What link is the easiest to ignore in exercise?

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Warm up -briefly, in a short time, exercise with low -strength exercise to allow the body to enter the "motion state".Heating is definitely a necessary link for fitness, but it is also a link that many people ignore.

Follow warm -up and happy fitness.

1. Warm is so important

1. Warm warm -up exercise can increase joint lubricating oil and reduce the chance of exercise damage;

2. Improve body temperature;

3. Make more blood flow to muscles, improve the flexibility of tendon tendon, and avoid muscle damage;

4. Other functions, such as people with accumulation of fat on some legs and waist, moderate stretching can increase the blood flow of the fat accumulation and increase the effect of fat loss.

Second, warm -up mistakes:

1. TimeToo longGenerally, warm-ups are 5-10 minutes, and some people run for 20 minutes-sorry for you which warm-up;

2. strengthToo bigThe warm -up is "Low -intensity", Not big intensity, generally reaches the body slightly heat;

3, only run,Ignore joint activitiesItems

Third, the general warm -up method

Oximony?Then make 5 minutes walk, walk quickly, and skip the rope, and rotate the joint while doing.

These warm -up methods are very simple, without any skills, but far from doing better.

After doing this,You need to stretch appropriately, We recommend a set of dynamics, stretching throughout the body

(You can also enter our WeChat platform SSZZHH49 to search for "stretching", check the more detailed method)),:,


1. If you use fast -moving warm -up, do not exceed 6.

2. The meaning of warm -up means that you let your body gradually enter the state of movement, so avoid large intensity exercise.

3,Warm don't do static stretchingIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionStatic stretching means to keep the stretching posture and keep it for 10-20 seconds, and it is suitable for training. The dynamic stretching is a short and sudden pause in the stretch of 10-20 seconds.

Fourth, the warm -up suitable for equipment training

For device training lovers, you need more meaningful warm -up ways!

For example, if you conduct pectoral muscle training, you need to focus on some warm -up techniques for pectoral muscles, stretch the pectoral muscles, and avoid the lack of pectoral muscle stimulation during training.

Here are some local stretching maps (You can also enter our WeChat platform to search for "stretching" and view a more detailed method)),:,

Resolutely don't ignore the warm -up -the more you ignore, the more problems!

Pay attention to the fitness field and pay attention to more fitness knowledge.

Join us and check "fat reduction", "muscle increase", "training plan", "fake supplement"!

Everything you want!

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