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TOP5 hotspot: Asia Cup | Exposure of Yangkovic has determined that the 50 -member list of the 50 -member National Congress AFC will restore 23 people registration rules

On December 6th,高速资讯 it was reported that before the National Football Team, the head of the National Football Team, had already set a list of 50 people's Asian cups before participating in the first two rounds of the 36th round of the 36th round.

According to the consensus reached by the meeting, the 24 teams participating in the finals of the Asian Cup finals must have a list of participants with a minimum of 18 and up to 50 people on December 12.

The Asian Cup participating teams must be the last 10 days before the start of the new Asian Cup on January 2nd next year, and 23 players' registration list is submitted.

TOP6 hotspot: Guangsha vs Liaoning List: Molander returned Guo Ailun to continue absent

On December 6, the CBA regular season Zhejiang Guangsha VS Liaoning, CBA officially announced the list of competitions, Molander returned from injury, Guo Ailun continued to absence.Since the season, Moran has averaged 11.6 points, 11.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.1 steals 1.5 blocks.

TOP7 hotspot: 3 Change 1!Rivers, Ba Village or bid farewell to the Lakers, the latest family exposure

This victory not only caused the Lakers to defeat the powerful solar team to advance to the next round of the mid -season championship, but also the Los Angeles Lakers who won two consecutive victories rose to the fourth place in the West with a record of 13 wins and 9 losses.

The specific content of the transaction was the Lakers who sent Austin-Riffs, Eight Village, and the first round of draft rights in 2029 as a transaction chip to get Paul George from the same city.This season, George averaged 23.5 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists, with a three -pointer hit 38.1%, showing an excellent competitive state.

The FW analysis believes that the living people have sent Rivers, Ba Village and a first round of draft rights in this transaction.The pressure on the end.

TOP8 hotspot: Six -key fighting handle, eight -level hall M30 Xbox version new listing

It is reported that the product will start the pre -sale at 10 am on December 6th. It will be officially released at 10 am on December 22. The product price is 229 yuan. The starting price is only 179 yuan!

The Eight Hall M30XBOX version has been upgraded, and has been officially authorized by Microsoft to support XboxSeries, Xboxone, Windows 10/11 systems, supports elite software, and 3.5mm headset control functions.Lovers bring more reliable, stable, and better compatibility gaming handle.

The handle also supports the buttons of the button layout to quickly switch. The game player quickly completes the handle control mode switch. It is very convenient and rich. There are more choices when the handle is used.

TOP9 hotspot: Bidding evening predicts Liverpool's starting: Salah, Nenes, Dias partner, Zimicas first post

Goalkeeper: Alison (Liverpool) defender: Walker (Manchester City), Akanji (Manchester City), Van Dick (Liverpool), Gevadion (Manchester City).

Midfield: Salah (Liverpool), Belnado-Silva (Manchester City), Rodrhla (Manchester City), Duku (Manchester City).

Striker: Alvarez (Manchester City), Harland (Manchester City).


TOP10 hotspot: Anfield Magic!Liverpool reverses Fulham, and this season has won 11 games this season

Live broadcast on December 4th. In the Premier League in this round, Liverpool won 4-3.

According to statistics, Liverpool has achieved a full victory in 11 games in various games this season.

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