The National Table Tennis Olympic lineup is gradually clear!The World Cup arrangement revealed mysteries, and the six main positions have been stable

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  In 2023, the World Cup of the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Group has ended, and the Chinese team has a total score of nine consecutive victories to win gold, which is gratifying.During the competition, fans have also seen the focus of the coaching team in the formation of troops and employment.

  Various signs show that although the competition is far from over, the lineup of the national table tennis Olympic Games has gradually become clear, that is, the six main configurations of Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Chen Meng.The upper position is very difficult. At present, the biggest suspense is the distribution of single places. Competition has entered the stage of heat!

  Friends who pay attention to the table tennis world know that in recent years, Guoping has basically formed a stable pattern of five main forces of men and women, namely Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, and Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, Chen Meng, Wang YidiChen Xingtong -has basically been out of these ten athletes in the past few world competitions, and other non -main power cannot shake them.

  However, over time, the position of the top ten main teams has also appeared significantly differentiated. Among them, the situation of the men's team is clearer.Essence

  The first main force of the women's team was Chen Xingtong. Later, Wang Yidi once surpassed Wang Manyu.For Li, the last Olympic women's team champion Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Chen Meng once again became the popular participation in the Olympic Games.

  In fact, the World Cup has set the tone of six main forces from the beginning. Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu were shortlisted by the world rankings.Gao is clear.

  After the World Cup began, the two athletes Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Yidi were not on one game, and the doubles played only two games.As for the other six people's appearances, there are more obvious opportunities. Among them, Wang Manyu participated in six singles and Fan Zhendong was five, Malone three, and Chen Meng.

  Although Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha have only played one game, they have seven contests in both docks, and even if they have failed in the finals with singles with Fan Zhendong and Wang Manyu, they are still reused in the finals.Core.

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