Less than 30,000 Australian dollars can study in the treasure major of Australia!Low points, you can apply for many channels!

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So how to do the career evaluation of the carpenter?Popular eventsAustralian woodworkingThe occupation assessment agency is Trades Recognition Australia.

The job review is divided into four steps

The first step, the pre -evaluation

1. The applicant gets a professional letter.

2. Applicants need to hold Australian legal student visas to complete two years of study in Australia;

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for a 1.5 -year 485 work visa.

Step 2 Job Ready Employment Employment Skills Evaluation

Application time: within the last four months of student visa or 485 visa, Bridging Visa A or 485 visa.

When applying for this step, you need to register an employer.

Step 3 Job Ready Workplace Assessment

Application time: After the 863 -hour paid work is completed within half a year of work, the employer signed and submitted the correct format wage certificate;

The TRA appraisal will evaluate the applicant's workplace to ensure that the applicant has relevant skills and can operate related work independently.

Step 4 Job Ready Final Assessment

Application time: The cumulative working time is 1725 hours (one year of work) shall be attached to the employer's signature and submit the correct format's salary certificate.

After completing the occupational assessment, you can submit visa applications such as state guarantee.The carpentry majors can apply directly for the following visas on the list of medium and long -term immigration occupations in Australia.

  • 189 Independent Technical Immigration Visa
  • 190 State Guarantee Technology Immigration Visa
  • 491 Remote areas of state guarantee visa
  • 186 Employer Guarantee Visa
  • 494 Remote Area Employer Guarantee Visa

WoodworkingThe length of the curriculum is 2 years (️The less than two years of course, not good for immigration).Like other college courses, the biggest advantage isThe tuition fee is cheap. Most schools are less than $ 30,000 in two years.(Including tuition and academic miscellaneous fees, excluding living expenses).The biggest difference between different schools is the arrangement of internship time and method.

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