded and bowed, the change was very obvious.GQ recently broke the news artist XX and 19 employees walked the red carpet to participate in the "group building".This melon is actually saying what happened a few years ago.

3. Yan Xujia's bankruptcy and change of assets?

Some netizens posted on the social platform that there was Yan Xujia's boarding pass in a jacket pocket he bought.Then people picked up this jacket, and wearing it when Yan Xujia walked the airport in 2021.This means that Yan Xujia retired from this dress, and the brand resold it without even cleaning.The original flavor was sold to these netizens.Many people do not understand the comment area. As a star, Yan Xujia can actually make the trick of sending things back.

Some people even speculated that Yan Xu's family had a problem with the economy, so he sold all the valuable things?The coat wearing Yan Xujia was not bought by him.This is the personal jacket sponsored by the artist at the airport.After wearing it for exposure, he returned it to the brand.Although there are problems, but it is a brand problem, most brands send clothes directly to artists.

There are very few people who take it back after wearing it like Yan Xujia.This is usually because the brand believes that artists are mediocre celebrities and do not want to spend money on artists.Yan Xujia also felt that this was embarrassing.The team contacted the netizens who reported spending money to settle the news, and asked the netizen to help Yan Xujia clarify and strive to gain respect.Although Yan Xujia is very confused, even the eighteenth -level actors such as entertainment industry like an artist have made a lot of money, and do not have to worry about his bankruptcy.

4. Zhang Xingte was threatened by an illegitimate child?

Friends who are concerned about the fan circle know that more and more illegitimate fans of artists in the entertainment industry.In addition to regularly follow -up calls, they also called, knocked on the door, and came to the door in the middle of the night.In most cases, these basties are in the drums.Unexpectedly, Zhang Xingte's illegitimate child was blatantly splashed with water at the airport.

Zhang Xingte had previously criticized Sasa, saying that Sasha called him in the middle of the night without sufficient to disturb him.Even the band teacher was harassed by Salsa.This time, the bastard was completely blown because they logged in to Zhang Xingte's account and replaced Zhang Xingte's avatar with themselves.As a result, Zhang Xingte was angry when he saw the news, and then he angered the bastard.In order to show Zhang Xingte's "true face", the airport crowd splashed water to him crazy.

Even if Zhang Xingte called the police, it is likely to be criticized and educated in the future.After all, some of them are minors.Zhang Xingte has always received the habit of receiving fans.Some illegal students even took this opportunity to place a tracker in the letter to monitor Zhang Xingte.These bastards do everything, and their mood is extremely unstable.Earlier, Liu Xianhua's hand was deliberately cut by bastard with a shaver.To be precise, these bastards should be called anti -fans, and their behavior is more aggressive than before.

5. Dong Jie loves his son?

Many friends in the backstage asked the circle, whether Dong Jie really forced his son to sleep with her in the same bed, and even found him according to his appearance and personality.If the news on the Internet is true, Dong Jie must have a psychological problem to have such a performance.Although Dong Jie has a strong desire to control her son, she has not fell in love with her son.

She and her son have always slept separately. Except for her emotional unstable, she let her son sleep with her.Dong Jie's possession of his son is very strong.Every time his son goes out, he will convey her schedule, especially when he is with his biological father.Whether shopping or going to the amusement park, he will tell her in detail when he returns home at night.Essence

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