Golf 1.4T0 to 100 seconds

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T (||) It accelerates for 2 seconds per 100 kilometers. A 4T husband is Popular eventsone. The body size is: 4296 mm long, 1788 mm wide, 1471 mm high, 2631 mm in wheelbase, and 51 liters of fuel tank.

The acceleration time of an automatic vehicle is 2 seconds, and the acceleration time of a manual vehicle 100 kilometers is 5 seconds.The performance of golf is quite good.There are two transmission equipped with a 4 -liter turbocharged engine.One is a 5th gear transmission, and the other is the 7 -gear dual -clutch transmission.

The domestic test of the 2014 4T automatic Golf 0-100km requires 2S, which is 36s faster than the 6L manual transmission 56s. The gap is still relatively large.

There are many types of engines equipped with golf, and the speed of acceleration per 100 kilometers is generally between 9 and 18 seconds.The speed of 100 kilometers refers to the acceleration time of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, which is the most intuitive manifestation of the driving power. Among them, the acceleration time of 100 kilometers with a 0T version of the model is 9 seconds.

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